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Let me know how to make subtitles on MP4 videos

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Hello ~
I tried to encode the video in MP4, so I had to go through most of the encoding.
Is there a program that does not encode MP4 files but only captions as they are?
It took too long to coincide.

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I am not sure what you are asking. Are you trying to hardcode subs into the video stream? Or did you mean to ask about captions/subtitles manipulation?


There are a lot of ways to hardcode subs. The easiest/laziest is Handbrake (recommended), the most versatile are probably ass-render techniques for avisynth/vapoursynth.


For general subtitle manipulation and format conversion, use "Subtitle Edit".  For .ass subtitles specifically, Aegisub would be more specialized. It is also possible for many players to load subtitles dynamically during playback if named similarly to the video file.


If you do not want to encode the video but still want to have access to the subtitles, then it is possible to use mkvtoolsnix to mux the two together into mkv files. The mp4 container does not robustly support subtitles so I would recommend against using it if you would like to work with internal subtitles at the video stream's native quality. There is also software like Plex/Emby that can dynamically transcode video and embed the subtitles (hardsub) from softsub.mkv files if mkv compatibility is an issue.

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The Freemake Video Converter is another way for hardcoded subs (if they're available for the show that is) - also another subtitle editor is Subtitle Workshop or for making subs AHD Subtitle Maker :) (if any of those help any :P )

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