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[IMPORTANT!] READ THIS before posting programs in here!

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I'll be brief. Due to the constant and ever-increasing threat of viruses and other malicious entities (ransomware comes to mind, especially), we have decided to set new ground rules for this forum regarding the sharing and posting of programs.


These rules are extremely important and zero-tolerance - no exceptions will be made for new posts going forward.


The rules are as follows:

  1. All programs you want to share with the community must be open-source. This means the entire source code to the program must be made public, free-of-charge. No closed-source or proprietary/paid programs will be accepted.
  2. If the program is intended to and/or can run on Windows, then the source code repository you use (such as GitHub or similar) must include a release download to the actual program, contained within a ZIP file or similar compressed archive format. If it's Linux-only, ensure you have a source code release download available in a tarball-type format (like *.tar.gz and some such). DO NOT DIRECT-LINK EXECUTABLES (.exe) FILES ANYWHERE! LINK THE SOURCE CODE PAGE INSTEAD!
  3. Regarding the above: Do not host files anywhere that isn't trusted. Filesharing hosts are NOT considered trusted. You must host on a source code repository service such as GitHub or similar.
  4. FOR WINDOWS PROGRAMS: You MUST include BOTH a CRC32 *AND* an MD5 hash for the .exe file itself with your post, and these hashes MUST match those of the .exe file contained within the release download archive from the source code repository.


If any of these rules are violated, then at the very least the post is likely to be removed and the user who posted it may very possibly be warned.


We are taking this stance to better protect our users from potentially malicious programs. We appreciate your cooperation. If you have any suggestions or concerns, please feel free to post here.

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