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    • By icebox616
      Hello Kametsu, I decided to finally let you guys know exactly what my CNReborn project means to be about.
      Basically, I want to take and create the perfect Cartoon Network experience, they way I (and many others I am sure) used to see Cartoon Network as kids. I want to repropouse that nostalgic CN experience but enhanced and improved. Right now I'm after the best possible sources for each of the cartoons in the list below, including bumpers, commercials and Games. I will even attempt to remaster some of the shows. After I'll have all the sources and all is done I will upload EVERYTHING about the project and create "smart playlists" that one will be able to launch from the pc that will play the day's "programming" with selected bumpers depending on the next cartoon, time of day, or season (summer, winter etc).
      About this latest feature, this is in order to simulate a live programming, specifically and an example is the way CN used to air the CN City bumpers, they used to air the bumpers that take place in the evening in the evening, the ones that are in winter, aired only in winter, and so on. One will be able to ignore this feature anyway, and simply chose to freely watch whatever he/she wishes from this library. This would be just an extra feature.
      This is an enormous project and will take me years to complete but you'll be able to keep an eye on the progress on this thread.
      Also, this project will be “Region Free” by that I mean that cartoons that aired exclusively on Europe or Latin America can, might and some will be featured in this. (Always in English though)
      Another clarification, the shows picked to be in this are again “picked”, this won't therefore be a complete CN Archive, it does not aim to be so. The list you'll find below is very likely going to be subject to change anyway (most likely to add shows though but for now these are the picked essentials). So if you want a show in here please don't be annoying and stressful about it, you can do requests but remember that in the end this is my project and is what I decide to offer (you can add all the shows you want privately yourself anyway).
      So, below is a brief list of tags that are next to each entry that expresses its status in the project:
      [Req DVD ISO] : Required the ISOs copies of an existing DVD release of the series.
      [Req BD ISO] : Required the ISOs copies of an existing Blu-Ray release of the series.
      [Req HD-DL] : Required HD WEB-DL copies of the show that are buyable on a certain streaming service.
      [Req SD-DL] : Required SD WEB-DL copies of the show that are buyable on a certain streaming service.
      [SD Logoless NA] : Required any Logoless SD version of the episodes, this is not mandatory as no known (to me) public available (neither Phisical release nor digital) copies of these exist yet.
      [HD Logoless NA] : Required any Logoless HD version of the episodes, this is not mandatory as no known (to me) public available (neither Phisical release nor digital) copies of these exist yet.
      [HD Likely Exists] : An HD Version of this entry probably exists, but it has not been released as of today.
      [Partially Available] : The season is only partially available in this release.
      [Remastering] : Remastering of the series is In Progress.
      [Remastering Queue] : Series picked for remastering.
      [Got DVD ISO] : DVD ISOs or lossless rip obtained.
      [Got BD ISO] : Blu-Ray ISOs or lossless rip obtained.
      [Got HD WEB-DL] : HD WEB-DL copies obtained.
      [Got SD WEB-DL] : SD WEB-DL copies obtained.
      [Got TVRip] : TVrip with logo copies obtained. Currently the best available public quality so far. The show is not available anywhere else to be ripped.
      [Remastered] : Remastering is completed.
      And here is THE list (TAGS often contain a link showing the required DVD/Blu-Ray or digital source of interest)
      As stated above, this will likely take YEARS before it sees completion, by the time this project will be complete I'll have figured out how to share 5TB+ of stuff with you guys.
      Also, this wouldn't be possible without Kametsu and each of the active member here, so THANK YOU.
      Since it is such a big project, anyone who wants to help out to complete it faster is VERY welcomed and appreciated.  
    • By icebox616
      After months of research and going through the most remote parts of the internet including the past internet thanks to the Wayback Machine from as far back as 1999 and buying special CN Games DVD's Such as Toontastic, All-Stars, Fun Factory, Power Pack and Candy Capers. I managed to collect what I believe to be the most complete CN Web Game Collection ever made. My goal was to do my best trying to make as many games as possible available to play offline. I managed to find ways and tweaks for most of these game to be playable offline.
      Much like my other thread about the CN City Bumpers the list below will have each game be classified by a color that will describe its playable status.
      If any of you know about other games that I missed or manages to find long lost games (official ones) do let me know!
      The intention of this project is to have and keep track of only the web games of the following shows: Ben 10 (Original-Alien Force-Ultimate Alien-Omniverse), Camp Lazlo, Chowder, Class of 3000, Courage The Cowardly Dog, Cow & Chicken, Dexter's Lab, Hannah Barbera shows, Duck Dodgers, Ed, Edd n Eddy, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, Grim & Evil, Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi, Johnny Bravo, Justice League, KND, Looney Tunes, Megas XLR, My Gym Partner's a Monkey, Powerpuff Girls, RobotBoy, Samurai Jack, Scooby-Doo, Sheep In The Big City, Squirrel Boy, Teen Titans (NOT Go), The Grim Adventures Of Billy & Mandy, Tom and Jerry, Total Drama.
      Any other games of shows not written here ARE JUST A BONUS.
      Let me know which ones are your favourite! 
      The following tags help to describe the playable state of the game:
      [FP]: Safe. It means this game is fully playable offline. No internet connection required, the whole internet and any/all flash games websites (Including CN itself) can shut down, you can still play this.
      [OP]: At risk. It means this game can be played only while connected to the internet. If something goes wrong or one day CN or the hosting website (or the internet) shuts down this game will be lost forever. We know one day or another these will be taken off the web, it's just how things work! So I hope smarter people than me can help out!
      [DP]: It means the game is playable offline but it's a demo only. In this case all demos here are the full game but with a timer restriction. The files are there, these are less "in danger". Someone can still come up one day and make them work.
      [NP]: Lost. It means this game is not playable anymore and the worst has happened already. They are no longer hosted anywhere on the web. There are no more known to me playable versions of this game around. Sad, very sad.
      List of Games:
      Current Stats of the Project:
      There are currently no plans to include HTML5 games. Should you stumble upon any of the lost games please let me know (or if you are aware of any game I might have missed)
      Don't ask me for links to the games in the comments, this is not an official release, it was soppused to be a DISCUSSION thread and a personal INDEX for me, and it's against kametsu rules for me to publicly put links to games here!
      You can however PM me for more information if you really really want to.