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[NOMINATIONS] Anime of Summer 2017

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So it's that time again. Another season is wrapping up, and that means it's time to start the process of nominating picks for Anime of the Season! I'm afraid I'm not as fancy as Koby is with his posts. But this should suffice regardless.


Same rules as before:

  • Each user may only nominate one show
  • Nominations period is for one week, starting today.


Nominations will run from October 1st thru October 8th. The thread will lock automatically after that time, and the poll will be created Sunday evening. I will update this post as necessary as nominations come in. For reference, the summer chart is located here - please check this chart before nominating a show in this thread, as it needs to come from the Summer 2017 season.


Last updated: 10/7 @ 11:09 PM CT

3x - Restaurant to Another World

2x - My First Girlfriend is a Gal

2x - Owarimonogatari 2nd Season

2x - In Another World With My Smartphone

7x - Made in Abyss

3x - Princess Principal

1x - New Game!! S2 

2x - Classroom of the Elite

1x - Aho-Girl

3x - Knight's & Magic

1x - Symphogear AXZ

2x - Gamers!

1x - 18if

1x - Tsuredure Children

1x - Altair: A Record of Battles

1x - A Centaur's Life

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7 minutes ago, dragonamar said:

Boku no Hero Academia 2nd season.


My Hero Academia S2 started in Spring 2017, hence why it is on the AOTS Spring 2017 poll. Please review the Summer 2017 chart in the OP and nominate one of them.

2-cour shows do count but, only if they started in this season. Which I don't think there were any this season.

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@Apocalipsis_08 Please make sure your nomination is from the Summer 2017 chart (it's linked for convenience in the OP, if any of those series piqued your interest, nominate it, even if it's one already in the list so far)

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33 minutes ago, Apocalipsis_08 said:

dragon ball super :)

dragon ball super, the universe 6/7 arc begun and so far it's been amazing, as well as the frieza arc's finale :D

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