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How to Sync Subtitles from different Release?

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For different releases with different encodes. One subtitle doesn't sync up with other one. The simpler ones are delayed or faster consistently throughout which can be easily synced by difference of seconds. Other times it continues to delay or so and one time syncing doesn't work for later parts.
What's the reason when its the same episode. And whats the best way to sync up the release than.

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You are going to need to use a programme called Aegisub to edit those subtitles. It will allow you to change the start/end times of the signs that are not in sync as well as copy signs from the other subtitle file. 


Subs will usually get out of a sync for a number of reasons but the main one is the source used for the video (say BD vs TV for example). Other influences are encoding settings or sponsor messages inserted after OP's to name a few. 

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