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SOTW #293: Uniform

SOTW: #293  

10 members have voted

  1. 1. Voting ends on July 30th

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  • All entries are to be submitted by Wednesday, 26 July 2017.
  • Your entry must be related to the chosen theme.
  • Only one entry per participant. However, you may edit your entry until the deadline.
  • Signatures must be your own work.
  • Entries can be in GIF, JPG, JPEG or PNG format, and should be no larger than 600x220 pixels or 220x600 pixels. Animated signatures are allowed.
  • Pre-made signatures are allowed, as long as they have not been used in a past Kametsu competition.
  • In addition to your entry, please also submit a theme idea for next week's competition. Please check the SOTW Themes thread to make sure your theme has not already been used.
  • Please read all Graphical Division Rules and Forum Rules before entering. All rules apply.
  • Only entries should be posted until voting begins. Anything besides entries and staff announcements will be treated as spam and will be deleted. Comments, criticism, and discussions should be saved for voting. Exceptions such as theme clarification will be allowed at the discretion of the Graphics Team.
  • Complaints about the theme will not be tolerated, as this is disrespectful to the previous winner. As such, these posts will be deleted.
  • When its comes to voting...DO NOT VOTE FOR YOURSELF!!!


As a note...once we hit the 300 mark on the SOTW contests, all themes will reset and be available all over again.

Edited Monday at 12:37 PM by Alice
Edited by Alice

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I seriously though I had set up the contest last week.  It wasn't til I went to check on it today that I realized I must not have posted it.  So it is up now and will stay up for entries til Wednesday thru July 26.




Theme:  Chibi

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2 hours ago, dn_angel000 said:

Alice your sig isn't showing up in the poll!! lol


Just noticed and fixed.  Thank you

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