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NETFLIX DL (source) ?

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On ‎8‎-‎2‎-‎2018 at 12:05 AM, DJStarfish said:

Well there is a new tool that can download untouched Netflix videos. Not WVDownloader.


Doesn't look legit to me:

I teach the operation by teamviewer before the sale.
Its veracity is demonstrated as I say and test in teamviewer.


Ofcourse he can steal everthing what you have if you do this, don't trust it.

Only share you're teamviewer account who you trust! ;)

If you really want to try it, you be warned!


Still want to try it out and want to be safe in the process, make a new virtual machine on pc and install teamviewer in it then only share that instead. xD Don't send the TeamViewer account from the main pc but only the virtual machine. He can do nothing also disable the share between the virtual pc and the main pc so he can't send a virus to the main pc. ;) Offcourse don't install important files into the VM aswel!

But still just don't do it is just a money rip off.

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...you can just set permissions in TeamViewer settings that will only allow him to control screen, no black screen, no locking mouse, no file transfers.

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I'm not going to spend hundreds of dollars on a tool that possibly won't work in a week. If I could get it cheap or free I'd be interested. 


I fail to see the point of making tools exclusive to a few people. If more people had it, we'd have more people sharing ripped stuff. The usual answer to this is "but X will patch it faster!"...  Will they now? As if Netflix isn't already aware of your tool or Flixgrab and already working on countermeasures. 


Even though I am willing to go along with keeping such a thing exclusive if I have to, nobody is willing to trust anyone with the things. Must maintain... ego, if more people have tool I will be less... important!


No offence but i'd rather throw my money into a fire than pay for that thing. 


This is a money making scheme, nothing more.

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Do not trust that guy. He claims to own the Amazon tool and isn't selling that...but sells the supposedly equally rare Netflix tool? Something's up.

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