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Anyone use MPV on windows 10?

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I saw @JohnFlower mention this player in channel and thought I would try it out.

It works better than MPC in some tests I've run.

Anyone with decent experience with it on Windows 10?

I am trying to get the stupid Now Playing script to work with mIRC and I don't think the player is even loading the script.

Any help is appreciated.



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4 hours ago, Pollux said:

It works better than MPC in some tests I've run.

In what areas? Something I noticed was that switching between Audio/Subtitle tracks happens almost instantly. 


I haven't looked at it closely, but I wonder if there is a noticeable between MPV and MPC-HC with madVR in terms of video quality? (Bearing in mind I'm running off a crappy monitor at the moment)


Also, maybe JohnFlower can answer this, do you know how MPV loads fonts? Is it from the installed fonts on ones system or file itself?

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    • By Moodkiller
      MPV - Made Easy!
      (Moodkiller Edition) X
      Synopsis: The MPC version for MPV. Seen as MPC is no long in active development (based from the original thread date), MPV is becoming, and should have become, your go to player. Below is the personal player configuration I use. Its a mixture of one of the stock standard gui releases with some userscripts that have been tweaked.  This is based as closely as possible on how MPC used to run in terms of shortcut keys and functionality. You should feel right at home, but up to date.
        Feature List:
      Similar feel and behaviour to MPC-HC (shortcut keys and mouse buttons) : a - Toggles audio track. s - Toggles subtitle track. Spacebar - Toggle pause. Mouse right-click - Toggle pause. Mouse side-buttons (if applicable) - Skip through chapter markers. Left/Right arrow keys - Seek ~10 seconds forward/backwards Up/Down arrow keys  & Mouse wheel - Increase/decrease volume by 5 Shift+S - Take screenshots (with subtitles). Ctrl+o - Full-featured open file box. Ctrl+g - Go to a specified timestamp. Screen-shots are placed in the root videos directory under a new folder called "Screens". Seek bar thumbnail preview. Visualiser for audio tracks. Remember video position of previous played file (video/audio). Lightweight (no heavy filters or extra filters). Adjusted OSC (On Screen Controller) have a smaller footprint and be more practical. Play next sequential file in the current files folder. YouTube link player (drag and drop only) More as I remember them...  
      One of the nicest features of MPV is that it requires no installation and can be run from its own folder (portable).
      Clone or download this repo. Unzip to your desired location. Run updater.bat (this will download the latest MPV GUI build from the source stated below and youtube-dl if you pressed 'y' when prompted). Optional: Run installer/mpv-install.bat as administrator to set file associations.  
      Hexchat Integration:
      Hexchats latest version (2.14.1) doesn't have any built in "now playing" plugins to use. And as of this version, the default MPC-HC "now-playing" script doesn't function. I have included a modified version of an MPV now playing script from github user, FichteFoll, in this pack. A prerequisite, Python 3.6 needs to be enabled/selected when you install Hexchat. If you have Hexchat already installed, no problem, just re-run the installer and choose Python 3.x from the Custom Installation screen (right at the bottom).
      Right-click and copy the file 'mpv_np.py' (located in 'Hexchat plugin') from the downloaded pack. Press the Windows key+R and type '%APPDATA%\HexChat' and press enter. Paste the copied file into the 'addons' folder. In Hexchat go to Window > Plugins and Scripts > Load and browse to your addons folder where you pasted 'mpv_np.py'. Normally this is 'C:\Users\moodkiller\AppData\Roaming\HexChat\addons' You  should get confirmation to say the plugin has been loaded successfully. Type /mpv in any window while playing a file in MPV and it should spit out something like "*Moodkiller is playing: [MK] Kiznaiver - 01 [BD 1080p][Hi10][Dual-Audio][05856FFC].mkv ◘ 1.945 GiB ◘ [00:04:05 / 00:24:03] in mpv 0.28.0-437-g9efb0278e7" (with colour formatting).  
      GUI build: https://sourceforge.net/projects/mpv-player-windows/files/
      Collection of user scripts: https://github.com/mpv-player/mpv/wiki/User-Scripts
      MPV properties page: https://mpv.io/manual/master/#synopsis
      Thanks goes to all those involved for testing and their inputs for getting stuff running.
      Feedback welcomed.

        Github repository: MPV-Made-Easy
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      Get VPN to work with Mirc Pro?
      I tryed many times but I can't get it to work with CyberGhost, HotSpotShield or with UnblockUs.
      Is there a trick to it to get VPN to work with Mirc Pro.
      Or must I use a different program, for XDCC VPN?
      I can't login into servers, and also then ofcourse you can't download either.
      It does work with my normal internet though!
      But love to use VPN awel.  
      Many Thanks!
    • By Moodkiller

      NUC has no audio output through HDMI and 3.5mm jack and there is no playback or recording devices listed. 



      Uninstalling (with deleting) and reinstalling drivers from Intel's website as well as Realtek and Graphics drivers. The Realtek installation fails with an error code of 0xC0000347 - according to Google this happens when the driver is not windows certified, however the driver is (according the the manufacturers website). I tried re-installing the driver after enabling "Disable Driver Signature Enforcement", same error occured. I tried running all of the above as admin as well with no luck. I've run sfc /scannow which did find a few errors and fixed them, but still unable to install the drivers.


      Device manager error messages are as follows for the Intel Display Audio and Realtek High Definition Audio devices:

      Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware.

      The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39).


      {Unable to Load Device Driver}

      %hs device driver could not be loaded.

      Error status was 0x%x



      It's a NUC5i3RHY - few months old. Oddly enough the audio was working in its first couple of days, but only for 15mins and then would stop, restarting it fixed it temporarily and then it would stop again.


      Any help and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Short of RMA'ing this thing, I'm at a loss. . . 



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