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    • By VON
      I’m thinking of learning touch typing to improve my typing speed & accuracy, I have tried it a little but I find it very uncomfortable & difficult reaching certain keys with the correct fingers. Is this just because I’m starting out or does anyone else experience this?
      I’m 19 & currently use three fingers per hand to type, I subconsciously know where the keys are on my keyboard since I can somewhat type without looking (with errors). How long would it take to learn touch typing & break my current typing technique?
    • By cgermino89
      Hi there everyone. I have a question regarding audio that I need help on. I own the Family Guy DVDs with the Uncensored Audio Tracks. I also have season 9-15 when it was broadcast in HD on my Plex Server, but the audio is censored due to these being HD Rips. I was wondering what steps would I need to go thru to  take the DVD audio track and replace the audio on the HD seasons? Any and all help is greatly appreciated.  Thank you for reading.
    • By Wicked
      Hey, umm well I didn't know where to post this but I got my hands on every single DVDRipped episode of The Simpsons until Season 12 and well since a lot of people are complaining about the Itunes Rips and the crappy aspect ratio I was wondering if anyone would want to help me doing a Waifu2X "Remaster" of said episodes and changing the aspect ratio to 16:9  It's a huge and ambitious project
    • By Super X
      Hello Kamestu!!! 
      I am a total Noob in Encoding/identitying a good bitrate/video.Though I am very eager to learn about it and expand the radius of my knowledge.Help will be much appreciated.
      How to do these:
      1- How to detect a good video by its bitrate.
      2- Some guides/ explanation on A/V encoding.
    • By Sudaman
      So I was at work all day and only ever connect with my main nick "Sudaman" or "Sudaman_Dusan" very rarely do I have to use "Noravar" but I get home and normally I get on chat and maybe download some anime to watch or what have you. Today I have been banned as my 2nd nick "Sudaman_Dusan" I read the chat and it said something about no double connections. Yet I only ever use one connection my normal one or one through a VPN its the same computer but I never use both connections at the same time and I do not switch between them very often. I attempted to reconnect after reading that, it now tells me that "Sudaman is already in use." At this point either its bugged and I need some help or someone is stealing my username and I got kicked cause I looked like a 2nd connection. Any help would be much appreciated.