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    • Eh - some of them
    • No
  2. 2. Preferred subtitle language tagging (comment if you have other suggestions)

    • ENG for signs, ENG for dialogue/full
    • ENG for signs, JPN for dialogue/full
    • ZXX for signs, ENG for dialogue/full

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I do remuxes every few years, typeset very slowly for SmugCat and spend most of my time playing osu! I think Ryutai means fluid or something. Oh also my name is pronounced Ree-you-tie-eee which kinda sucks, I thought it was Ree-you-tie. 


Anyways hopefully you find some of this post helpful or interesting or something ¯\_(ツ)_/¯









































































Status - @ messy plz ignore

todo list



guides: intro

- tools

- muxing, automation?

- basic audio sync

- advanced audio sync, unsure?

- aegisub basics

- Styling basics

- typesetting basics

basic tagging




- automation scripts, peripherals

external links, guides

motion tracking


- complex TS, unsure?

unorthodox situations

complex masking



- Song styling, basic timing


credit matching

scene matching

theme matching

song matching


\t tags

- Kfx / templates, unsure?

basic intro - external

effect generator


examples (needs help with this)



-needs maps section finishing off

-add more context/introduction

-add and finish guides.


-work on showcases

-add links


-clean up terminology/phrasing

-remove references

-elaborate more


-song of the week

-Add other genres

-Add art showcase for each genre

- decide on formatting

add links to other indeces sheet and other relevant materials

















Basic info, introduction

- Anipoo stuff

  1. Guides 
  2. Opinions
  3. Releases/planned - Teleport
  4. Requests - Teleport
  5. Standards - Teleport

- Art

Sharing links to some anime styled artists on pixiv/devianart

- osu!

Intro, peripherals.

  1. Favourite stuffs
  2. Guides
  3. Useful stuff

- Music

Some artists, example songs for some genres I like.


































nothing here 





video encoding



- Help is always appreciated with sourcing English audio if you think you could help provide lossless audio feel free to drop me a PM!



- Wanting to help out with other things like typesetting or kfx? again always appreciated if you have the ability and want to lend a hand drop me a PM!


Need a hand:

-  Have a project you need help with? again feel free to ask and I will see if I can help out at all although note I am of very limited use on most occasions :3



technical stuff

Aegi guides

Useful Stuffs (will update as I find new things):

https://maxfireheart.blogspot.co.id/2016/07/pattern-sign.html - patterns on text guide

https://blog.line0.eu/ - guide to complex typesetting, explains multiple scripts in detail

http://unanimated.hostfree.pw/guides.htm - guide that covers most aspects of typesetting from the ground up

https://kametsu.com/topic/3090-ass-draw-shapes-for-subtitle-scripts/ - some ASS draw shapes

http://docs.aegisub.org/3.2/ASS_Tags/ - official docs showing basic tag usage

https://files.line0.eu/builds/Aegisub/ - depctrl build (easy way to install plugins and scripts)

#irrational-typesetting-wizardry@irc.rizon.net - where all the typesetting kids hang out




dub watcher









Player - Music Bee



favourite vocaloid/utauloids 


Kasane teto

Yuzuki Yukari


favourite producers


pinichio p





favourite songs

Harufuri - 【Kasane Teto】Parallel Dimension Cheat Harem ( はるふり - 【重音テト】異世界チートハーレム), Youtube , niconico

Kikuo - You're a Useless Child , Youtube (subbed), Youtube (official), niconico

KurageP - Chururira Chururira Daddadda!

sasakure.UK - Spider Thread Monopoly feat. Hatsune Miku, Youtube , niconico

cillia - 【Kasane Teto】First (cover), Youtube , niconico






Illion - Aiwaguma 

Genre: J-pop / Alternative

Album: Ubu


Aiwaguma is the second track from the 2013 album Ubu. Illion is the solo project of the lead singer for the band RADWIMPS Yojiro Noda.
I may write more here but I have no idea how to sound knowledgeable when describing a song.
Here take a link to an osu! map instead - woo
Official links - last.fm, youtube song linkyoutube channel, itunes     
Direct - song link (FLAC)






















Evidence to show how sad I am.


Current skin (stuff is a little broke in places game play should be fine though) - RyuRing2

Tablet - Wacom one CTL 671

Area - Kinda small

Keyboard - Logitech Orion G610 Brown

osu! resolution - 1600 x 900 Fullscreen - play on stable latest



Useful stuff/links

osu Collection Manager - Store/modify/create/share collections.

osu Cleaner - Simple tool which allows you to delete features of a mapset e.g. video.

Mapping Tutorials/info - Great videos which help you to understand more about the mapping community and the process of making and ranking maps.

Farm Maps - A comprehensive list of the most popular plays with there respective pp values.

Miss Analyzer - Identifies where misses occur and shows you how close you were.

Tillerino - A bot that recommends maps for you to play.

Lag Reduction Guide (Tablet) - A guide to helping to reduce lag specifically input lag from your tablet.

osuplus - User script that adds tons of features to the osu website.

osu Signature Generator - Simple display of profile with rank etc.

osu-track!- Site that provides charts/graph based on your osu stats

osu!chan - same as above with a few more features like favourite mapper, no choke statistics.




Some popular ones 

Seoul+ made by Seouless - Cookiezi's old skin

Elohere used by Rafis

YUGEN by Garin

Chitanda used by Firebat92/Angelsim


Places to find them



Favourite Mappers

Professionalbox - tech mapper, Aspire winner - 

Handsome - unique mapper, kinda gimmicky - 



My top pp mappers

By pp contribution


Monstrata - 456pp

Kagetsu - 453pp

StarR - 234pp



Monstrata - 1571pp

Sotarks - 872pp

Kencho - 868pp


pp mappers

pretty much nice flow + jump spam

Monstrata - Triangles... very predictable mapping, he maps to an isometric grid most of the time, optimal spacing, usually easy to acc.

Example maps - 5.14* , 5.63* ,  5.44* , 7.4* has a few guest difficulties.


Sotarks - Predictable, lots of jump spam.

Example maps - 5.3* , 5.79* , 5.95* also has some guest difficulties.


Taeyang - Most of his maps all have great flow and use intuitive patterns. 

Example maps - 5.72* , 5.76*  also some notable guest difficulties e.g. 4.19*


Kencho - Predictable, easy patterns, lots of jumps, has some nice DT maps. examples 

Example maps - 5* , 3.75* also has a crazy number of guest difficulties e.g. 4.8* , 5.25*



Cool Maps


Mediks - Come Back Down [Extra] - mapset by [Kamiya] - 5.04* nice song, satisfying jump patterns and slider section.


Camellia - d:for the DELTA [Delirium] - map by ProfessionalBox - 5.66* awesome song, quite technical but still very playable, great flow, intuitive yet interesting patterns.


Kors k -suki nathan map


Nobore karen





succducc - me & u [thiinggs] - map by Alonevpk - 5.61* song and map gel incredibly well together, split triples section is godly, really unique map one of the best I have played recently (prepare for finger-lock \o/)


SOUTAISEIRIRON - Shikaku Kakumei [Insane]






Favourite Players

With some awesome plays :3


 Cookiezi - The god himself current #1

Example plays - Flower dance HD (watch 1:28 in particular \o/) , Freedom Dive HDHR , Yomi yori Kikoyu HD , DADADADADA HD (watch 2:36 \o/)


Firebat92 - old Mouse god, now plays tablet current #5

Example plays - Euphoria , Imaginary places , Shinsaku no Shiawase wa Kochira! HDDT


Rafis -  current #2

Example plays - Everything Will Freeze , Preserved Valkyria , Sakura no Uta HDDT


Toy - All round insane player, tournament king

Example plays - Ice angel HDHR , United HDHR , Pitch Fucker


FunOrange - Tech king, makes everything look easy

Example plays - Seashore on the Moon , What the cat HD , Extra Mode HD


-GN - Reading god, known for unorthodox plays

Example plays - Shotgun Symphony , Tonight EZ , Cry Thunder EZ


Mafham - Crazy EZ player, also known for weird plays

Example plays - Freedom dive EZ , Oddloop EZDT , Chocobo AR -∞ EZ


Rustbell/Totori - Rhythm god, finger control is not human

Example plays - Burnt Rice , Destruction Star , compilation of some insane plays here


Hvick - DT king and awesome tourney player, now doesn't really play :(


Tips for improving


Start out small and learn early! At first try playing maps with small bursts of notes at a lower bpm range (5 notes is a good place to start). Don't just go crazy and click as fast as you can, make sure you play with the error bar enabled and try and listen to the rhythm as you attempt the burst, the error bar will then show you whether you were too fast or slow and you can then adjust from there. Practice is key here as aim and reading also play a factor as well as shear rhythm/speed capabilities. Once you are comfortable with short bursts of 5-7 notes try playing songs that have extended bursts or small streams around 9-10 notes is a good aim here. Don't be afraid to play with NF on, as the amount of notes increase your evenness over each finger becomes more important so you must be controlled and consistent with your key presses. Once you are comfortable with longer bursts/small streams try playing practice difficulties with larger streams and just practice and work you way up the bpm values, speed is not everything here, finger control is in its own right a far more valuable skill, i.e. streaming 180bpm flawlessly is better than streaming 200bpm by fudging every note. After you get the hang of finger control the next thing you want to look at is reading and aim, these are very unique for streams as the they require a steady flowing motion unlike jumps which require linear bursts of movement, try playing maps that require more motion during streams with variable spacing and tight curves.


Useful Resources

For bursts (small or long), a lot of maps contain these anyway so I personally never had specific maps for this although there are some targeted at mid/high-level players e.g 7 bursts

Practice sets - Spreadsheet

Some slightly more Spaced stuff - 170bpm 6.53* , 160bpm 5.93*

Crazy aim stuff - 175bpm 7.6*




































- Video 

- Audio

- Subtitles




- AnimeBytes

- Nyaa


Completed ~ Ish 



Coming Soon Maybe

Ping Pong the Animation (JPBD Hi10 1080p Dual FLAC) - @Assembling files (Philosophy raws, Commie)


Shiki (JPBD Hi10 1080p Dual FLAC) - @ Typesetting (Mawen1250, Philosophy raws)


Soul Eater (USBD 720p Dual FLAC) - @Subtitle edits (Yousei raws, Coalgirls)


Potential Future Projects

Eight Dogs of the East seasons 1 and 2 (JPBD Hi10 1080p Dual FLAC) - (Philosophy raws, Anime-koi) just needs re-timing subs from TV --> BD


Eureka Seven (JPBD Hi10 1080p Dual FLAC) - (Eggpain-Raws/ANK-Raws, G_P completely re-worked)  Looking for English FLAC and subs require a lot of work. 


Kids on the Slope (JPBD Hi10 1080p Dual FLAC) - Comparing sources but most likely Yousei-raws at a quick glance, would use CMS subs with Moby JJ OP/ED most likely (Philosophy raws and Raizel need full comparisons)


The World God Only Knows seasons 1 and 2  (JPBD 1080p Dual FLAC) - Looking for lossless English audio for both seasons. needs lots of subtitle work. (CMS reworked subs) s1(CMS/Yousei-raws) s2 (CMS/Kuroi-raws the man himself Mr.Scyrous picked this up at my request \o/ 






Moby JJ is a turd










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Standards - what can you expect from something under my own tags, note this does not necessarily apply to collaborations or work I do under other tags.

The aim is here is to provide a release thatc aters for those who want encoded video



I do not currently encode so you will not see a fresh encode on any of my releases, in the rare case this is true that will be some other great fellow's handiwork. Please do not request or expect this. The aim is to get a true representation of source while maintaining reasonable file sizes (i.e. no BD remuxes) sources will be compared and (hopefully) shared upon pick-up or completion. If you think I missed a source or I didn't make the right choice, please do say.


Preferred video sources will be usually from the JPBD (if available) 1080p and AVC 10bit, this will not always be the case but most likely will represent most cases. Encodes will be picked based on detail retention and modification from source, i.e. unnecessary modification of source materials through colour changes or warping of any kind is generally not something I will ever choose, on the other hand debanding and or other similar filters that can fix issues in the source material without tarnishing its original aesthetic will be preferred. 


Audio - Dual (English and JP) FLAC audio for shio releases where this is possible, Single (JP) FLAC audio releases under Furo. For 720p releases (if applicable) audio will be re-encoded AAC. Bit depth will depend on source and the methods by which I obtain the audio, higher is preferred in the case it is true, i.e. tracks will be left at 24 bit if the bit depth is higher than 16 upon extraction. In some cases where others provide already converted audio I will not change the bit-depth. Commentary tracks will be added where applicable, with FLAC being the preference here however some commentaries may be lower depending on the quality of the source.


Subtitles - Fansubs will be used for all releases, official subs will not be included and in the case a proper fansub does not exist I will create one (i.e editing official subs, Typesetting etc.), visual quality and making the experience as seamless as possible is the goal here, solid typesetting with no scene bleeds you get the picture. I will try to add karaoke and romaji to my subtitles if these do not exist already, for those who do not like I will create a vanilla sub patch, I know some prefer simple eng-TL only.


Picking which sub to use in the case there are many suitable options will be determined by a few things, a few - reputation of the group, comments surrounding that particular release & typesetting quality. Honestly though I will not lie this will be subjective at times.



Language tagging - Honestly not concrete for now but sub tracks will match their spoken language, and English dub and signs will be defaulted when applicable.





File naming:

Show name - ## (source resolution profile audio codec) [Group] [CRC]

Sword Art Online - 01 (BD 1080p Hi10P Dual FLAC) [Shio-freeka] [FE055175]



Show Name - ## - EpTitle

Sword Art Online - 01 - The World of Swords



Source profile resolution [Group]

JPBD Hi10P 1080p [philosophy-raws]



Language channels codec [Group]

English 2.0 FLAC [philosophy-raws]



In the event other languages are included (I do not plan on doing this), I will add language name as a prefix to the track in addition to the tagged language.

Name of track [Group]

Signs & Songs [Modified-EveTaku/UTWoots]
Full [Modified-EveTaku/UTWoots]
Japanese Commentary [Modified-EveTaku/Shirσ/UTWoots]

Hark0n reference




  • Alterations - Only alterations necessary for synchronization to video and fixing serious issues accepted. Any other alterations avoided, unless track included alongside unaltered version.
  • Format - All lossless formats transcoded to FLAC without loss of data. All lossy formats left in their original format without transcoding. Exceptions may apply if source requires editing that can't be done without conversion.


  • Source - Fan subs/fan edits used when available. Official translation used over fan translation if it is deemed to be better in quality (decided subjectively)  or fan translation is inconsistent between episodes or seasons.
  • Styling - Main dialogue uses simple styling. Signs that can be seamlessly integrated in background uses style/format to achieve this, while other signs are simply placed on the top of the screen. No elaborate karaoke effects for songs, unless subtitle source have them and they are not deemed to be intrusive (decided subjectively).
  • Format - ASS (Advanced SubStation Alpha) used as default options for main English track. Additional track may use picture based formats as they are in source.


  • Ordered chapters - Generally not used. May be used to achieve alternate cuts of the feature - in this case multiple editions are used and primary one does not contain ordered chapters.
  • Naming - Chapters named after tiles provided in the source (BD or DVD). In case no titles are provided in source, names are based on common practice (e.g. "Intro", "Opening", "Part 1", "Part 2", "Ending", "Preview")
  • Format - xml format used by Matroska Multimedia Container (mkv, mka, mks)

Track naming ordering

  • Video - Generally single video track, but alternative ones could be used for storyboards. Name includes source and encoder (depending on available information)
  • Audio - Japanese and English tracks (in that order) if available. Additional tracks may be included (usually for movies), but no extensive effort will be made to have them. Name includes source (if known) and additional notes, if needed (e.g. there are multiple variations of the audio)
  • Subtitles - Full English dialogue and signs tracks (in that order) if needed. TV shows where no signs are needed may have an empty track to avoid media splitter from selecting full dialogue track. For movies, if no signs are needed, no track is included. For non-English languages, separate signs tracks are not made, even if there is use for them (they will be included if available in source). Subtitle track language flag is determined based on corresponding audio track for if full dialogue and signs tracks use the same language (e.g. 'Full English dialogue' track will be flagged as Japanese and 'English signs' track will be flagged as English), otherwise translation language is used.
























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Congratulations on making Your own index!



And now for some meaningless complaints/nitpicks.

You are going out of Your way to explain "best releases possible", and then provide description "Best possible video source I can obtain" and "best fansubs available". It should be obvious where I am going with this - "best" is not very descriptive word and can mean totally different things to different people. And while for video there are some general ideas on what is considered good and what a bad encode, subtitles are a different story - different individuals like different subs fansubs, and there are some who consider official subs to be better than fansubs. 

Regardless, don't take this too seriously, best is bullshit anyways. 

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Want to do Claymore? =P



but seriously, welcome to the index-having-land. I get the feeling you're probably joining my list of cool indices. 


also, I believe @Koby was thinking about doing Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 himself, though I could be wrong. I know I started looking into it, and I feel like that was the reason I stopped. could be crazy though. 

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1 minute ago, Catar said:

Want to do Claymore? =P



but seriously, welcome to the index-having-land. I get the feeling you're probably joining my list of cool indices. 


also, I believe @Koby was thinking about doing Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 himself, though I could be wrong. I know I started looking into it, and I feel like that was the reason I stopped. could be crazy though. 

Yeah I originally did it way back when it was airing: modified BSS subs to have kfx I did on my own, etc... but I fell in love with the show and even bought the USBD when it came out.

But I don't think I'd reuse my kfx idk if I still have it. Anyways I had all the sources together to work with to make a 1080p FLAC Dual-Audio release.

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or well maybe, but tbh I'm slow as hell and others seem super productive...oh and I'm picky there's that too.

best place to post your request would be here or on Catars (The kingpin himself)'s lovely index which can be found here

be sure to check this sheet first - 






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5 minutes ago, manc4life5544 said:

So no Claymore?


Lol I think @Catar was jesting as it requires unlinking OC which everyone loves of course ;) I'm pretty sure he isn't dropping it! 

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10 minutes ago, manc4life5544 said:

So no Claymore?


1 minute ago, Moby JJ said:


Lol I think @Catar was jesting as it requires unlinking OC which everyone loves of course ;) I'm pretty sure he isn't dropping it! 


pretty much this. Yellow-Flash has the best Claymore encode, but it's also using ordered chapters, and their encode doesn't merge back together cleanly (keyframes in the wrong places), which means I have to reconstruct it per episode, basically going frame-by-frame through the OP and ED if I want to preserve it losslessly. Then after that, I have to sync the English audio back in as usual.


it sucks. halp.

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Hey look at that, this page is a thing now. Thanks for all the time and effort. Really looking forward to your future releases. :D

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