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Saw this a while back and voted but thought I may as well chip in my opinions, I'm not going to sugar coat this, its not something I am particularly "for" in anyway, this is for a few reasons. Namely who is your audience? everyone who is here on the forum can see the content already and for anyone who isn't a member already you are essentially just advertising which I'm not so sure about myself. In terms of quoting user reviews/discussions or spotlighting releases etc I'm not really sure all users would be happy with this (I personally would rather not be quoted in a video or w/e myself), besides anything in the download section should remain just there unless the user wishes for it to be shared externally (I realise you most likely would not share links but still...) so to mention such things ouside of kametsu in my opinion is wrong unless permisson from the user has beeen given. Also "we" is a strong word, Kametsu is a forum where individuals can express there own opinions therefore speaking on behalf of multiple users will be very difficult if you wanted to take that approach even if we do have common interests etc. So without asking every single user for permisson essentially you might find content a little sparse e.g if you explain what the website is, how to start up, what catergories there are on the forum, how the class system works etc but again all of these could be posted here many of them most likely have been already therefore in my opinion the channel serves little purpose?. Please don't take any of this to heart I am mearly trying to point out any issues which I feel may arise with this idea, if you find ideas that lots of users agree with then by all means go ahead :) also if I am getting the wrong idea here with what you are trying to achieve please do say! Nevertheless I am completely open to being corrected on the opinions I have provided so please do respond/disagree or w/e. (just my two cents)



Additionally I completely agree with what is stated below, more potential problems which I neglected to mention. 

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Although there is some degree of merit to the idea, I must point out that a lot could very easily go wrong with this. For the most part, @Moby JJ brought up most of those concerns, but I must voice something else as well.


YouTube can be strict on copyright, and their enforcement has on occasion gone overboard or was even false in a few cases. On top of that, it may attract unwanted attention. Both here and on the channel. And of course there's the privacy aspect of it all, some users here may not want their identities revealed or their material shared. While this bit can be enforced, not everything can be accurately policed, and it's liable to start a shitstorm at some point if something gets shared and then someone gets their panties in a wad over some form of disagreement, before administration is able to get to it.


For these reasons, along with those mentioned above, I feel I must downvote the idea.

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Yes, I know what you mean and I have made an example video that should help atleast a little. I am not here to quote users without asking of course. That's why I mentioned that I would take ideas that users may have. I'm not wanting to cause trouble and I do know the rules on Youtube. :P



Example Video

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I think I will go ahead and do it. I basically gotten permission from three staff members. But, before I do. I am hoping to sit with the staff somehow and go over rules. The problem is trying to talk to staff since some use IRC and others on here. That's tough.  lol

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