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Hello everyone!

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Well good day everyone! Glad to have the opportunity to be a part of such a great community of anime lovers alike. I look forward to enjoying some great series with you all, and spreading the love back by helping you find what you need easier.


Have a great time, and as I always say, "Nerds of the word unite!"

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    • By βøøδ
      Hi. I have too much free time on my hands, and idle computers over LAN and WAN. So I put them to work making things that I couldn't find. I am quite fond of some older shows, and had no viable way of storing them other than the straight muxes from my discs. Nobody had any good looking rips that I could find. If you want it done right, do it yourself, right?   Debanded, Degrained, Denoised. All processed in 16-bit RGB and frameserved slower than x265 could actually encode it. They all look quite good. Getting the filters to completely remove the grain along with any mosquito noise and banding it caused with the ~20 Mbps these had allotted on the discs was not an easy feat. All 150 episodes, eventually. I do 1-2 per day because these basically render at 1 minute of video per hour. And the filtering isn't "one and done" either.
      And no, the actual videos will not have a split screen before/after look.
      comparison screens of  a particularly grainy episode

      full size screens

      Oh, and everything is 10-bit, usually HEVC Main10 L4, but sometimes 4.1 or 5.0. Never higher. x264 Hi10P was unfortunately ahead of its time. HEVC Main10 now has broad hardware decode support. It's part of the UHD Blu-Ray spec, compatibility will only improve. I have a smartphone from several years ago that can handle it. Get with the times people. Your Xbox 360 can't cut it anymore.
      Did you make it all the way through that drivel?
    • By ram136
      I'm from India.I'm the new member of Kametsu.I hope i will find what i need.Thanks to Moderator & Members.
    • By NightmareMaris
      Hey everyone, I just stumbled upon this forum and figured I'd join!
    • By MagicMan
      Hi there! I joined this site to participate in some specific threads, but maybe I can take a look at the rest of it later on. Nice to be here with y'all!
    • By albusdddd
      Hi everyone! It's such a great community and I hope to be with you guys for a long time.