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Random Sonic X, Naruto and other Anime DVDs for Sale

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Hey guys,


I was clearing out my book shelf and found a bunch of random (even rare) Anime DVD singles which I would like to sell off to a new home and someone who would watch and appreciate them ^.^


Most of these are in LIKE NEW condition, hardly used and still contain all the paper leaflets inside the boxes.


All disks are NTSC and have maybe only been used once.


Please PM me is you are interested in any on them.


I have based the prices off of listings around the net and I feel they are reasonable but feel free to make an offer :D


Paypal is the way I would like to do any money exchanges please.


Viz Media DVD Naruto Volume 1: Enter Naruto EDITED VERSION Episodes 1-4 $8

Viz Media DVD Naruto Volume 2: Dangerous Mission EDITED VERSION Episodes 5-8 $8


Geneon Pioneer DVD Sugar: A Little Snow Fairy Volume 6: Super Baby Love Epsiodes 21-24 (RARE) $15

Geneon Pioneer DVD Sugar: A Little Snow Fairy Special: Epsiodes What's in Your Heart Part 1 and 2 (RARE) $15


Funimation Tenchi Muyo GXP DVD Volume 1: Out of This World Episodes 1-5 - Comes with COLLECTORS BOX which would hold all the volumes $15


Sonic X DVD Volume 1: A Super Sonic Hero $12

Sonic X DVD Volume 2: The Chaos Factor $10

Sonic X DVD Volume 4: Beating Eggman (THIS WAS A EX-RENTAL DVD)  (RARE) $15

Hope to spark some interest ^.^


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