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Copycat Is Not Just A Phenomenon In China

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Recently, a developer group called Wandrake released their sci-fi STG titled "Warpship". Although it’s a sci-fi themed game, but it gives everybody the ‘déjà vu’ – a replica of Clash Royale? Hmm, who knows?

Background description from the developer:


"In the year 2027 "warp speed tech” is invented and you can teleport to any part of universe by building your Warpship. As people went exploring on their Ships, every civilization in universe got access to warp speed technology. For warp speed tech, the key resource is Wark. Cluster M71 in Constellation Sagitta is where most of Universe Wark is present in the raw form of “matter”. This leads to perpetual war in Cluster M71 for Wark.

Players from all over the universe come to Cluster M71 to get wark and destroy other player Warpships. You land on Cluster M71 with your Warpship to extract matter and fight battles with enemies by “wormholing” Warriors and troops from different civilizations. As you gain experience and acquire loot on Cluster M71, you upgrade your WarpShip leading to universal dominance."




Viewed from its gameplay video, it’s a change in form but not in content, easy to distinct. However, there ARE a bunch of settings that goes the opposite way: No lanes, units can only be deployed from spawn, troops can be upgraded in battle, no limitations in time… still, to a great extent, its art style and gameplay are pretty much a Clash Royale-like.

Warship has now soft-launched in AppStore in Canada, How would Supercell react, I wonder?


From: http://www.koplayer.com/news/2097.html

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