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TenchiMuyo! RyoOhKi! OVA series 4

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So it seems the media in Japan has started to pop up pending the imminent release of a new chapter to the original Tenchi series... This is a big deal for fans of Masaki Kajishima's original works, including the canon spin-off series like GXP and Geminar. Ironically, he's even noted series like Dual and Photon may be related somehow...


For those unfamiliar with the differences between the various Tenchi incarnations, the OVA are the original set, with a more complex and (usually) more serious underlying storyline. The movies, Tenchi Universe, Tenchi in Tokyo, Ai Tenchi.... Are all 3rd party spin-off that are alternate reality and not part of the original, still ongoing story arc that is being told.


Since the early Pioneer LDC / AIC laserdisc days in 1990's, Tenchi was an anime first love for me. The subtitles were exact and didn't "interpret" / dubsub, and allowed for a great understanding of the tone of the humor and emotion really happening. While looking back, it is really a goofy anime, it's quality for the day was top notch, and I strongly urge any who hasn't to find a NON-Funimation tainted copy to enjoy. Pioneer/Geneon, or even an R2 disc included the English subs... Even Pioneer's dub was great if that's your thing, though the main char whines in English.


If you intend on watching OVA4, be warned there's indications of characters from not just previous seasons, but also GXP and Geminar also just from the promo art already! Might want to at least read up on spoilers if not watch those series too before!





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I loved Tenchi up to the release of OVA series 3.  I still like OVA series 3 just fine, but it was different in tone and seemed like a step down from OVA 1 and 2.  I'm not optimistic about OVA4 but it's probably worth at least giving a fair chance. 

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