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    • By Keinsd
      Anime Top 10 List: Ecchi
      When one says “ecchi” in terms of anime genre, that means one should expect something born from sexual desires and perverseness. After all, the genre itself comes from the first letter of the word “hentai,” which is “H,” meaning “pervert.” From that itself, you can get a general idea of what this genre is all about.
      But although the said genre is different from hentai itself because it’s softer and milder, it primarily showcases sensual innuendos and soft-core “H” antics to please the audience. Most of the time, “ecchi” mingles with other genres, most prominently—comedy and harem. But, it can also blend with other genres such as drama and romance.
      And so, with everything said, I present to you here a list of the Top 10 Best Ecchi Anime! Whether you like them or not, that’s totally up for you to decide. Some do not like this genre, while some enjoy it to the max. Again, it is all up to whether you actually watch these shows or not. If you do watch them, then prepare to experience a lot of excitement and arousal if you know what I mean!
      10 – Shokugeki no Soma (Food Wars!)
      Shokugeki no Soma (Food Wars!) | Source As if regular ecchi anime shows aren’t enough, Shokugeki no Souma brings the genre up to a whole new level! Why? It’s because this show combines all the stuff and fluff of the genre with the saliva-inducing prospect of food. Yes, you heard that right! Ecchi plus food is equal to—TITILLATING FOODGASM!
      Yukihira Souma has lived his life cooking and waiting for the time he inherits his father’s restaurant. But, as he finished high school, his father closes the restaurant to cook abroad and goads him to enter a certain school. The school is none other than Tootsuki Culinary Academy—a prestigious cooking school where only a very small percentage of the master chef wannabees graduate. Given his prodigious cooking prowess, is Yukihira Souma up to the challenge?
        9 – Shinmai Maou no Testament
      Shinmai Maou no Testament | Source For Shinmai Maou no Testament, not only is it a series of the ecchi genre but also, a series of a fantastic mix of harem, comedy, and action! Take that for an arousing combination! Just be prepared for scenes that border soft-core “H”—yeah, I know you know what that is.
      Toujo Basara is about to experience the greatest twist of his life! Not only is his father departing and getting re-married but, the said father is also leaving him to live with two new sisters! And as if that wasn’t enough—the two sisters are really not what they seem! Actually, everyone is not what they seem to be! Basara is one from the hero clan while his two new sisters are from the demon clan! Talk about whack! And so, Basara now has to live with his two new sisters and protect them both while facing countless awkward moments and troublesome hijinks along the way.
        8 – Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou (Everyday Life with Monster Girls)
      Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou (Everyday Life with Monster Girls) | Source Creativity and ingenuity never end! From normal girls to women of diverse personas, now we have something crazily extraordinary! Presenting…MONSTER GIRLS! And with these monster girls, a burst-through of new-level raunchiness awaits!
      If monsters exist, then so do monster girls! For better or for worse, these monster girls want to date humans! Lamias, centaur-women, harpies, catgirls—these are just some of the aforesaid voluptuous monster girls! And through the “Cultural Exchange Between Species Act,” the monster girls are free to dwell with humans!
      Kurusu Kimito is one such volunteer. After he becomes the unexpected caretaker of the lamia named Miia, his life changes abruptly! Not only does he have to take care of the monster girl, he also needs to deal with all the raging hormones as well as the natural “heat season.” And to make matters crazier, a few more monster girls joins the already fray!
        7 – Shimoneta
      Shimoneta | Source Dirty talks, vulgar acts, pervy jokes, and naughty sensations—what if the world bans all of these? Crazy, right? Would it all be for the better or would it all lead to ignorance and mayhem? Interested what such world has to offer? Stop, look, and watch “Shimoneta” then!
      In an alternate world Japan, strict eccentric morality laws are being implemented. Citizens are being closely monitored to ensure that they remain chaste for life! No dirty talks, no vulgar acts, no pervy jokes, and no naughty sensations—these are all treated as unnecessary and so they are all being strictly regulated. This is the world of Shimoneta—a boring world where the concept of dirty jokes doesn't exist!
      Fortunately, the new law has its own loopholes! SOX—an organization bent on spreading dirty jokes—is on the move to unveil the cons of having such unconventional law. “Blue Snow” is the leader of SOX and she has even recruited Tanukichi Okuma (the son of the chastity law terrorist) for the dirty job. Given that it’s not such an easy task reforming the country and the silly law, will they ever meet the day they succeed?
        6 – Prison School
      Prison School | Source If there’s an ecchi anime that’s seriously fun in an awkward way, then here it is—Prison School! Not only will you find enjoyment in laughing out loud with all the pervy scenes and awkward moments, you’ll also cry tears of endless pleasure from all the laughing!
      Hachimitsu Private Academy is an all-girls-school located on the outskirts of Tokyo. This year, things will be very VERY different! For the first time in history, this school is going to let boys enroll! What a sudden twist!
      On the first day of implementation of the new rule, only 5 boys make the cut! Will they survive this school that is brimming with girls? Will the girls even accept them? Just wait until the 5 boys make contact with the school’s elite and super-strict student council! Bliss or despair, the boys shall soon realize what life lies ahead of them in Hachimitsu Private Academy.
        5 – Seitokai Yakuindomo
      Seitokai Yakuindomo | Source Everyone’s talking about sex! Young, old, boys, girls—everyone’s a sexual being! Especially during the teenage years, people are ever-curious and ever-interested about things concerning sensuality and sexuality. And with “Seitokai Yakuindomo,” that’s exactly what you’ll get—all in a comical and perky school setting!
      On his first day in Ousai Academy—an all-girls-school that just recently opened its doors to boys—Tsuda Takatoshi experiences the very first culture shock of his life! Everywhere he goes or set his sight on, he sees nothing but girls! Girls here, girls there—the school is so full of girls that it seems like he’s the only boy around! And what makes matters worse is—he can’t relate at all! Girl talk, girl fluff, and yeah—even raunchy girl conversations and stuff—Tsuda Takatoshi is definitely in a very awkward situation and setting.
      Let it wait. Time will tell. Tsuda Takatoshi will soon learn to adapt. He will soon learn that everyone's just the same--eternally curious and passionately interested.
        4 – To Love-Ru
      To Love-Ru | Source If you’re looking forward to laughing-out-loud while submerging yourself in endless pleasure, then “To Love-Ru” is the series to watch! This series entertains infinitely, making you laugh uncontrollably, while it also shows off loads of fan-service and pervy moments, drowning you in pleasure.
      Rito Yuuki is your average high school boy who’s having a hard time confessing his feelings to a certain girl named Haruna Sairenji. At first, it was just Haruna Sairenji, but then, another girl joins the fray! She’s an alien from the planet Deviluke, and she just appeared out of nowhere! The Deviluke girl is none other than “Lala,” and due to some warped yet funny twist of fate, Rito now has to marry her.
        3 – Kanokon
      Kanokon | Source Borderline “H?” Yes, this is one of them! Oftentimes wacky and always perverted and lascivious, Kanokon is the series you should watch if you’re in for something you’ve thought you can only imagine. Story-wise, Kanokon is nothing but ecchi. But, it is also what you’re here for so…this is it!
      When lots of girls are chasing after you day-by-day with no hope of rest, would you really still want to live such a lifestyle? Well, for high school boy “Kouta,” a life like this is just about to begin for him!
      Many girls like him, but most notable of them are the supernatural animal-spirit girls—Chizuru and Nozomu! Much to Kouta’s annoyance, he has to deal with them for as long as he can. Aggressive advances, touchy-touchy moments, sexual innuendoes—these are just some of the things Kouta has to deal with from the girls (especially the animal-spirit girls) from now on.
        2 – Yosuga no Sora
      Yosuga no Sora | Source It can’t get any more uncomfortable than this! And when I say “uncomfortable,” I don’t mean discomfort or anything but more on “awkward” and “twitchy.” After all, Yosuga no Sora is just that! It’s almost “H!” And it also has forbidden love as one of its key elements. Nevertheless, it’s a totally different ecchi anime with a mix of other genres and some serious and dramatic tones.
      Haruka and Sora are a brother-and-sister pair who have decided to return to the town they spent so many time in their youth. On the day of their arrival, they both experience nothing out of the ordinary. But it was all just a pretense. As memories surface and feelings are dug from the past, new experiences arise! Feelings are everything, and soon—these feelings shall transform into heightened trances, which in turn will form new memories and induce utmost desires.
      1 – High School DxD
      High School DxD | Source Finally, we have come to witness the greatest of them all! The best, the highest—the top 1! In a way, this one’s considered the best ecchi anime ever made! Let us welcome, High School DxD! Watch it and enjoy all the titillating moments and fan-service as you drown deeper and deeper into pleasure.
      Issei Hyoudou is having the unluckiest day of his life! Not only is he killed by a girl, who turns out to be a fallen angel, on his first-ever date, he also is brought back to life as a servant to a demon! Woah, that escalated quickly! And now, Issei is part of the Occult Research Club!
      With demons and angels added to the “High School” setting mix, will Issei be able to live the life he wants? Issei’s dream, after all, is to peep at girls and make a harem! But will he ever be able to realize his dream? Demons, angels, humans, school, and pervy Issei—this is High School DxD!
    • By Insanityngenius
      Hey guys just thought it would be fun to put together a little vote on what ecchi do you think is best  of this list :).  The list below will obviously not have hentai and will only be ones that have been dubbed so sorry no Seikon No Qwaiser.
      Rules: You can only choose one of the choices below.  Just type the name or number of  your choice  .   Feel free to comment whatever you want, I would like to hear your top ten overall ecchi.  None of these are categorized from best to worst they are just thrown down.
                                                                votes                                                votes                                     Votes
      1 : High School DXD-                            (0)      9: Demon King Daimo              (0)      | 17: Kanokon             (0)
      2: Rosario + Vampire -                         (0)     10: Shuffle                               (0)       |18: Maken-Ki!           (0) 
      3: High School of the Dead                    (2)     11: Dance in the vampire bund  (0)       |19: Queen's Blade    (0)
      4: Sekirei -                                          (0)     12: Keijo!!!                               (0)       |20: Bikini Warriors.  (0)
      5: Heaven's Lost Property                      (0)    13: Freezing                             (0)       
      6: Is this a Zombie?                              (0)    14: Ikkitousen                           (0)
      7: Hanagai                                          (1)    15: Absolute Dou                       (0)                      
      8: Shimoneta a Boring World .. ect..      (0)    16: Girls Bravo                          (1)   
      After writing all that I was like there had to be a better way then to number them manually.... yup stupid me anyway its not neat but whatever.
      Also I know that i'm missing a lot, but hey good enough list if you have one you like better do tell.
    • By AliAlou
      I very much enjoy action romances and the first season of Yona of the Dawn certainly delivered. Has there been an official announcement of sorts regarding the future of the series? A second season perhaps? Apparently there is enough source material from the manga for the animators to go off of and I would hate it if they chose not to renew the show. 
    • By manc4life
      I want to watch something that is fun and has loads of fan service
      After some consideration i've decided to go with
      Cat Planet Cuties ( Asobi ni Ikuyo! )

      Heaven's lost property  ( Sora no Otoshimono )

      im sucker for echhi anime with even a mildly remotely interesting plot.
      Recommendation anyone?