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|Movie Request| Star Wars Episode IV 1977, Episode V 1980, Episode VI 1983.

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I dont think koby would allow the star wars movies to be posted here at kametsu. Best to double check with him regarding thiis


sorry bleachzzz



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I've ask Koby about similar stuff, and I can say it might not be allowed. But I agree, and double check with Koby.

However, the live action spot is for old, or lesser known live action shows.

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    • By Chorake
      Toho has been putting a lot of their non-Godzilla SPFX film catalog on digital services lately, many of which have NOT been released on Blu-Ray yet.

      Can anybody please help me get my hands on some of these? (in 1080p)
      The Invisible Man (1954)
      The H-Man
      Battle in Outer Space
      The Human Vapor
      The Secret of the Telegian
      The Last War [Amazon only]
      Frankenstein Conquers the World
      King Kong Escapes
      Latitude Zero
      Space Amoeba [Amazon only]
      Daigoro vs. Goliath [Amazon only]
      The War in Space
      Bye-Bye Jupiter
      Yamato Takeru

      I will gladly pay a middleman to buy some of these titles (they're pricey at about 2,500 yen each, roughly 22 bucks a pop). I have NO idea how to rip from foreign iTunes or Amazon.jp.
    • By Nelle80001
      Forgive me if this is considered spam, I'm still new to your forum
      (literally signed up about a day ago)

      I've been looking for the Yu Yu Hakusho Movie FUnimation dubbed version. I know at least 2 of your users have it or have posted it but, one of those links are on Kickasstorrents (Which got shut down by the gov), and the other link is over 2 years old and Kametsu won't give me access to it. So do ANY of you have a CURRENT (2016-2017) Active link to this movie??
      Please, I'm looking EVERYWHERE.
      It was hard enough finding the awful version from that other studio, but for some reason the Funimation dub is worst to find than any needle in a haystack I've had to look for.

      I don't care if it's a torrent or embedded on a website as long as it IS in fact Funimation and not CRAP 120p quality.
      Thanks in advance.

      EDIT: So I was finally able to access the link Anon316 posted on Kametsu (https://1fichier.com/?k9x48thvsv) and the link to me to a page that says the file was deleted due to inactivity or something. *Exhale* 

      PLEASE TELL ME ONE OF YOU have this movie!
    • By nytro
      Requesting Ghibli films.
      I've been looking around and most of the Ghibli titles I've found (on here and other places) are either low quality or have ridiculous file sizes. So, anyone care to share a link?
      I'm looking for any HD quality--UNDER 6-7gb with dual-audio (multi is fine) and subtitles.
      Mega is preferred. No torrents please!
      So far I have:
      Spirited Away
      Kiki's Delivery Service
      Thanks beforehand! 
    • By Ghjklbnm
      Since I can't find a good portion of them anywhere else, I was wondering if anyone here has the Digimon The Movies Blu-ray rips, in 1080p, either with or without subs. Whoever did them originally had their torrents taken down from nyaa.eu, so now the only easily available ones are the prequel film and Our War Game.