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Hello all, it's been a very long time since I've started a new topic but I thought, "Hey! I'm back so screw it, let's do this!". Today I'm going to be talking about a new game that released back on March 15th, so a whole five days ago for myself. Salt and Sanctuary was created by Ska Studios after being in production for three years or so and so far has only released on the PS4 (PC/XBOX players can rage here lol). It has plans to be released for PC as far as I know.


Salt and Sanctuary is a 2D action roleplaying game that reminds me a great deal of the first Dark Souls game. The game has amazing 2D visuals that have all been hand drawn and is actually rather pleasant to look at even after 10 hours of gameplay or more. The game has a difficult learning curve that lovers of the Soul series will enjoy but at the same time people who haven't played those should still enjoy it. I will warn you now though, some of the bosses and sections can be rage inducing though, like that Kraeken Wyrm... Damn flame breath...


The game allows you to build your own character before you start play, the character customization isn't too extensive but it's enough to let you feel like the character is actually yours. From here you're also guided to choose a class, much like in Dark Souls which will dictact what your starting gear and stats will be, although generally it only assigns you a few points in the skill tree. Once you've started the game it gives you a sort of tutorial with notes you find written in bottles which are similar to Dark Souls's floor markings that you could leave for other players. (A system which is also present in this game)


The game offers you the choice to play, a hunter,, a cleric, a mage, a knight and a few others as a base class, from here you can meld your character into what you desire by leveling up and spending black pearls in the skill tree which are acquired one per level or rarely found in the world. The game uses Salt for leveling up which is gained from monster and boss kills or certain items much like Souls were in Dark Souls. Enemies reset each time you visit a Sanctuary which is were you must level up and is more or less identical to a bonfire albeit a few changes.


I won't go too much into the game in this post but I will add one more thing. The game offers Co Op where a person with a second controller can drop in and out by visiting a certain NPC you assign to a sanctuary, this system is rather good, aside from the screen sharing but it's better than the screen actually being split in half and it forces you to remain together.


This topic is now open for discussion, I hope to talk with many of you about the game and that we can all help each other in finishing it or just with information.


P.S I have not completed the game myself but am a fair way through it, I guarantee I do not have all the information about this game so if anything in my topic post is wrong, simply inform me and I'll edit it.







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My brother really liked this one while he was waiting for Dark Souls 3. I want to try it out sometime. Not sure if I should go with the ps4 or vita version though.

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