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Why can't I buy GTA 1 or 2 on Steam?

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I think some of the older "Complete GTA" bundles come with GTA 1+2 included - mine did at least, but I bought it a few years ago.   The Complete bundle advertises only III+VC+San Andreas+IV+IV Episodes.. but 1+2 is also in there..  HOWEVER it contained the old Vice City version before they modified it to remove music... so it might be hard to find that bundle now too..


Rockstar also used to host free copies of GTA, GTA London 1969 + 1961 and GTA 2 on their site.. but it looks like those have also been taken down... guess yeah key reseller for the complete bundle I mentioned and hope it included 1+2 or buy a retail copy from Ebay... or torrent them. 

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