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Jenny Wola

New Super Heroes Cartoon Series

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Hello Friends, I've watched recently a new cartoon super heroes series,  A sneak peek into the upcoming adventures of three friends who, armed with superhuman strengths and Sumo + Samurai training, fight off the villains from this world and beyond. Watch and share if you like...


Watch A New Super Heroes Cartoon Series

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    • By Ryutai
      <div style="background-image:url(&quot;https://puu.sh/yC91c/738ef8b5f1.png&quot;);background-position:center;background-repeat:no-repeat;background-attachment:fixed;"><br></div>
      I do remuxes every few years, typeset very slowly for SmugCat and spend most of my time playing osu! I think Ryutai means fluid or something. Oh also my name is pronounced Ree-you-tie-eee which kinda sucks, I thought it was Ree-you-tie. 
      Anyways, hopefully you find some of this post helpful or interesting or something ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
      Basic info, introduction
      - Anipoo stuff
      Guides  Opinions Releases/planned - Teleport Requests - Teleport Standards - Teleport - osu!
      Intro, peripherals.
      Favourite stuffs Guides Useful stuff  
      Font choices
      Basic Tags
      Basic Textures (Aegisub)
      Crafty work arounds

      nothing here 
      video encoding
      - Help is always appreciated with sourcing English audio if you think you could help provide lossless audio feel free to drop me a PM!
      - Wanting to help out with other things like typesetting or kfx? again always appreciated if you have the ability and want to lend a hand drop me a PM!
      Need a hand:
      -  Have a project you need help with? again feel free to ask and I will see if I can help out at all although note I am of very limited use on most occasions :3
      technical stuff
      Aegi guides
      Useful Stuffs (will update as I find new things):
      https://maxfireheart.blogspot.co.id/2016/07/pattern-sign.html - patterns on text guide
      https://blog.line0.eu/ - guide to complex typesetting, explains multiple scripts in detail
      http://unanimated.hostfree.pw/guides.htm - guide that covers most aspects of typesetting from the ground up
      https://kametsu.com/topic/3090-ass-draw-shapes-for-subtitle-scripts/ - some ASS draw shapes
      http://docs.aegisub.org/3.2/ASS_Tags/ - official docs showing basic tag usage
      https://files.line0.eu/builds/Aegisub/ - depctrl build (easy way to install plugins and scripts)
      #irrational-typesetting-wizardry@irc.rizon.net - where all the typesetting kids hang out
      Evidence to show how sad I am.
      Current skin (stuff is a little broke in places game play should be fine though) - RyuRing2
      Tablet - Wacom one CTL 671
      Area - Kinda small
      Keyboard - Logitech Orion G610 Brown
      osu! resolution - 1600 x 900 Fullscreen - play on stable latest
      Useful stuff/links
      osu Collection Manager - Store/modify/create/share collections.
      osu Cleaner - Simple tool which allows you to delete features of a mapset e.g. video.
      Mapping Tutorials/info - Great videos which help you to understand more about the mapping community and the process of making and ranking maps.Hello there!
      Farm Maps - A comprehensive list of the most popular plays with there respective pp values.
      Miss Analyzer - Identifies where misses occur and shows you how close you were.
      Tillerino - A bot that recommends maps for you to play.
      Lag Reduction Guide (Tablet) - A guide to helping to reduce lag specifically input lag from your tablet.
      osuplus - User script that adds tons of features to the osu website.
      osu Signature Generator - Simple display of profile with rank etc.
      osu-track!- Site that provides charts/graph based on your osu stats
      osu!chan - same as above with a few more features like favorite mapper, no choke statistics.
      Some popular ones 
      Seoul+ made by Seouless - Cookiezi's old skin
      Seoul v9 made by Seouless - latest Cookiezi skin
      Elohere used by Rafis and like a ton of dt players.
      YUGEN by Garin
      Chitanda used by Firebat92/Angelsim
      Places to find them
      osu! Forum
      Top players skins
      Favourite Mappers
      Professionalbox - tech mapper, Aspire winner - 
      Handsome - unique mapper, kinda gimmicky lots of thematic/conceptual maps - 
      BarkingMadDog - Fun, difficult and clean aesthetics. A lot of his maps are over-mapped high SR for the song. - 7.09*, 7.1*, 5.85*
      Toybot - solid mapper with some interesting GD - 5.68*
      Jounzan - Great concepts and aesthetics, sometimes questionable playability
      honorable mentions, liking some of alonevpk/cyllinius maps as of late
      pp mappers
      pretty much nice flow + jump spam
      Monstrata - Triangles... very predictable mapping, he maps to an isometric grid most of the time, optimal spacing, usually easy to acc. Has some cool creative maps though.
      Example maps - 5.14* , 5.63* ,  5.44* , 7.4* has a few guest difficulties.
      Sotarks - lots of jump spam. really don't like the majority of his maps though.
      Example maps - 5.3* , 5.79* , 5.95* also has some guest difficulties.
      Taeyang - Most of his maps all have intuitive flow and use comfortable patterns, also has some great unranked maps.
      Example maps - 5.72* , 5.76*  also some notable guest difficulties e.g. 4.19*
      Kencho - Predictable, easy patterns, lots of jumps, has some nice DT farm maps. 
      Example maps - 5* , 3.75* also has a number of guest difficulties e.g. 4.8* , 5.25*
      A r M i N - Newer than most on the list but has some super farmable guest difficulties as of late.
      Example maps - 5.79* , 5.94*
      Fycho - Some pretty bad jump spam maps, but honestly one of the better ones on this list has a lot of nice maps too!
      Example maps - 6.1* , 5.71* , 6.24*
      There are plenty more pp mappers out there but I don't care to link them all, most modern maps that get ranked are farmable anyways so this list is most likely useless anyways. update spaced streams seem to be super overweighted now
      Cool Maps
      Camellia - d:for the DELTA [Delirium] - map by ProfessionalBox - 5.66* awesome song, quite technical but still very playable, great flow, intuitive yet interesting patterns.
      Nobore karen
      succducc - me & u [thiinggs] - map by Alonevpk - 5.61* song and map gel incredibly well together, split triples section is godly, really unique map one of the best I have played recently (prepare for finger-lock \o/)
      SOUTAISEIRIRON - Shikaku Kakumei [Insane]
      Favourite Players
      With some awesome plays :3
       Cookiezi - The god himself current #1
      Example plays - Flower dance HD (watch 1:28 in particular \o/) , Freedom Dive HDHR , Yomi yori Kikoyu HD , DADADADADA HD (watch 2:36 \o/)
      Firebat92 - old Mouse god, now plays tablet current #5
      Example plays - Euphoria , Imaginary places , Shinsaku no Shiawase wa Kochira! HDDT
      Rafis -  current #2
      Example plays - Everything Will Freeze , Preserved Valkyria , Sakura no Uta HDDT
      Toy - All round insane player, tournament king
      Example plays - Ice angel HDHR , United HDHR , Pitch Fucker
      FunOrange - Tech king, makes everything look easy
      Example plays - Seashore on the Moon , What the cat HD , Extra Mode HD
      -GN - Reading god, known for unorthodox plays
      Example plays - Shotgun Symphony , Tonight EZ , Cry Thunder EZ
      Mafham - Crazy EZ player, also known for weird plays
      Example plays - Freedom dive EZ , Oddloop EZDT , Chocobo AR -∞ EZ
      Rustbell/Totori - Rhythm god, finger control is not human
      Example plays - Burnt Rice , Destruction Star , compilation of some insane plays here
      Hvick - DT king and awesome tourney player, now doesn't really play
      Tips for improving
      Start out small and learn early! At first try playing maps with small bursts of notes at a lower bpm range (5 notes is a good place to start). Don't just go crazy and click as fast as you can, make sure you play with the error bar enabled and try and listen to the rhythm as you attempt the burst, the error bar will then show you whether you were too fast or slow and you can then adjust from there. Practice is key here as aim and reading also play a factor as well as shear rhythm/speed capabilities. Once you are comfortable with short bursts of 5-7 notes try playing songs that have extended bursts or small streams around 9-10 notes is a good aim here. Don't be afraid to play with NF on, as the amount of notes increase your evenness over each finger becomes more important so you must be controlled and consistent with your key presses. Once you are comfortable with longer bursts/small streams try playing practice difficulties with larger streams and just practice and work you way up the bpm values, speed is not everything here, finger control is in its own right a far more valuable skill, i.e. streaming 180bpm flawlessly is better than streaming 200bpm by fudging every note. After you get the hang of finger control the next thing you want to look at is reading and aim, these are very unique for streams as the they require a steady flowing motion unlike jumps which require linear bursts of movement, try playing maps that require more motion during streams with variable spacing and tight curves.
      Useful Resources
      For bursts (small or long), a lot of maps contain these anyway so I personally never had specific maps for this although there are some targeted at mid/high-level players e.g 7 bursts
      Practice sets - Spreadsheet
      Some slightly more Spaced stuff - 170bpm 6.53* , 160bpm 5.93*
      Crazy aim stuff - 175bpm 7.6*

      ■ - Video 
      ■ - Audio
      ■ - Subtitles
      ■ - MEGA 
      ■ - AnimeBytes
      ■ - Nyaa
      Completed ~ Ish 
      everything to be re-done yaay \o/
      Coming Soon Maybe
      Ping Pong the Animation (JPBD Hi10 1080p Dual FLAC) - @Assembling files (Philosophy raws, Commie)
      Shiki (JPBD Hi10 1080p Dual FLAC) - @ Typesetting (Mawen1250, Philosophy raws)
      Potential Future Projects
      Eight Dogs of the East seasons 1 and 2 (JPBD Hi10 1080p Dual FLAC) - (Philosophy raws, Anime-koi) just needs re-timing subs from TV --> BD
      Kids on the Slope (JPBD Hi10 1080p Dual FLAC) - Comparing sources but most likely Yousei-raws at a quick glance, would use CMS subs with Moby JJ OP/ED most likely (Philosophy raws and Raizel need full comparisons)