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Will it be possible to isolate vocals from anime dubs with american OSTs

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That can be done. I also am curious to know how, but here are two excellent examples:






On an unrelated note, I always wondered how the Cloverway dubbed Sailor Moon would've sounded like with the DiC cues mixed in with the original soundtracks. ^_^

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Really really hard 

i tryed to do with index movie to put back the jpn music with eng lines it's not easy at all

it invovles inverting the music over the track you want the lines from

but if the frequencys are too close it's imposible

also needs a lot of filtering to make the results sound right

it's not worth it is my conclusion

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I have been trying something with Adobe Audition's Center Channel Extractor and tried it on the converted wav track of Glitter Force (Smile PreCure's Dub) "An Exciting Beginning". It's very WIP as it still has a few traces of music and sfx in the background.

I'll have it up in my google drive tonight

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