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    • By Name-is-Ti
      So I heard that Cartoon Network is reairing the old Teen Titans, now I don't know if it's in HD or not, but it will be most likely to be in HD. And as far as I know there is no HD version of this cartoon except for season 3. If anyone could record it in HD, please, I'm begging you(or if there's a streaming site with 720p quality). I want to watch this show again so badly in HD.
    • By pixxelherz
      And I started another playthrough after about 15 years: 

      I was a little surprised that I did not feel put off playing this again for all its grainy graphics. As a kid I awed at the real-guy-in-a-cartoon idea, which wasn't really new at the time but cool to have in a game. Now I wasn't quite sure about all the game mechanics anymore and I feared that it would have the one and only missing mechanic of not being able to skip the walking animations when you want to leave a room/go to the next room. The lack of this mechanic in any point-and-clicker puts me off most of the time. Silly, but true. But Toonstruck actually has it - a right-click instantaneously gets you into the next room - so pleasantly surprised I was, plus it got me motivated to actually stick with the playthrough. 
      What's your recent nostalgia trip? 
    • By StaticX

    • By megagold5
      Well, looks like a proper Digimon game is coming to NA/EU.





      And because I can't leave it alone without being really sour about it - There will be no dub.


      I really hate Bamco sometimes. If obscure JRPGs from Compile Heart can get dubs, EVERYTHING Bamco puts out should be able to get one, let alone something as big-name as Digimon.

    • By Bardon





      The only catch? Not yet fully briefed, but it will be available as a freebie to everyone throughout its first year. And as title says in brackets, no this obviously doesn't include XP and vista users.



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