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Official Dragon Ball Kametsu Threads Index (Updated Jan 9, 2015)

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1 hour ago, EnIgMoZz2 said:

if anyone's interested in the "original colours" of DBZ, then this video should interest you:




The uploader said it's from around the same time that Buu arc aired in Japan. The art/animation isn't indifferent from the series, so neither should the colours be, logically. This video has been preserved in quality that unfortunately I don't think the actual episodes were from that time, so it's good for insight into how DBZ might have looked in its first airing.


Also, it has implications for DB Kai's colours. Most people have (without evidence) labelled DB Kai's colours as simply a conjured "modern look" and not something that was referring to some sort of original material (simply because this idea came from VegettoEX....in 2009). Well.... this video, from the 90's, looks almost identical to DB Kai...lol so I think it's reasonable to argue that DB Kai's look is not something created from thin air.


Seen this before but it lower quality. Goten, Gohan, and Trunks are on some good shit!

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On 9/16/2016 at 9:02 PM, EnIgMoZz2 said:


skip to 1:37. i can upload all the episodes in that quality if people want them

This video is quite blatantly false. This Enigmo guy is a known liar everyone, he claims to have the original broadcast audio but really just has fansub audio/Dragon Box audio he's edited to sound slightly better. Don't really know what you get out of doing this dude.

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On 18/10/2016 at 6:33 AM, gogeta97 said:

This video is quite blatantly false. This Enigmo guy is a known liar everyone, he claims to have the original broadcast audio but really just has fansub audio/Dragon Box audio he's edited to sound slightly better. Don't really know what you get out of doing this dude.

it's not that false tbh..... Vegeta really did  fly from japan to my house and confronted my royal guard with some colourful language

Edited by EnIgMoZz2
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Okay guys i'm gonna tell you the truth.


No, I don't have broadcast audio... but, to disappoint you all even further, I don't have the fansub audio, that you guys keep accusing me of possessing, either lol.


btw when i say "all" and "you guys", i'm not referring to kametsu, as much as i am referring to kanzenshuu lol

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On 11/26/2014 at 4:05 PM, clutchins said:

Dragon Ball is the source of all living things. It surrounds us, it penetrates us, and it binds the galaxy togeth- Wait a second, I'm thinking of The Force. But while I will gladly argue that Dragon Ball and Star Wars intersect in many ways, this is about Dragon Ball.

For the past year, I've been collecting every single piece of officially licensed home video with the words "Dragon Ball" on it. Sadly, there are just some things that money can't buy - namely R2J Dragon Boxes, I mean those things are fucking expensive. That's why we here at Kametsu want to share as much of it all with as many of you all as possible. Listed below, you will find every Dragon Ball thread across all three Anime Download sections that is worth checking out. If you're looking for the Orange Bricks, then go fuck yourself.


Dragon Ball


Dragon Ball: Dragon Box [R2J DVD] [Dual-Audio] [Ecio]

  • The flagship project for Dragon Ball on Kametsu. Dragon Box picture with Funimation audio tracks. Currently on hold until Ecio returns.

Dragon Ball RF (RF=Reduced Filler, Fan Edit) [R2J DVD] [Dual-Audio] [WhoIsTheMilkMan]

  • An ambitious fanedit project inspired by Dragon Ball Z Kai. A new but certainly welcome addition to the Dragon Ball community on Kametsu.

Dragon Ball Movies 1-4 [DR] [Dual] [DBNL]

  • DBNL's now less-than-standard release of the four Dragon Ball movies includes an inferior encode of the Ocean dub of Movie 1. A Capsule Corps time machine to the past when Vorbis was king.

Dragon Ball - Movie 1 [DVD] [Dual-Audio] [Kametsu]

  • One of Forummaster Koby's contributions, a DVDRIp of Funimation's 2010 release of Curse of the Blood Rubies with new cast. This being Koby, you'll have to learn how to use XDCC if you want it.

Dragon Ball (Harmony Gold) [Ecio]

  • Quite the rare commodity among hardcore Dragon Ball fans, this is the long-lost Harmony Gold dub of Dragon Ball movies 1 and 3. Synced to the Dragon Box, these videos have Japanese audio spliced in where undubbed. Now if anybody can find those first five episodes that they dubbed, I'll finally be able to sleep soundly again.

Dragon Ball: BLT Production (Ocean Dub) [uploaded by Ecio]

  • What's a Blue Brick? This 1995 dub from Ocean prevented us from seeing Goku slapping Bulma's crotch until 2009.

Dragon Ball Blue Water Remastered [manifestx]

  • An exhaustive, ongoing compilation of TVRip audio for the Blue Water dub of Dragon Ball.



Dragon Ball Z


Dragon Ball Z: Dragon Box Z (R2J) [DVD] [Hex/Quint/Quad-Audio] [Ecio]

  • The flagship project for Dragon Ball Z on Kametsu. Dragon Box Z picture with multiple selections of Funimation audio tracks. Currently on hold until various items fall into place.
  • A BDRip of the fan-favorite Level Sets from Funimation that were unfairly cancelled. What? No... I'M NOT CRYING. NOT.
  • The successor to their previously widely-distributed Orange Brick DVDRip, this is an archive of DHD's (formerly DBNL) BDRip of the current Funimation Blu-ray Season Sets, which feature "selective" cropping. Pfft, whatever that means. At least they stopped using Vorbis.
  • Bloated beyond reason, this BDRip of both the Theatrical and Extended versions of the 2013 movie Battle of Gods was made by yours truly. Extras coming soon. (They're all on Youtube at this point.) [update Dec 2014: Video no longer bloated. Extras available. Apparently they weren't all on Youtube... ]
  • Migrated from Cartoon-World, this classic thread chronicles the concentrated efforts to preserve the highly nostalgic Ocean dub of Dragon Ball Z in its various forms. A subbie's worst nightmare.

Dragon Ball Z Big Green/AB Group Movies [KariyaSama]

  • One of the more curious parts of Dragon Ball Z's history, the AB Groupe "Big Green" Dub made for Toonami UK features horrendous voice acting and laughable translations. Perfect for watching with friends.

Dragon Ball Z: Speedy Video Malaysian English Dub [Arian]

  • While not quite the Holy Grail of DBZ, these hard-to-find VCDs holding Speedy Video's English-language dub are wanted enough by fans that they are willing to donate any copies found online to the threadmaster. Seriously, how did anybody know about these?


Dragon Ball GT


  • The flagship project for Dragon Ball GT on Kametsu. Dragon Box GT picture with Funimation (and Blue Water?) audio tracks. Check the thread for more details on extra tracks. Series is complete, but A Hero's Legacy remains to be encoded by Ecio.
  • Most likely discontinued since Xegoog has gone on to bigger and better things. Nevertheless, this thread houses his efforts to collect the Blue Water dub for GT.
  • Another one of Koby's contributions, this dub-only recap episode of the Black Star Dragon Ball saga was the very first installment of GT aired on Toonami, as Funimation thought that the first saga wasn't "action-y" enough. The first saga was aired two years later, proving once again that Funimation should just let us tell them what we want.
Dragon Ball Z Kai
Dragon Ball Z Kai (Parts 1-8) [720p 4:3 & 16:9] [GameStar/DemiVegeta, Uploaded by Ecio]
  • Another migrated thread from Cartoon-World. (Man, that place must have been something!) Ecio presents to us the 20th Anniversary 2009 reversioning of Dragon Ball Z. Noteworthy here is the inclusion of DemiVegeta's rescoring of Parts 5-8 of Kai to include options for the Yamamoto score for English and Japanese audio tracks until episode 95, when they canned his ass.
Dragon Ball Kai (2014) [HDTV 720p] [Maintained by KariyaSama]
  • Currently the official way for a Kametsu member to watch this year's adaptation of the Buu arc in Dragon Ball Kai. Started by Ecio, this project is maintained weekly by dedicated member KariyaSama.



  • Various Blue Water episodes
  • Bits and pieces of Westwood Ocean episodes (check the thread)
  • Dale Kelly Recaps for the Ginyu Saga and Cell Games Saga
  • Big Green Dragon Ball movies 1-3, GT Special
  • Speedy Dub Dragon Ball movies 2 and 3, Z movies 11 and 13
  • Harmony Gold episodes (yeah right, like that'll ever happen)



Ultimate Dragon Box (R2J / Remastered / Multi-Audio) [Clutchins]

  • The culmination of the efforts of several people on and off the forum, this is the last Dragon Ball project that ever needs to be. I aim to make this the best version of Dragon Ball ever. Period.


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Can't believe it. Have been looking for something like this for ages, this thread rocks.

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If this actually has the audio/video of Speedy Dub movie 12, Im going to be soooooooooo happy!

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Is there any other source to get the Utsukushii-Raws uploads the speeds are horrible from the torrents.

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For anyone who's interested, I'm in the process of doing a re-cut of DBZ that paces the series more like Kai but without the choppy editing and retention of the Bruce Faulconer track (once Frieza comes around).


Link to thread is here [contains a MEGA url to the first 4 episodes]:


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I guess this is as good a place as any to ask, since the DBZKai 2014 thread's dead (unless I missed another one likely to have it), but does anyone happen to have the Japanese Buu saga's opening(s) (ie, Kuu-Zen-Zetsu-Go) and endings (notably ED1) creditless? Someone's uploaded it on YouTube, and unfortunately it's blocked by Columbia Records so it can't be downloaded.  And since FUNi's not using KZZG for The Final Chapters, it won't show up on their DVDs.  


Thanks in advance!

Edited by GLL99

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you are the best. thank you for bringing back a version i grew up with.

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Thanks for the effort. I have been looking for dragon ball z dragon boxes  version. 

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What's wrong with the Orange Bricks version? /sarcasm

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