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MegaMan 90's TV Series

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The main menus look kinda cool.


Hopefully when I buy it in December and get it, the video quality will be better than older releases. I was going to re-encode this series soon and Id love it if their better.

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I am pretty sure the logo that looks like a Nintendo seal rip off has been trademarked, hopefully that doesn't start a law suit.

The cover looks really cool, it reminds me of the Megaman 6 Box art sort of, and also X1

this box art bellow




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Why is Proto Man the villian? Also I like that Mega Man was called Rock before he was a battle robot.

It's much better than calling him Mega like in Powered Up.

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Why is Proto Man the villian? 


I believe I heard it was because of Megaman 5 or 6 where someone was impersonating Protoman and being evil. They claimed that the makers didn't get that info in time and they portrayed him as the villain. not sure if its 100% true but I remember reading it somewhere.

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