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Favorite Type of Music


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  1. 1. What's your favorite kind of genre?

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I love classical music. Video games OST's are often very good. Same with movie OST's. I also like pop, especially ballads, but rock is also great. Like @pinkmattered said, where is the option for all of the above, I like almost everything. Only real music I hated was my exes music. She listened to a guy who made music on one instrument and it repeated constantly, she found it relaxing but I just went crazy. Like hearing a water tap dripping. She also liked a guy who made music from train whistling and sounds. Horrible! That is not music, that is just plain noise. No rhythm to it whatsoever. Literally made me anxious and depressed. And she also liked the heaviest metal there was so the contrast was a bit too much for me. But I noticed she didn't really like it for the music but for the rebellious, cool aspect of it. I don't like sheepish behavior like that.

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Everything. Genre doesn't matter. I like well composed music and melodically complex music. From Hendrix to Santana to Clapton to Yngwie Malmsteen to Buckethead to Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie to John Coltrane to the 3 Kings (Albert King, B.B. King and Freddie King) to Stevie Ray Vaughn to Albert Collins to John Lee Hooker to Chuck Berry to Ray Charles Thelonious Monk to Chiptune (oh god chiptune <3 Koji Kondo and Junichi Masuda and Manami Matsumae and Jake Kaufman and Nobuo Uematsu oh god I could go on forever with chiptune) to tons of Japanese music (so much of it is so melodic) to James Brown's band (Maceo Parker, Fred Wesley, Pee Wee Ellis, those guys) to Beethoven to Bach to Franz Liszt to Savant to GRiZ to Haywyre to SunSquabi to LoneMoon to old Zomboy (like the Dead Symphonic EP) to Virtual Riot to Pharoahe Monch to old Red Hot Chili Peppers (like their 80s funk rock stuff) to Living Colour to old Eminem to A Tribe Called Quest to Daft Punk to The Noisy Freaks to to Zanski to Frank Zappa to Terrace Martin I could on forever. I didn't really mention any country artists but there is country I like that's very blues-rockish like some Brad Paisley (the stuff where he really shows off his skill as a guitarist) and Sturgill Simpson and some Allman Brothers stuff like that.

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I started with pop when i was 10. Then  i moved to Pseudo(Nu) metal with bands like Linkin Park which i listened to quite some time along with basic rock/alternative acts before moving to Classic Metal and Hard Rock(Brutal Legend introduced to some great classic metal bands). After that came extreme metal(Gojira,Behemoth,Dimmu,In Flames,Dark Tranquility). Then i realized i grew tired of the noise and moved to the EDM scene and now after discovering Pink Floyd, its Prog Rock. These are my main music focus so as to speak. Throughout the years , i also listened to other kinds of music like Grunge/JRock/Modern Rock. Mostly for me, I really like guitar driven music. Watching Nodame motivated me to listen Classical stuff but couldnt stick with it.


Top Subgenres

1.) Prog Rock/metal

2.) Melodic Death Metal

3.) Heavy Metal







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