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Ps4 or Xbox One

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I have both. The XBone I bought first. At the time I wanted to play GTAV online with 3 other friends. I also got the Halo collection for it to play them all. Great experience. Last year I got a PS4 mainly for the exclusives. Right now I'd say PS4 is best for it's superior exclusive titles already out and coming this year. Sony manages to hit my taste more often with what they release. Also, with Windows 10 the line between XBox and Windows games has become even blurrier. If a game comes out for Xbox and Windows 10 I play it on my PC rather than the console.

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PC.  Why have a Xbox Juan when all the Xbone exclusives (save two) are getting ported over to Windows?  Also, the PC supports Dualshock 4, and has many controller options.

The worst thing on PC is a poorly optimized game (Arkham Origins [there was a gamebreaking bug involving a game-crucial tower that's inaccessible, it has since been patched and released on Steam] and PlayerUnknown [the game can't get a consistent 60fps, even on the most beastly of graphics cards] are to name two), but with games these days being developed on PCs (due to to Consoles and PCs now both using the X architecture) that's becoming more difficult to find a terribly optimized game.

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1. PlayStation 4

2. I've grown up with PlayStation and I just prefer the PlayStation library. Nothing has ever really caught my attention from Microsoft/Nintendo. Also (Microsoft) has alot of their games [if not all] on PC nowadays... so I could just get them on PC. Although I hate the Windows Store... but I'd rather deal with the platform than buy a whole system. I actually do have one game from them on my steam wishlist at the moment, Quantam Break. I'll snag it some point when I have the money and it's got a good discount during the respective sale.

3. Nier: Automata, Horizon Zero Dawn, Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment (Killed alot of time with this one, farming and what not. Didn't really have any other games at the time to play. Might go back one day and complete my climbing adventure to get the best gear/max level),

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I'm debating buying one of the two though it is being a hard decision to make. While I know many people might be loyal to brand, and I do respect both brands and love them, I'm still researching what games each has. Since I prefer a lot of RPG Anime style games or games with a smart ass main character or games with a lot of humor to them, the console that has the most of these games will be the one I end up buying.

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5 hours ago, thedoctor2014 said:

I'm debating buying one of the two though it is being a hard decision to make. While I know many people might be loyal to brand, and I do respect both brands and love them, I'm still researching what games each has. Since I prefer a lot of RPG Anime style games or games with a smart ass main character or games with a lot of humor to them, the console that has the most of these games will be the one I end up buying.

Between the PS4 and XBOX One, there is no contest that the PS4 has more of those kinds of games than the XBOX One, especially when it comes to exclusives. Nintendo has its own share of exclusives, also, with PC having a lot of multiplatform titles of what you are looking for.

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I originally got an XBONE, because I was big on the 360 train the generation before. I now own a PS4 as well, and while I've played excellent games on those devices, almost none have been exclusives and I've sold them off and replaced them with Steam copies. My XBONE and my PS4 are both basically dust collectors at this point (though I will be picking up Spider-Man when the price drops). Heh, I bought the Xbone because Microsoft had just revived Killer Instinct and they were talking about Conker a fair bit and then Rare Replay came out and I assumed they were getting on board with bringing Banjo back, but it never materialized. Mainly the XBONE is a glorified N64 for me. Though I will say that I had an absolute blast with Super Lucky's Tale, and that's a game which isn't offered anywhere else. Generally I do prefer my Xbox One to the PS4, but it comes down to the one game and the controller at the end of the day. Neither one offers much value in a PC-dominated market.

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      Destiny: Rise of Iron
      It seems Destiny player will be getting another expansion before Destiny 2 gets announced. The new Expansion is 'Rise of Iron' and will focus on a new enemy kind of like the taken currently known as the plague that has  taken over fallen enemies. The new Expansion will add much more new content to the game including armor, weapons, a new social space, missions, raid and much more.
      It is set for release on the 20th of September this year with a retail price of $29.99 as of writing this and will only be coming to the new generation of consoles the PS4 and Xbox One, leaving the PS3 and Xbox 360 behind.
      Official Trailer:
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      Once again like most other times I bring to all this years new DBZ game. Unlike before this game is bring brought over to the new generation of consoles, so we will see this on PS4 and Xbox One, as well as PS3 and Xbox 360.
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      As for game-play, still to early to really say but seems to be a mix of Battle of Z and Raging Blast, hopefully it will allow you to have as much variety as Raging Blast and not as limited as Battle of Z.
      Update: 22/10/14

      Update: 16/7/14

      Update: 13/7/14

      Update: 18/6/14

      What are your thoughts?
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