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    • By nobobi
      new to kametsu. would like to get some suggestions or new anime to watch

    • By Badman
      Can we put this list together? It will also include Shojo Beat and Shonen Sunday seperately, but  the branding should be somewhere on the packaging/anime in general.
      A good example would be Shonen Jump: Bleach.
      A bad example would be Bakuman or DBZ, which is not branded as Shonen Jump (like the manga).
      (Remember it has to say on the DVD spine or the logo)
      See what I mean here:

      Shonen Jump
      Black Cat
      Buso Renkin
      Death Note
      Hikaru no Go
      Naruto Shippuden
      Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan
      One Piece
      The Prince of Tennis
      Shaman King

      Shojo BeatNANA
      Vampire Knight
      Vampire Knight Guilty

      Shonen SundayInuyasha
      Inuyasha Final Act
      Ranma 1/2

      Add suggestions in the comments!
      Anime listed in the spoilers are not branded as such, but could be.
      The spoiler lists are NOT the focus of this thread.
    • By Bardon


      Just recently I've been reviving myself as a gamer and thus have been trying out alot of stuff, both old and new like PCSX2 for some personal favorites, considering to buy a PS3 (again) in the upcoming months and popular PC mmo for the sake of competitive play. (and yes that includes children card games *cough* )


      Despite being on steam, my current lack of spendage prevents me from getting as many games as I'd want. But alongside this, I have always been fairly selective in my choices rather than just jumping headfirst into anything/everything I can see. Having said this, my main interest in regards to this thread right now is to make the list of games having anime graphics.


      Visual novels are irrelevant here because I know there is already an existing thread to those (or at least I think there was), and especially since I'm aiming for Non-H and actual gameplay.


      This obviously ranges to all platforms like PS3, Xbox360, Wii (U), PSP (vita), (3)DS and of course PC.


      So anyway, plz post as many names as possible (with reasonable description preferably if you folks have played those said games) and I'll be compiling em all here.