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General Anime Review and Recommendation discussion

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I'm not sure if there's any topics like this, but I'll start it anyways. Basicallly, the whole idea is to discuss reviews of anime we've watched and what recommendations we'd offer to the general public.


For example, you may pick one(or two) anime you'd like to review(any anime) and state why you would or wouldn't recommend that anime. You can also recommend other anime that you've enjoyed(up to 50 anime)


I'll start



Dragon Ball Z



This of course was my fav anime in those days. I used to love the action, the comedy and the adventure. However, that battles seemed continue forever, it was a never ending battle that you just wished you could skip. Most of the time it was pointless, mindless battles between the hero and superior beings. That being said, it shouldn't stop you from watching it. It's one of the best shounen anime you'll get out there.


Final verdict:

If you like action and shounen, you'll find this a treasure



Recommend this anime?

Yes I would. I'd recommend it to anyone who loves action and shounen


Other anime to you'd recommend?


Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood



One Piece etc.



Okay you've got an idea on how it works. Since this is a discussion, we can discuss other things related to this topic.




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Woh, since when has this thread been around? It's pretty interesting idea.


Barakamon (Currently airing)


This is one of the currently airing anime. It has a relaxing slice of life feel to it, and I don't hate the main character. -Instantly making it one of the better anime this season.

Whether you want to be kawaii'd by the cute feeling of this anime, or have been watching too much of the dark/heavy stuff. Barakamon is pretty damn awesome.

They're also setting up a lot of room for character growth. I kind of love these 'growing-up' stories.

+I don't hate the main. (seriously, do you know how rare that is?)

Full Verdict:


+Relaxing +Cuteish +Decent art +Don't hate MC

-A bit dull -No #bestgirl yet -only 2eps out


(Yes, kind of.)

To those who want a wind-down relaxing SOL Anime, gooo for it.

Otherwise, it's really hit or miss whether you like the characters.

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Thanx Kouhai



Blood Lad(Completed)



Review(with question), Should they make more eps?:

Never thought I'd like a vampire anime, turns out I do. This one is awesome. Blood Lad is a good mix of comedy and supernatural, I really enjoyed all 10 episodes. While there is humor(mostly parodying DBZ) it does not remain the focal point. We are introduced to a few characters in a good pace. Though character development is a bit of an issue, the pacing, the plot and the art, left me satisfied.


However, it seems this anime is like one of many, it was made simply for giving the manga more popularity. I wish they would continue this anime, and I hope those who have also watched it feel the same.


Final Verdict:

Without being too serious or light-hearted, Blood Lad delivers in both aspects making this an anime you'll remember(in a positive way). However, despite this being seinen, it might come of more as a shonen anime.



Would you recommend it?

Yes I would, but it's not everyone. Those who like serious anime will not be too impressed with this.

People who enjoy watching dark comedy's and like's less serious anime will love Blood Lad instantly.

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This sounds like a good idea, I'll throw in my suggestion.



Steins Gate (completed)




The crazy adventures of a mad scientist (eccentric also works) and his friends as they experiment with time travel and microwaving stuff. It starts out as a comedy, but as it progresses the sci fi elements become deeper and the plot becomes thicker. At first its light hearted experimentation, doing things just to see if they can, by the end its life and death struggles to save the future of man kind. It never loses its sense of humor even as things become more serious, but it is very well written with the story mapped out in advance as supposed to making it up as they go, which means watching it a second time you will notice things you didn't the first time. Its both deep and light hearted, has both suspense and comedy as well as romance. It is a more grounded and realistic sci fi set in the modern era and I highly recommend it.


Verdict: 10/10, I cant think of anything it could have done better, everything from the story to the animation is solid.

Would I recommend it?

Absolutely, has a good variety of things for people to enjoy, its a little more mature but not risque. It doesn't have any action though, so if thats an absolute must, than it might not be for you, although it does have suspense, thrills, and violence. There is some blood, but it isn't bloody, and while I wouldn't recommend it to children 13 and under, I also don't see a problem with them watching it. It is also gender neutral in its target audience.

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I almost forgot about this thread. But I've been catching up on my anime put on hold(finished some). I felt like reviewing them.







Okay so I was doing a favour for a friend and stumbled across this anime. I wasn't gonna watch it at first, but since it was sitting on my hard drive, I gave it a shot. So the story is pretty average, a neet who sits in his room playing videos games his whole life suddenly finds himself on island playing the same game he did in his room, except in real life. That game is btooom. It quickly turns into a life and death situation, so of course I would immediately bitch about this anime without watching the whole thing(like what I did with SAO). So I decided to finish it.


It was actually quite decent, granted it won't make it on my top anime but I still quite enjoyed, considering how average it is.

The characters are believable, the pacing is well thought out and the art doesn't disappoint. My main issue is with the plot itself, it's very predictable, the romance thing seems to shine a lot more than anything else. It's almost like a twisted love story.


The Sound is okay too, I despised the ED, but the OP gave the anime an extra depth.


Overall Verdict: 7.8/10 - Good


+Diverse Characters

+Great OP

+Good Art

+Great Pacing


- Meh ED

- Senseless Romance

- Average Plot



Recommend it Y/N:


I wouldn't recommend the anime to people who hate tense moments with simple romance thrown in. But If you can look past that, then watch it.

Some of you though may actually find the romance to be the key element of the anime.

The problem is, i don't recommend any anime that's below an 8/10. So I wouldn't recommend btooom to you good people out there.

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BECK : Mongolian Chop Squad


Episodes : 26


Tags: Humor, Drama, Slice Of Life, Music, Adventure


Review : Tanaka yukio, In this series his nickname is Koyuki. A 14 year old boy that feels disconnected from life in general. When saving a mismatched dog (basically Patched up) he meets a guitarist named Minami Ryuusuke, (Ryuusuke is the leader of the group). When koyuki join's BECK his life starts to change for the better, from lame - fame. 


The main thing that amazed me on this series is the Character Depth, It revolved mostly around yukio, but you could also see growth with the other characters too. which is why I really enjoyed this series. You'll see  that yukio is that shy, timid and sensitive boy. But as the story progresses you'll see that this kid will start growing some balls and man up to those that are bigger than him. that is what astound me most about this story.


Side Note : My main reasoning for watching this anime, as any of them to be honest is to complete every anime possible.


Overall Verdict 10/10 


+ Great Character Depth

+ Great sound Track (Some of the soundtrack is from FLCL)

+ - Good Art, But not great (Gets the job done)

+ Humor

+ Romance


Would I recommend it?


Yes, a Definite YES if you like story with great character depth then this is one you should watch. Starts off a little slow, But in my opinion it's worth the watch. Even though the art isn't as glamorous  as today's animes. Also if you enjoyed FLCL you may enjoy BECK, even though it isn't as supernatural as that.



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SAO(Sword Art Online)




Alright so a couple friends recommended this anime to me. Being a gamer(and of course the anime being MMO focused) I decided to give it a go. So here I am reviewing this anime.


I pretty much hate the survival game oriented movie/anime/tv series, however this had a more unique plot. Instead of killing the fellow gamer, they basically have to work together to beat the game and get out alive. Did I mention they're all transported to the vitual MMO world, and if you die in the game you die in irl. Well this is that anime.


To get to the point, the anime had an average start. After a couple episodes(4 at most) you will pretty much be lost in the plot. There are major plot holes in this series, the character development is lost and the romance is the key focus. The action in the anime can get intense and is probably SAO's redeeming quality, but they don't last for long. The main characters are a joke, the villains are freakin useless assholes(don't get me started on the second arcs villian). Pretty much every girl falls in love with the main character including his adoptive sister(cousin actually) which makes this more or less a harem show.


The soundtrack is quite decent, and is one of SAO's strong points. The art is also a bonus. But it takes more than pretty visuals and decent sound to make an anime worth watching, which unfortunately the creators didn't take into consideration. I could ramble more on how bad SAO is and it's second arc pretty much killed what little dignity SAO had left but I'll leave it at that.



Overall Verdict: 4/10


+Visually Impressive

+Soundtrack is good


-Useless Main Characters

-Useless Main Villians

-Plot holes

-Missing Character development

-Romance(I have nothing against romance in general)

-Unnecessary Harem

-etc. etc.



Would I recommend it?:


Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh definitely a big NO. I mean the 4/10 should have given it away



Other anime to recommend?:


There are better survival anime out there. I would recommend "BTOOOM!"

Also you should give "Future Diary" a go.

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Anime: Ghost Stories (dubbed)


Review: Hilarious as hell.


Verdict: 10/10


Recommend it? Yes and No. Yes for the laughs. No for the risk of choking due to uncontrollable incessant laughing.

Haha, short and to the point

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So... I've been hearing a lot about Little Busters. I've even seen a few people call it a sort of "Season 2" to Angel Beats.


I am pleasantly surprised at how good Angel Beats is so far. Only two episodes left until I'm finished with it.


Can anyone give me a second opinion on Little Busters and if I should watch it?

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Anime: Code Geass



Just finished watching this anime. I was hesitant at first but I thought it played really well as a "mecha Death Note". There was a lot of great cliff-hanger endings to episodes that make you watch the next one and not go to bed. The political intrigue is also quite exciting, well done, and keeps you guessing. It's also a bit of an emotional ride as characters get in and out of extremely bad situations, sometimes ending in quite poor circumstances (i.e. death). The ending was fantastic! 



8/10 - I thought it was a bit long, though. They could've made it tighter. 


Would I recommend? Absolutely. 

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Anime: A Certain Magical Index 1 and 2


Review: sucks hardcore with the lamest main dude and all the pathetic action scenes he's involved in. Embarrassing.

His script,  persona, and stories are dull and shitty.


Verdict: 0/10

Edited by Roots of Unity

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