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Taka Fansubs Closed? Now what?


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  1. 1. Which fansub to go for archiving purpose?

    • Hatsuyuki-fansubs
    • Kurama-fansubs

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I had been lagging behind archiving  Taka' s Naruto release, but i just found today that Taka are closed down. They won't be subbing any more.


Also there is some chatter on net that and i found recently started new group named Kurama Fansubs which has started subbing Naruto. Some are saying it's Taka under new banner. 


Can someone clarify that. Also it raises question; Hatsuyuki fansubs or this new group Kurama Fansubs

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They just changed their group name and lost like 5-6 staff members I think.

If you want better translation and typesetting, go with Kurama.
If you want fast releases and CR's Script, go with Hatsuyuki.
I don't know about the video though...but I personally grabs Kurama's.

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Video-wise: Hatsuyuki is best.
Subtitle-wise: Kurama probably is, although I hate some translatation choices they have taken.

They're calling Yamato "Unus" rather than "Kinoe". Despite their reasoning being some what reasonable in the fact Danzo is being impersonable and refering to them by numbers and Unus would be more likely inferred to that by English watches than Kinoe... Kinoe is clearly what is being heard and seems to be the official name, even being used in episode titles; so changing someone's name just isn't fully justifiable to me.

That said; Kurama is Taka minus a few staff members; namely Secludedly who actually owned/operated/formed Taka. I figure there was some argument and Kurama founder ended up taking the rest of the staff with him through some scheme or something.

Either way, they now do mkv soft-sub which is a plus; but they still hard-sub karaoke; which is something I find stupid in this age of fansubs. Everything should be soft-subbed now imo. Then their filtering destroys details in the video which is very noticeable when compared to Hatsuyuki's release.

I'm sticking with Hatsuyuki as I have for quite some time since I didn't like hardsubbed mp4, and now because I care more about video quality. Hatsuyuki uses CrunchyRoll script as a base and edit and typeset it. CrunchyRoll is typically pretty accurate these days so I'm fine with it.

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