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How do I download anime from exiled-destiny.com?

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Exiled-Destiny is a sub group which has a channel that is located on the IRC server. They use XDCC bots to hold all their releases (which i'll explain below). You will need to learn how to use this to get them.

Irc is the largest anime file sharing network on the net. I checked the exiled-destiny site as stated above their releases are on xdcc bots in their channel. XDCC bots are high speed downloading tools, which you access in the Exiled-Destiny irc channel. (will explain more about them down below, after i've helped you have install mirc and get it configured)

Step 1: Go to the site below and download MIRC (one of the irc clients, there is several of them, i myself have UPP, they all have the same basic functions, just different layouts


Step 2 : Install mirc and and then go into it. Go under File>select server>connect and Fill out all the information (i.e name, email address, nickname)

Step:3: right below connect, there is a servers section. Click on servers, and it will show two things IRC NETWORK and IRC SEVER under irc network it should say ALL, if not set it to ALL from the drop down list. IRC:Server will be set to a random server, you need to set it to RIzon: Random server. Rizon is the main anime server on IRC. Exiled-Destiny is located on rizon as well. There are plenty of other servers which have anime on them as well but Rizon is the biggest one.

After that save all the info and connect to the rizon server. Then go and join a channel (go up to the favorites icon and click on that )

So input this in the favorites channel bar #Exiled-Destiny

or simply type this into the mirc chat bar #join Exiled-Destiny

either one works

Now you're ready to use XDCC bots

Simply go to the E-D website, check under the botlists section to see the name of the bots. Proceed to paste those links into to the E-D IRC channel and it will send you a text file containing a list of all the releases that are on them.


Paste that into the channel

/msg A|Otakubot xdcc send #1

you will then get that text file i mentioned above sent to you. To download the files in the text file simply match the episode you want with the pack number located next to it, and then do use the below example to download it.


one of the episodes may appear like this on the text file


to the far left of the release there will be a pack number for it, lets say it's #55

all you do is

type in

/msg [Exiled-Destiny]_Tokyo_Majin_Ep13_.mkv xdcc send #55

paste that right into the channel and it should start downloading. That's it!

This below link is the Exiled-Destiny information page for their irc channel name, server name and website


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We already have a detailed tutorial for IRC -> XDCC downloading; since Kametsu also utilizes XDCC bots for our stuff.

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Well, aren't you an oddball - c/ped the entire Exiled Destiny tut for an introductory post. 

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