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Hey everyone! JD here with a forum game I'm kinda surprised doesn't exist yet. Title pretty much explains it all, but I'll go ahead and explain it since I'm waiting on my dinner to cook.


Rules are simple- I'll post a screenshot of an anime and you'll guess it! The first person to get it correct then gets to post one and so on and so forth. Hints can be given, but only if the poster decides to give said hint. Make sure and rename the image before you upload it so as not to give away the answer!

By the way, let's try not to cheat and reverse image search it. That's lame and Ren-chon would not be impressed. More importantly, this might happen.


I think all that needs to said has been said, unless modmins decide otherwise, so I'll kick us off:




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Nope, still not working


alright JD already put a pic, I have no idea so I'll take a dumb guess

YuYu Hakusho

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Correct JimDaddy!

Leave it to Tsukumo to pick some obscure 70s-90s anime....

it is from the 90's, also, it even had a movie theater movie not to long ago, not really obscure.

Though I do admit it is not his most popular works.

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Guess That Anime

I chose a newer one since people had trouble with my last one, came out sometime in the last the last 10 years



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