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Mtg deck list

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I was curious if anyone had madeup their own mtg decks I'm sill inexperiancedso tend to stick to pre-made, if so could give a deck list.

i.e card names how many are in your deck and a short description about it.


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I can potentially put up some decks when I get home. Just to ask though, what kind of deck are you looking for? Also what game type? (standard, EDH, pauper, etc.) And any particular colours you plan on using?

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Heres a simple deck that is relatively cheap and has many options for swapping cards in and out.


Blue Illusion deck (mainly M12 cards)


Creatures :

4x Lord of the Unreal

4x Phantasmal Bear

4x Phantasmal Dragon

4x Phantasmal Image

4x Grand Architect

2x Phyrexian Metamorph

2x Wurmcoil Engine

2x Aether Figment (this is optional, I just prefer it since its a cheap illusion unblockable)



4x Ponder (can easily be swapped for Brainstorm, but Ponder is cheaper)

4x Negate (swap for Counterspell if you want better but more expensive cards)

2x Vapor Snag

2x Mana Leak (use other counters if you prefer)



22x Island (feel free to swap out for fancier lands, again the whole cost debate)


Basic strategy is to pump out illusions and power them up with Lord of the Unreal, then copy him with a Phantasmal Image so you have a hexproof lord. Counter or remove any problems, and use ponder to get card advantage. You should win in the early game, but if it goes to late game then wurmcoil engine, phantasmal image, and phyrexian metamorph should keep you going. Grand architect lets you ramp to the wurmcoil engines and metamorphs faster, plus they pump up your illusions even more. Also, feel free to use your vapor snags to save your Lords. Aether Figment will also keep a timer on them, since a 4/4 unblockable or larger can be a real pain.


That being said, Aether Figment can easily be swapped out for other illusions, and the Grand Architects and Wurmcoil Engines could also be removed to make the deck cheaper and potentially faster, but with no real late game.


Feel free to comment and critique, also I have many other decks if you want more. Again, it makes it easier for me if you tell me approximately what playstyle or colours you prefer, then I can pick ones that work well with those. Also if you want, I have a bunch of troll decks that can't win, but are super fun to play regardless.

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This is my deck design, I made it predominantly from the Strength of Selesnya Event deck and the Evasive Manuvers comander deck, However I used cards from the rest of my collection as well.


This decks weakness is comperativly little mana, no way to deal with flying creatures and nearly no removal. However there are several atifacts and enchantments that gain mana


This decks strength is in geting a lot of oken creatures out onto the field as well as having a few heavyer creatures.


This is my first atempt at deck building.


60 cards

19 land

11 creatures

30 sorcery



x2    transguild promenade                          
x2    Temple of the False God                   
x1    Selesnya Sanctuary                          
x4    Selesnya Guildgate                   
x1    Secluded Steppe           
x1    Seaside Citadel           
x1    Saltcrusted Steppe       
x1    Rupture Spire           
x1    Grove of the Guardian       
x1    Reliquary tower           
x1    Sunpetal Grove           
x2    Razorverge Thicket       
x1    Springjack Pasture       


x1    Kazandu Tuskcaller       
x2    Vitu-Ghazi Guildmage       
x2    Thargtusk           
x1    crusader of Odric       
x1    Attended Knight           
x2    Geist-Honored Monk       
x1    Odric, Master Tactician       
x1    Selesnya Guildmage       


x4    Selesnya Charm           
x1    Selesnya Signet           
x1    Growing Ranks           
x1    Parallel Lives           
x4    Intangible Virtue       
x1    Fungal Sprouting       
x1    Ring of Kalonia           
x2    Chorus of Might           
x1    Avenging Arrow           
x4    Call of the Conclave       
x1    Bow of Nylea           
x3    Trigon of Infestation       
x1    Presence of Gond       
x2    Sol Ring           
x1    Verdant Haven           
x1    Sword of Body and Mind       
x1    Pristine Talisman         

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I'll give some comments and criticisms. Will first target individual cards to remove, then cards to add.


Crusader of Odin doesn't belong, same with Attended Knight.

Two of Odric would be good.

Fungal Sprouting doesn't work very well since you have no really big creatures

Ring of Kalonia isn't useful since token decks typically want to finish games quickly. The counters wont have time to build up.

A second Bow of Nylea would be useful

Reduce the number of Trigon of Infestation to two

A second Presence of Gond would be good

FOUR SOL RINGS!!!!! Maybe not, but might be good to test

Remove Verdant Haven, it doesnt fit with the deck

Either run two Sword of Body and Mind, or none.

Get rid of Pristine Talisman, Sol Ring is superior in every aspect



Try adding in some Emmara Tandris and Requiem Angel. Doomed Traveller would also be a cheap weenie to start off.

Alive/Well is a good dual card for these decks

Entreat the Angels can add some late game power, only run one though

Hour of Reckoning can be super fun for these decks

Druid's Deliverance is a godsend sometimes, fog and populate

Rootborn Defenses is right along the same lines

A good sideboard might be Luminarch Ascension


And Ajani Goldmane + Elspeth Tirel are basically necessary for token decks with white.


Also just as a helpful hint, try to have a minimum of one land for every two non-land cards you have. 20 is the bare minimum, but I've seen up to 25 used effectively. Lands are cheaper than artifacts that act as lands, plus they are less likely to be destroyed.

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This is my main deck its not to hard to figure out but it is complected and not for tournaments. I call it my mry deck, and it's fast and can mess with an opponent. I built it to show how powerful an artifact deck can be. It may not be the best artifact deck out their, but i am satisfied with it.


70 Cards


Lands 21

Creatures 26

Enchantments 3

Sorcery 1

Planeswalkers 2

Artifacts 17



seat of the synod x4

temple of the fales god x2

vault of whispers x2

ancient den x3

buried ruin x2

haunted fengraft x1

rupture spire x1

orzhov basilica x1

azorius chancery x1

plains x2

swamp x2



tempered steel x1

curse of echoes x1

conspiracy x1



shape anew x1



tezzeret the seeker x1

tezzeret agent of bolas x1



sol ring x4

mirrorworks x2

myr matrix x1

myr turbine x1

myr reservoir x1

elixir of immortality x1

unwinding clock x1

clock of omens x1

scourglass x1

time sieve x1

darksteel forge x1

mindslaver x1

akroma's memorial x1



indomitable archangel x1

myr galvanizer x4

myr battlesphere x4

platinum emperion x1

memnarch x1

bringer of the white dawn x1

gold myr x1

alloy myr x1

palladium myr x1

leaden myr x1

silver myr x1

shimmer myr x1

myr enforcer x1

lodestone myr x1

myr propagator x1

myr welder x1

myr superion x1

kuldotha forgemaster x2

platinum angel x1

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