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Pepsi or Coke?

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Now are we talking just Coke and Pepsi or all Coke and Pepsi products? If it's the first then I prefer Pepsi, Coke is too acidic for me, it burns going down. If we're talking all sodas owned by Coke and Pepsi then I prefer Sprite, RC, and Vanilla Coke (tastes less acidic to me than regular Coke) to Pepsi products. Especially Mountain Dew. I despise Mountain Dew because it's acidic taste is even worse than Coke's.

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I actually remember taking the "PEPSI CHALLENGE" years ago, and I could instantly tell the difference and picked COKE anyway becuase I preferred it.  I find COKE to be more Carbonated than PEPSI.  PEPSI often tastes FLAT to me.



COKE 100%



However I rarely drink then anymore.  If I have a soda at all, it's Pepsi's Sierra Mist with REAL Sugar.  No High Fructose Corn Syrup OR Artificial Sweeteners go into my body.  :2cool:

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