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A send off to my encodes

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Hey I used to run a small site for psp encodes for anime here. However it seems like DMCA has lached onto the site and wont let go. I was maybe hopping to do one last ditch effort and toss all my encodings in one topic on here either in the small encoding section or just down at the botton here. I would keep the first post for whats there and where's it at and the rest of the posts would be my encodings. I just wanted to share all of it one last time. I don't think I'd be adding new stuff but idk for sure how I'll feel when I finsih. I wanted to get an ok by someone before randomly doing it and it getting removed. I understand if it's a no go, since it's not exactly within the rules but I thought I'd ask.


Thanks for your time.

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Yeah i think it'll be ok for you to do that Wake. You're probably better off posting it in the ipod/PSP section though, threads in the bottom part of the Anime Downloads section are viewable by guests, bots, etc and the links might get taken down quicker if posted there.

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