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    • By MazenBrock
      Two cartoon shows I remember fondly are Oh Yeah! Cartoons and What a Cartoon.
      I'm grateful of the pilots and shorts that made it into a full series, but both of these cartoon anthologies had quite a few shorts that I wish got their own show.
      The What a Cartoon shorts I wish got their own series include Swamp and Tad: Mission Imfrogable (about two alien frogs who go to Earth to retrieve a package for their king) and Major Flake (about an unsuccessful breakfast cereal mascot with a French accent).
      The Oh Yeah! Cartoons shorts I wish were as successful as The Fairly OddParents, My Life as a Teenage Robot, and ChalkZone include The Feelers (a short by ChalkZone co-creator Bill Burnett about a rock band of anthropomorphic insects), Jelly's Day (a series of shorts about a purple-skinned girl visited in every episode by one of her eccentric relatives), and Planet Kate (an 11-minute short about a young girl who befriends some alien dogs who intend to search for the ruins of an ancient city).
      I'd like others participating in this thread to talk about any shorts from Oh Yeah! Cartoons and What a Cartoon that they think deserved their own series.
    • By PowerBen10
      Go to this News link:http://www.denofgeek.com/us/tv/static-shock/262534/static-shock-season-2-coming-to-dvd
      Is this true???

    • By Dae314

      To the most complicated forum game on the internet! Epic Forum RPG Battle Royale (name not final) is a cross between the typical short post forum game and the more complicated but ultimately more rewarding world of Role Play. Train yourself in 5 challenging games and then pit your own personalized character against the horde (or small group) of combatants in the arena. Know the joy of calling flying sharks down from the clouds to eat your "friends" from around the forum, of creating alliances held together by the fraying threads of trust only to be the first to back-stab a member, of desperately clawing your way to victory only to have a moldy lion zombie strike you down out of nowhere, and finally of then waking up with a brand new shiny frozen walrus club in your hand. This is your life, this is your arena, come here and make a name for yourself among the strong, the weak, and the clinically insane!

      But first, READ THE RULES. Breaking rules will cause me much grief which I will repay you with kindly at your most desperate hour. Obiwan Kenobi cannot save you from my wrath.

      To aid you on your journey I offer you THREE things:

      1) The Player Sheet download it, learn to use it, learn to love it. All the equations are programmed in there already so YOU don't have to worry so much about all those equations you totally read about in the rules. Also, don't forget to check out the awesome sauce shop sheet with automatic item and spell look-up. You're welcome.

      2) A hint for making posts easier. Copy and paste this template:

      Level – 0

      Str – [b]100[/b] = (100 + 0) * 1
      Int – [b]100[/b] = (100 + 0) * 1
      Dex – [b]100[/b] = (100 + 0) * 1
      Spd – [b]100[/b] = (100 + 0) * 1
      Luk – [b]100[/b] = (100 + 0) * 1
      Total – [b]500[/b]

      HP – [b]600/600[/b] = 600 * 1
      Magic – [b]300[/b] = 300 * 1
      Hit – [b]250[/b] = 250 * 1
      Dodge – [b]250[/b] = 250 * 1

      Items –

      Exp – 0 => [b]10[/b]

      Into a new text file. Once you've created your character update it with all your information. Now whenever you post all you need to do is copy and paste the info from the text file into the top of your post. Just remember to keep all the information up to date (specifically HP and EXP).

      3) ME!!!! As a gesture of goodwill, I give the first player a free shot at yours truly to kick things off. Don't waste it.

      Now, let the game begin!

      Note: This is a first time pilot run for the game. I have never hosted this game before, and I don't know how things will turn out. If there are errors anywhere, or if you have suggestions for how to improve the game I'd love to hear them (not in the thread though, PM me). If this run seems to go without issues I will let it continue. If there are game stopping issues or imbalances, I will call an end to the pilot run and rework the rules for a possible second try. Have fun!