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Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Bride

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Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Bride is a sequel to the serious Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Girls.
It started airing April 5, 2013 and will be 12 episodes long.
Ideal fansub group: FFFansubs. They release a new episode late Friday night.
Alright!  Up to this point we are on episode 4.  So we'll start the discussion from there.
Episode 4:
So we have the return of Gitan.  I don't remember a whole lot about her from the last season.  She's one of those I'm hitting on you and I know types.  I guess she lost her eye powers like Juubei lost her master samurai powers.


The return of Gitan!!!


Juubei is such a cutie o3o


What could be greater than a kiss!?!?


Oh wait Gitan actually wants to save Juubei. I guess she isn't so bad after all!


Another twist to the plot! Will Juubei become a master samurai again? How long will Gitan be without her eye powers? Guess we'll find out eventually.

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Episode 5:

So any other anime this would be considered a "beach" episode... Well not Samurai Bride. The girls throw a contest called the M-1 Grand Prix to find the number 1 maid cafe on campus. In the end, it's the main girls vs. the dark samurai (lol who else?) but they each joined for their own reasons. Mainly to spy on each other.


I want to compete in the sleeping contest. :(


Best pickup line ever.


Hmmm... Some of that "spying" I was talking about. What did she see?


Lol I loved this reaction.


T-Tentacle monster???


Oh snap! Juubei actually snapped! She seemed to have gotten her powers back. Yay!

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Alright guys so episode 7 and onward should be on the newsletter, so you can find them there. :)

Episode 6:

So that video footage from the M-1 stuff turned out to be this concept called "Qi". That is why the Evil Samurai are so powerful. We get a new character, Maeda Keiji, who is able to teach Qi. She disguises herself and is able to train Juubei to start mastering Qi. Only downside is that Juubei can't return to normal!!!


Today's word of the day: Qi!


Dat Troll Face. (⊙ω⊙)


Our new character, Maeda Keiji, appears!


It appears our new character is sexist and doesn't like it when guys touch her. So much for the complete harem. :(


The way she says "Onii-chan" in her Master Samurai voice. o3o

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It's pretty good for me, but I think others are disappointed in it lol.  There's a lot more ecchi scenes and people found it weird when they focused so much on the maid cafe stuff.  Luckily this last episode they seem to be getting a little more serious.  They closed down the cafe and seem to be getting on with things.  The art style is still beautiful like the previous season though so that should be enough to give it a try.  Also Kanetsugu has become the comic relief this time around and I find her hilarious.

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Hows it going so far? Im really excited to start this but I need to finish a couple of other shows first. >_<


Oooo excitement x3

This is so exciting :D I've already placed an order myself! 

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