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Kametsu High School Soccer Club [story]

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Awesome chapters! Soccer's one of my favourite sports so thank you Dan for writing this one! I hope you will continue to write it till the end  :ewhz:  and thank you for your nice comment about me being a loyal reader.

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Awesome I love how me and dark are badass lol and Chris getting in my way like that. I'm excited to see what happens next.


Excellent work Dan keep it up.

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Sorry for the delay, just returned to college this week. Anyway, this is more a set up chapter for the big match tomorrow.


Chapter 4: Preparations


Coach Martinez was pleased as he sat at the head of the table. taking in the eager faces of the members of his club. They were all obviously excited to be a part of the team, and he too was delighted at the fact that Axel was willing to play.



'Well, it's a pleasant surprise to see you willing to play for us Axel. Thank you very much,' he smiled at the second year. Chris snorted.



'No offence buddy, but who in the hell are you? And what makes you so special that you can just walk into the first team without a trial?' he asked, annoyance clear in his voice.



'Chris!' protested Coach Martinez.



'No Coach, he has a fair point.' said Axel, calmly. 'My name is Axel and I was formerly the captain of Kametsu Middle School, the best team in the district. I also made the national under 15 team, before I stopped playing. You guys inspired me to take part again. I hope you don't disappoint me Chris.' he explained, smiling broadly.



Chris snorted again. But before he could say anything, Danny interjected.



'It's nice to meet you Axel, I look forward to playing with you. Just hope you don't disappoint us,' he smiled.



'Okay, that's enough of that for now. Let's get down to the main order of business. We have a friendly match against Balamb High on Friday, two days from now,' said Javier.



'Balamb High? Any good? asked Apollo.



'Yep, we played them in my freshman year.' answered Breathless before the coach could speak. 'We won 3-2, but they were a pretty decent team. Quite a handful.'



'Do you remember their midfielder Breathless?' inquired Javier.



Breathless laughed.



'Of course I do. I'm not likely to forget him. He's massive. Well over 6 foot, stocky. But he was really skillful too. He ripped our team apart time after time before he got tired. We were lucky not to concede more in the first half. He scored both their goals.'



'Lucky? Don't be so modest! You made some amazing saves!' laughed Javier. 'It's one of your best performances to this day,'



'Well, yeah, I was pretty happy with my performance,' he grinned.



'Anyway, his name is Adam Rivers. He's now in his third year and is their captain. The rest of the team is pretty average, but Adam's a national level player. Already been scouted by a few top English teams. It's a friendly, and I just wanna see how we'll do up against a player of his class.' explained the Coach.



He was happy to see that most of his team seemed reasonably confident, although a couple of the first years were nervous.



'Me and Apollo have had a chat earlier today and we've mostly picked the starting 11. We'll line up in a 4-4-1-1 formation. Breathless in goal, Shane and Jay centre backs, Chris left back, Lynn right midfield, Axel left, Apollo and Jeff in the middle with Danny behind George who's the striker. You'll notice I've left the right back position free but that's only because I want to have another look at you guys in training . For now, that's it and I expect you to see you all tomorrow. I've picked you guys, but I have no idea how you'll play in a real game so training is crucial. Enjoy the rest of your day and stay ready for tomorrow.'



'Yes Coach!' answered the players in unison.





The training session had been intense and Apollo was satisfied. The freshmen had looked very good, Danny and Chris in particular. He and the coach were both worried about the right back position though. If worse came to the worse, then Lynn would have to play there and IP would start on the right side. However, given IP's lack of experience, Apollo didn't think that would be such a good idea. No, what they needed was another player. Someone experienced and talented enough to play right back. He sighed. The rest of the team looked so good, it was a huge shame that they were missing that one piece of the jigsaw.


'Apollo!' called a voice from behind.


Apollo turned to see Lynn rushing towards him.

'Hey Lynn, what's up?' he asked, surprised by her urgency.


'I think I can solve our right back problem,' answered Lynn, although she didn't seemed too convinced by her words.


'Oh really? How?!' demanded Apollo.


Lynn took a deep breath.


'There's this girl in the first year. We played together in middle school, she was pretty good. Made it into one of the the Kametsu Youth teams and everything.' she said.


Apollo gasped.

'Then what's the problem?' he asked.


'Well. She's dangerous. She's very aggressive and she injured a lot of the other girls. Maybe playing with boys she'll be fine but last I heard she'd given up soccer. Apparently she sees it as a soft sport.' explained Lynn.


'Well our soft reputation isn't gonna help with that,' he sighed. 'Do you think you could persuade her?'


'To be honest, I doubt it. We never really got on in the past. Maybe I could eventually, but definitely not for tomorrow.'


'Hmm, what's her name?'


'Kinara,' replied Lynn.


Apollo thought for a minute.

'Okay, well take Chris with you tomorrow, see if he can help,'


'Why Chris?' asked Lynn.


'He's seems a confrontational guy, maybe he'll be able to persuade her of our toughness,' laughed Apollo, with no humor in his voice. The things they did for soccer.



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haha I wanna get down to the match too, gonna be fun to write! And yeah trying to give all the characters a bit of screen time to build them up. Personally, its been so long since I've wrote I actually think my writings been a bit weak. Hopefully im improving bit by bit. id be interested to know what some of you guys who've read my old stuff think about it.

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Lol, sorry for laughing when I read the chapter, Rune! I kinda felt I was going to make an entrance here and bang! Enter Kinara, the tough girl (I'm laughing as I type this)! You've done an awesome job with the chapter and I can't wait for the Big Match! I do hope it's filled with a lot of soccer action! 

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Any moves or terms you don't understand, ask me!


Chapter 5: The Match- Part One


Adam Rivers towered over Apollo. He was huge, well muscled with broad shoulders and an easy, disarming smile on his face. His hand was outstretched and Apollo took it, shaking it politely.


'Apollo I presume, I've heard all about you,' he smiled. Apollo was taken aback by the easy going and relaxed attitude of the big man, completely at odds with his hulking frame.


'Can't imagine you've heard much. You yourself have an um large reputation,' replied Apollo, hesitantly. To his relief, Adam roared with laughter.


'You guys can start, let's have a good game,' he chortled, slapping Apollo on the back and walking back towards his team. Apollo stood staring at him, surprised at his relaxed demeanor.


He turned back towards his own team, his mind going over the selection. Lynn and Chris hadn't been successful in their attempt to recruit Kinara, she had laughed in their faces and ignored all their attempts. Because of that, they'd had to move Lynn back to right back, with IP on the right side of attack.


He walked up to the team that awaited him.


'We're kicking off,' he said to the Coach, who nodded in response.


'Right,' said Javier, clapping his hands together. The team immediately stopped what they were doing and looked at him.

'This may only be a friendly, but we're up against a really great player. This'll be a very good test for later on in the season when we go up against the very best teams. Good luck out there, I'm not looking for a perfect performance, but go and impress me all the same.'


'YES COACH,' responded the team, enthusiastically. Javier smiled.


'Let's go Bears!' he cried, the team's now traditional yet somewhat basic rallying call.


As the players took the field, the Kametsu students roared their support, startling the opposition players. Kametsu got their nickname more from their fans than their players, something that the spooked Balamb High players were clearly finding out. All apart from Adam Rivers, who with a large grin plastered on his face, looked incredibly relaxed. Danny and George stood in the center circle as the referee blew his whistle, signalling the start of the match.




Danny received the ball from George and immediately tapped it back to Apollo. The captain controlled it and with languid ease lofted it out wide to the left for Axel to gather. The winger's touch was effortless and he looked up to see the opposition right back running tentatively towards him. He waited for his opponent to get close before passing it sharply to his right for Danny.


The freshman knew exactly what his teammate wanted and played an inch perfect return pass that got Axel in behind his marker. Axel smiled. Too easy, he thought.


Suddenly, Adam appeared, taking the ball off Axel's toe and running clear of the stunned winger.


Danny ran to cover him but Adam ran threw him like a bulldozer.


'Shit,' swore Apollo, aware of the dangerous situation his team were now in. 'Jeff, pick him up!' he yelled.


Jeff complied, approaching Adam cautiously. The big midfield player stopped.


'Close him down!' shrieked Javier from the sidelines, realising what was about to happen. Unfortunately for him, Jeff didn't have the same awareness, and so he could only stand and watch as Adam drillled an outrageous 45 yard that split the defence open. Fortunately for Kametsu, Adam's teammate just wasn't fast enough to catch it before it drifted out of play. However, it had taken just a couple of minutes for Adam to show just how good he was.


Breathless punted the ball down field from the goalkick.


'Get it together Kametsu! barked Coach Martinez from the touchline.




The next 20 minutes passed without incident, with Kametsu dominating possession but being stopped by the efforts of Adam Rivers every time they tried to get into the danger area. One man was keeping them at bay and that one man had nearly scored 5 minues ago. A powerful shot from the edge of the box that had crashed against the crossbar with Breathless watching on hopelessly.


' Lynn to me,' called Apollo. Lynn complied, passing the ball to her captain. Apollo looked up with dismay. Axel and Danny were both tightly marked, as was George. IP only had one man watching him, but every time they passed to him he lost the ball. Cursing, he passed the ball sideways to Chris instead. The left back confidently advanced, dribbling up the pitch as the Balamb High players focused on defending and left him alone.


Chris smiled. He found the lack of opposition insulting. Guess I'll have to do something special, he thought.


He accelerated, entering the Balamb High half, and a defender came out to meet him.


'Pass it,' called Jeff, away to his right. Chris ignored the shout and continued his advance. As his opponent came closer, Chris knocked it through his legs, before bursting past him. Almost immediately, Adam was there, chasing towards the loose ball.


'Chris pass!' roared Axel. The freshman ignored Axel too. He got to the ball before Adam and out of nowhere, conjured up a magical roulette spin on the ball, spinning past a stunned Adam. The crowd gasped, before screaming his name.


Chris now found himself just outside the opposition box, with two opponents charging at him. Now he passed, fizzing the ball into Danny, who controlled it and stood with his back to goal. The defender marking him smiled, thinking that he had Danny trapped. Unfortunately for him, Chris had carried his run on, and Danny had spotted him, so he backheeled the ball through the defenders legs, sending Chris away, one on one with the goalkeeper.


With supreme confidence and composure, Chris slotted the ball into the bottom corner, and the fans erupted.


Grinning, he turned back to the rest of his team mates and high fived Danny, before casually jogging back to his position as chants of 'Chris' filled the ground.


On the sidelines, Javier Martinez shook his head in disbelief.


'These freshmen,' he muttered.


On the pitch, Adam looked surprised too, his easy going smile replaced with an inquisitive frown. He asked Apollo,


'Who is he? I've never heard of him. Or the forward who passed it.'

'They're freshmen. I've never seen them in a real game either,' replied Apollo, awe in his voice.


Adam whistled.

'Looks like this match will be pretty fun!'

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I'll admit, that play went well, but the lack of teamwork near the end was a little depressing imho. But well written. Nice work Dan.

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The match is coming along :) along with the story. I wonder just how good the team will be this year, looking forward to reading me!

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It took me a night and a day but I'm caught up and quite impressed! I know absolutely nothing about soccer (besides that my Bermudan roommate always yelled at me if I didn't call it football) and my entire knowledge of the British educational system comes from Harry Potter (so I probably know more about soccer. . .), but you tell your story well and even in the technical sporty bits I feel like I'm getting it, so good job for sure.

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Thanks for the nice comments guys, think my quality's gradually improving too, so it's looking good. As for what you said about the lack of teamwork Axel, I do agree, but I just wanted to show the quality the freshmen have. It'll be a lot more realistic in future chapters! Anyway, the next chapter won't be out for about a week due to the stress of studying for my upcoming exams, a university place is at risk :(. Just thought I'd give you guys a heads up, I appreciate you all!

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Yeah good luck for your exams! Hope you ace them! 

This chapter contained a lot of soccer action so it was a great read. A little bit of character development is needed to understand the characters better but you're doing a good job so far, so keep writing!

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Chapter 6: The Match- Part 2


The rest of the half followed the prior script. Kametsu High ran circles around their opponents, but were unable to find that second goal and so when they went off for half time, Chris' magnificent effort was the difference between the two teams.


'That Adam guy is too good,' complained Danny, stretching. Chris snorted.

'Guess he wasn't good enough for us though,' he grinned, arrogance personified. Danny shook his head, Chris' cockiness was ridiculous at times.


'Alright team, listen up. That was a pleasing first half, we're clearly better. However, I'm a bit concerned with our tempo, we're playing a bit slowly and it's making it easy for them to get their men between us and the goal' said Javier, calmly. Chris laughed.


'We're way better, just give me the ball and I'll rip them apart!' he bragged. Danny shook his head again.


'Relax Chris, if you keep charging forward you'll leave holes in the defence. We play a team game, there's no room for selfish players,' warned Javier.

'They aren't good enough to take advantage of the gaps i'd leave,' retorted Chris.


Breathless laughed and Chris turned to him, frowning.

'Don't get cocky kid,' said the senior. 'Adam's been defending, if he decides to attack, you'll be eating your words,' he said.


'But if he attacks, it'll give us more space to do the same,' chipped in Apollo, looking thoughtful.

'Exactly!' chuckled Chris. 'Nothing to worry about,' he said.


'But,' interjected Lynn. 'We're all assuming that they don't have anyone else. I was watching carefully, and they haven't played any of their freshmen.'

Javier smiled, they could always rely on the ultra-observant Lynn.


'Lynn's right. We are playing well, and we should win, but we cannot be complacent. I want a clean sheet, no goals against. Discipline and composure is important. Go out there and see this out,' he ordered firmly.


'YES COACH!' came the reply from the majority of his team, bar Chris who grunted dismissively.




As they re-entered the pitch, Lynn's observations were vindicated as two freshmen came on, replacing the right midfielder and the striker. Strangely, the substitute striker went into midfield, with Adam taking the position as the spearhead of Balamb High's attack.


'COME ON BEARS!' shrieked their largely female fanbase, drawing slight smiles from the Kametsu team.


The match restarted, Adam passing the ball to the freshman that took his position. The substitute immediately fired the ball out to the right side. Chris grinned as he intercepted it, and embarked on another run.


'Pass Chris!' yelled Apollo. Ignoring his captain, Chris ran at the other substitute, nonchalantly knocking it past him. To his surprise however, the substitute recovered and intercepted the ball, knocking it through Chris's legs, before bursting past the stunned left back.


'Back!' roared Apollo as the winger steamed forward. He was too fast, easily outstripping the Kametsu defence. Within a handful of strides, he entered the Kametsu penalty area, bearing down on Breathless. The senior reacted sharply, quickly coming off his line and narrowing the angle. The freshman clearly lacked the composure to go with his speed, blasting the ball straight at Breathless who made a good block. The loose ball dribbled out towards Jay, the defender turning and passing it to Apollo. The captain passed it to Jeff, his midfield partner feeding it into Danny's feet. Standing on the halfway line, Danny looked up and found himself faced with two defenders.


The freshman smiled. 'You aren't the only team with a fast winger,' he thought as he launched a long cross field pass out to the right side.


IP raced after it, his eagerness to impress outweighing his lack of experience. The ball looked like it was too long as it hit the ground, still 10 yards ahead of IP. However, instead of running out of play, the ball stopped, and span backwards, drawing stunned gasps from everyone present.


'What a pass,' spluttered Axel as he jogged towards the penalty area. The backspin on the ball allowed IP to collect it, and he sprinted into the box.


Faced with the keeper, he remembered the advice the Coach had given him, to aim the ball hard and low into the bottom far left corner. Taking a breath to steady himself, IP let fly, his powerful shot flying past the goalkeeper.


Unfortunately, his accuracy was just off, and the shot crashed against the post. More fortunately, Axel had anticipated the movement of the ball, and was on hand to tap it into the empty net.


The fans erupted as Axel high fived IP, a broad smile spread across his face.




Axel's goal proved to be the end of Balamb High's resistance, as Adam Rivers went off five minutes later, explaining to Apollo that he was still in rehabilitation for a troublesome knee injury. Apollo himself scored the third goal, a finely placed finish from just inside the area after Axel had left two defenders in a daze. Balamb nearly scored a consolation near the end, as Chris was again beaten by the substitute winger, his shot once more being blocked by Breathless. However, there was an air of satisfaction about Javier as he addressed his players in the changing room after the game.


'It was a good performance in that second half, 3-0 against Balamb High is a very good result. I think we all learnt a few lessons today,' he started, smiling as Danny nudged and grinned at Chris.' But don't let this get to your heads, Adam was clearly unfit and we struggled against him in the first half. I also want to work on stamina and fitness, we ran out of steam towards the end. However. I want to say well done to you all. We played well, and we've got a good team coming along. I'll have a notice up tomorrow, regarding training and our next match. Oh and Apollo, visit my office tomorrow, we need to discuss the upcoming Regional tournament draw. As for the rest of you, get home safe, get some rest, and I'll see you at school!'


'YES COACH!' replied his tired, but happy squad, satisfied with their first match together, and looking forward to the hopefully glorious days ahead.

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