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Anime & Manga what is your favorite part?

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Like the title asks, what is your favorite part? Like beginning, middle, end? My favorite is always the ending, don't get me wrong there are some terrible endings but often you get see where all your favortie characters end up and life as we know it just moves on.


So here is my question what is your favorite part in Anime or Manga and what Anime or Manga was it that had your favorite part? You might need spoiler tags for some of them.


My favorite endings

Trigun: Vash beating his brother and seemingly sparring his life and deciding to live by his own philosophy just great.

Cowboy Bebop: I have to re-watch the ending but Spike pulling off one last "Bang" before falling is just timeless.

Yu-Yu Hakusho: Its ends with Yusuke coming home and you get to see an over view where the team is, Kurama on earth with Yusuke and Kuwabara and Hiei living it up with that scarry S-class demon chick. I just loved the whole series really.


To be honest this thread probably already exists but my search might have had a different title so... here you go.

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