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SOTW #107: Kingdom Hearts

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Signature of the Week #107
Theme: Kingdom Hearts!


  • All entries are to be submitted by Friday, March 22.
  • Your entry must be related to the chosen theme.
  • Only one entry per participant. However, you may edit your entry until the deadline.
  • Signatures must be your own work.
  • Entries can be in GIF, JPG, JPEG or PNG format, and should be no larger than 600x220 pixels. Animated signatures are allowed.
  • Pre-made signatures are allowed, as long as they have not been used in a past Kametsu competition.
  • In addition to your entry, please also submit a theme idea for next week's competition. Please check the SOTW Themes thread to make sure your theme has not already been used.
  • Please read all Graphical Division Rules and Forum Rules before entering. All rules apply.
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  • All votes are to be submitted by Sunday, March 24.
  • To vote, reply to this thread, listing your top three signatures IN ORDER. First place gets three points, second gets two points, third gets one point; the person with the most points wins.
  • Along with your vote, you may say why you picked the signatures you picked, and/or leave constructive criticism for any entry you wish. Do not feel that you have to, but you may if you want.
  • Keep in mind the theme and the connection between the theme and the signature. Please do not vote for the render/image, but for the OVERALL signature you think looks best.
  • Avoid favoritism.
  • You may not vote for yourself.



Sally - Fit the theme the best.
Bob - Text could have been better.
Anna - Render placement was a little off.
















Edited by poetictragedy

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First Place



Second Place

Dreamcastor Rei


Third Place



Point breakdown:
poetictragedy - 16

Dreamcastor - 14
Loki - 13

firedogx10 - 7

ogromm - 4

Edited by poetictragedy

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