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SOTW #98: Marvel [Results]

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Signature of the Week #98

This week's theme, as chosen by poetictragedy: Marvel!

This theme includes any characters from the Marvel universe (games, comics, movies, etc.).

Please read all

Graphical Division rules before entering.

Entry deadline: Friday, December 21

Voting deadline: Sunday, December 23

Edited by poetictragedy

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I had trouble deciding on this one. I originally wanted to use Rogue..seeing as she was my favorite from X-Men, but I came across Black Cat (aka Felicia Hardy) and I was hooked into using her. Hope you all like it. Never been into Marvel until they started making their Marvel movies...Iron Man being my favorite. Come to think of it...Minkseru and I have a lot of the Marvel Movies...LOL


Theme: Mortal Kombat

Edited by Dreamcastor

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theme: post apocalyptic

It's a wonderful sig. Love the shield! The only thing I can point out is that if you could somehow give the background some more detail it would look more super! Like some building's pieces falling down etc etc

Will love to see your more works!

I really liked Firedog's, but I couldn't vote for it in good faith since it's technically too big (500x300, as compared to the max height of 220 stated in the rules).

Everyone did a fantastic job~

I think the oversize is due to the pop-out effect of the sig and that is the reason not many could see that the sig was oversized including myself. :P

Sometimes rules can be mended, agree? I'm voting for fire and if we can't vote for him then my vote should go to poetictragedy. :)

Edited by spidey5443

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Oh cool the poll is still open! (Been away from the computer for a few days)

I too voted for firedog. The 3D effect is cool. I mean any second now I'm going to be hit upside the head by that shield I just know it!

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Thanks to everyone who participated in this week's competition, voters and designers alike! Here are the results:

1st Place, with 8 votes [53.33%]


2nd Place, with 3 votes [20.00%]


3rd Place, with 2 votes [13.33%]

Honorable Mentions

Next week's theme, as chosen by firedogx10, is Post-Apocalyptic!

Stay tuned for SOTW #99!

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