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Some YGO card tips

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For some draw speed use cards like One day of peace, Hand destruction and Destiny Hero - Deffender with the infinite trap card Appropriate. Appropriate lets you draw 2 cards each time your opponent draws outside of their draw phase. The above cards are great ideas for an Exodia deck.

A tip for Evil Heroes: The only elemental Heroes you need to summon any of the Evil hero fusions are Avian and Clayman and as the sub use Versago. Versago becomes any fusion material monster but the rest must be correct in addition since its evil Heroes he is a fiend lv3 works with tour guide and can also be fused to make Dark Gaia.

-In addition to the Evil Hero tip you can add 2 rescue rabbits into the build seeing as Avian is a normal lv3 and clayman is a normal lv4.

Maybe everyone already knows this but here is a call of the haunted tip: Special summon the monster of your choosing and use it for xyz summon or a synchro, call of the haunted wont leave the field since the monster was not destroyed and if you synchro a scrap dragon you can target your call of the haunted and a card your opponent controls to gain field advantage.

-In a ddition to scrap dragon you can also targt a zenmain you control to activate its effect and destroy 2 cards your opponent control.

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