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Funny anime suggestions?

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I've seen quite a few funny amines but was wondering if you could suggest some that i possibly haven't seen.

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Angel Densetsu! Definietely Ange Densetsu! It's old (1996?) so it's visuals aren't so great but my god how I laughed at it. some trivia, it's original mangaka is Norihiro Nagi - the same person that wrote claymore! you'll see a lot of the same character designs! (guess that doesn't really count as trivia haha)

I can't think of any other funny ones at the moment. I'll come again if I remember any!

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Back again! Just remembered Lucky Star! and Minami-Ke! They're quite funny, but a bit random. Haruhi is kind of humurous too, and I'd like to reccomend Yakitate Japan!! but... It just derails further and further into some kind of strange creation. :|

And I'd agree with Boink for Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu. Haven't seen the other two so can't comment on those.

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FLCL, it is completely bizzarre, but I liked it and it has a lot of funny moments, the side-down is that it is only a couple episodes long, but that's probably a good thing because it would become too much after a while.

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Binbougami Ga - This was actually pretty funny with dragonball Z and other show reference

B Gata H Kei - I originally watched it in Jap. Tried to watch it in Eng but didn't find it as funny.

Yuru Yuri

Desert Punk - Hardly anyone goes on about this but i thought it was actually funny.

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I would suggest Baka to Test. I really am not a fan of funny but this was a greatly funny one and I loved it. Ouran Host is another funny one.

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:P This is a really random one, but, try out Level E.

I remember reading the manga a few years ago and it was unexpectedly hilarious. It's about an alien prince who cash lands on Earth and tries to fit in with humans.

I kinda forgot the rest of the story though, so maybe I should go re-read it.

Another good on is Arakawa Uner the Bridge.

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