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How about a suggestions button???

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gamestop powerup rewards has a suggestions button for games that you liked and games that you might like. except for this site you could base the suggestions on content that we follow. its a pretty good idea, i think.

Thank You.

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Are you suggesting a system where anime is automatically suggested to you? An automatic version of the recommendations subforum?

I think that would require data harvesting (which might bother some security-minded people) and quite a bit of programming. I don't know if any plugins exist for that.

As far as forum content goes, at the end of most every thread, it usually lists similar threads, usually threads with at least one of the same tags. A less creepy way would be making sure people make full use of the tag system. Tagging series with what studio they came from, applicable genre tags, audio tags, &c.

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and yet despite these *words* on a screen they come from a real human being yes? a real human being typed them down as if he/she intended to speak them while this is traditionally not what you call human interaction i assure you i am not a machine therefore my words on the screen count as human interaction because i type these words as if i mean to speak them, thats why such a button will not exist

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