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Un-named Hunger Games Fanfic

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Dunno what to call it haha :3 Yes, I used my name :) All others are purely fiction. All rights go to Suzanne Collins for the original Hunger Games trilogy. This might not be the full thing yet, l will be going over it when Im done and adding, deleting, editing, etc.. I havent finished Chapter Four but I thought I might post it anyways, same with Five.



When the nation once known as North America lost in the fight against the Capitol, a new revolution was born.

The Capitol is the leading city of Panem, where the government take refuge and rule the nation.

As punishment of losing the battle, 24 citizens of Panem, 2 from each of the 1-12 districts would fight to the death in a computerized arena, slaying one another, and producing the final survivor, as the victor.

The victor would become prosperous, and secure themselves and their family a house in the victors’ village, a village with beautiful homes made especially for the winners of the Games.

Each year, the 12 districts would prepare themselves for the reaping, a gathering in the centre of each district where the 2 names of the male and female tributes from their district would be announced to the nation of Panem.

The qualifications for being able to be reaped are as follows:

  • The citizen must be 12 years of age or older.
  • There will be a male and female from each district.
  • Citizens must not be victors prior to the event.

The citizens also have a choice to volunteer as a tribute in the place of a reaped tribute.

When a tribute is reaped, they must go through a vast amount of stages before they enter the arena.

They participate in the tribute’s parade, where they are introduced and are displayed to the Capitol, and are interviewed by Caesar Flickerman, and the interview is broadcast live across the nation.

They are put through vigorous training sessions where they are to improve their skills prior to entering the arena.

Tributes will show their best skill to the game makers in order to show the game makers their strengths and weaknesses, thus helping the game makers develop a highly challenging arena.

Every 25 Games there is what we call a Quarter Quell. These Games are the same annual Games, but with a twist. This could be two victors, or two of the victors getting reaped instead, or some other twist.

The Hunger Games is the ultimate sacrifice from each district, as their representatives try to make Panem history, and win the Games.

There are innocent people dying. There’s poverty in every district. But the Capitol doesn’t care. That is their job. Rule, take over and restrict.

Destroy, and kill.

Chapter One – The First Reaping: District 1

“Our first tribute from District 1 is...” Effie placed her hand inside the glass ball to her left, and clawed around, about to pick up the slip of paper that would confirm which District 1 citizen that would have to fight to the death in the upcoming annual Games.

Effie pulled a single slip of paper out of the bowl and licked her lips, ready to tell the whole of Panem the next family’s child that death was going to claim as its own.

The crowd were still and silent, frozen with fear. Who would be next? Would it be them who had to enter the arena this year?

“Shaynae McNally!”

“What in the name of...” came a voice from behind her. “No! No! My daughter, Shaynae, my daughter! She’s only young! She doesn’t deserve to be slaughtered by strangers! No!” Screams of plead came from Shaynae’s mother as the Peace Keepers arrived at Shaynae’s side, ready to escort her up to the stage next to Effie.

“No!” Shaynae’s mother screamed from behind her, clawing through the crowd, trying to reach her child.

Why doesn’t she just volunteer? Thought Shaynae as she took the first step up onto the stage. She is so sad just to lose me and she’s screaming and thrashing about but she won’t volunteer. Shaynae grimaced and fought back tears as she walked over to stand next to Effie.

“Oh my! Oh my! What a beautiful young lady from 1!” Effie screeched out to the crowd, as she extended her hand around Shaynae’s shoulders.

Thanks; shame that it won’t last for too long. Thought Shaynae as tears began to roll down her cheeks.

Sobs came from the crowd as Effie asked if there were any volunteers to stand in Shaynae’s place.

Nobody screamed out “I volunteer!” or “Me!” or “I will take her place!” and Shaynae felt alone, as if she didn’t know any of these people. This District was her family, the people who she had grown up with since she was born.

She was the little cheerful 12 year old girl that the District would throw free bread at, give her flowers and spoil her with rare gifts. Now, these people seemed like strangers to her. The lady at the bakery stood silently in the corner, watching Shaynae with a glum look on her face, showing no sadness, or anger. The elderly man from the trading hall who gave her toffees every day since she was little- despite how poor he was-, stood up the front, staring with big blue eyes at the screen to Shaynae’s left side, where there was a better view of Shaynae’s petite little face and Effie’s big, make-up caked face and her puffy blonde wig.

Shaynae felt as if she was stranger to them! Was she just... a fad? Was she nothing to these people of her district? She considered them as family, as her friends. They were all so kind to her, yet not one of them volunteered in her place. She was disgusted.

“Hello? The Capitol is calling to Shaynae McNally!” Effie cooed in Shaynae’s ear.

Shaynae had been too lost in her sad thoughts that she hadn’t been paying any attention to what Effie was saying!

“Huh?” Shaynae replied.

“Oh dear!” Effie laughed a fake laugh into the crowd, “Our tribute has hearing problems!” The crowd stayed silent, not feeling the humour.

“Ah well,” Effie sighed, “I’m afraid we don’t have all day! It’s time for our next tribute!”

Effie once again put her hand into the glass bowl and pulled out a slip of paper.

The crowd held their breath.

“Nicholas Turner!” Effie screamed in a high-pitched voice.

No sooner had Effie read out the name when a loud shout came from the middle of the crowd. “I volunteer! I’ll take his place!” A young girl, about 12 years old, stepped out to the front where everyone could see her.

“What was that?” said Effie excitedly as she held out her hand to the girl.

“I said I volunteer.” Spoke the girl as she was helped onto the stage.

The Peace Keepers stepped away from the terrified boy as the girl stood beside Effie.

“And what might your name be, young lady?” spoke Effie through the microphone.


“Hayat what?”

“Harrouk. Hayat Harrouk.”

“What a beautiful name for a beautiful girl! Now, Hayat, please, do tell us. Why did you volunteer to take the place of this... Nicholas?”

“ I...” Hayat muttered.

“Oh, sorry!” Effie grabbed the microphone off its stand and held it right in front of Hayat’s face.

“I volunteered... because I feel sorry for him.”

“We have our first volunteer from District 1 in Panem history! What an outstanding young girl! How old are you, deary?”



“I just said it didn’t I?”

“Wow! This young tribute comes with the good looks and the attitude! What a combination!”

“Whatever.” Hayat replied.

“So, I now present to you, our two tributes from District 1, Shaynae McNally and Hayat Harrouk!”

Effie took both the girls’ arms with each of hers and held them up.

“Now, shake hands.” Effie whispered as she let go of the girls’ hands.

Shaynae looked at Hayat. Hayat looked at Shaynae. Hayat held out her hand as Shaynae looked up, and they shook hands. They both let go as they turned to the crowd, and plastered a fake smile on their lips.

A roar erupted from the crowd and Effie stood on the side of the stage clapping enthusiastically.

Everyone in the crowd was happy. But they weren’t happy for Shaynae and Hayat, they were happy for themselves. They had survived this year’s reaping. They were safe. They weren’t the ones who had to risk their lives and kill others in an arena of death. They weren’t the ones who had to leave their family and possibly never return to them. Those people were lucky.

Shaynae and Hayat stepped back, and gave each other a sad smile. This was the first step of their journey as tributes in The 76th annual Hunger Games.

Chapter Two – The Second Reaping: District 2

“Well, here we happen to be again, dear citizens of Panem!” Effie spoke loudly into the microphone. “We are here in District 2 for the second reaping for the 76th annual Hunger Games! Now, let us begin! So, ladies first, as always!” Effie reached into the glass bowl to her left and pulled out a slip of paper, smiling at the crowd over-enthusiastically.

“Oh this is going to be so exciting!”

Effie jumped up and down in delight and her heels clacked loudly against the concrete floor of the stage. She unfolded the paper, and there it was.

“Laura Burke!”

Oh. Laura thought as she stood in the middle of the crowd. All of the sudden it was just her and her family and a wide space around her, where fellow citizens of District 2 had cleared a walkway for the Peace Keepers to arrive and collect Laura.

“Out of the way!” called the Peace Keepers as they made their way past a few stray citizens.

Mum? Tarlee? Corey? Volunteer for me you cowards! Thought Laura angrily as the Peace Keepers grabbed her around the arms and hoisted her above their shoulders.

“Hey! Get your hands off of me! Let go of me you brutes!” Laura thrashed about in the Peace Keepers’ arms and kicked and bucked trying to get out. “I can walk on my own!”

Finally they released her, and with a slight adjustment of her reaping dress and a wave of her glossy blonde hair, she made her way towards the stage.

From high up above the crowd, she could see her family clearly. Her mother was holding Jaxon tightly in her arms, rocking back and forth, sobbing quietly.

Tarlee was hugging Corey and Corey was patting Tarlee on the back in comfort.

“Well aren’t you a stunner!” Effie spoke into the microphone.


“So, are you, perhaps, the youngest child? Or let me guess, oldest? No, wait, I-“

“I am the second youngest.”

“So she speaks!”

“Well duh.”

“So, Miss... Laura, how old are you dearest?” Effie asked in a syrupy sweet voice.

“I am thirteen.” Laura replied matter-of-factly.

“I see.”

Effie looked over the crowd, seeming embarrassed by the attitude that she just received.

“Time for the next tribute then!”

Effie plunged her hand into the second glass ball to her right, shaking up the papers within.

Then poof, with a flick of her wrist a single slip of paper flew out of the bowl and floated in front of Effie’s face, left to right in the cool wind.

“It’s like magic isn’t it! It took me weeks to perfect it!” Effie squealed as she snatched the paper into her hands.

“Here we go! Gosh, I’m so excited!”

Laura trembled as she prayed that the name of the male tribute on that paper wasn’t one of her family.

Please. Not Jaxon. Not Corey. Please.

“Jaxon Burke!”

No. Laura thought, and she put her hands over her ears, closed her eyes and began to tremble.

“Jaxon Burke!” Effie called out merrily again.

God no. Thought Laura and she opened her eyes and there he was. Her little brother Jaxon.

His blue eyes were glassy and he looked on the verge of tears.

“Jaxon, I’m-“But before she could finish, Jaxon had flung himself towards her, holding onto her arm tightly.

“I’m gonna die! I’m gonna die Laura!” Jaxon sobbed into her arm.

What am I supposed to tell him? Laura thought sadly. It’s probably true anyway. We are both only young. We don’t stand a chance against all the other tributes who are going to get reaped, especially the Careers.

“Oh, how sweet is this! Focus the camera, yes, yes right here, right here! Focus it right on the faces of these beautiful siblings!” Effie called out to the cameramen.

“Um...” Effie pulled Jaxon away from Laura’s grasp, or tried.

“No! No!” Jaxon screamed through tears.


“They’re gonna kill me! They’re gonna kill me! Laura!”

Effie stared wide-eyed at Jaxon and his small, trembling body. He was terribly skinny, and oh, so tiny!

“Jaxon, go and stand in front of the microphone. They won’t kill you, Jaxon, I promise.”


Jaxon obeyed his sister’s request and he slowly walked over to Effie, who was standing next to the microphone.

“You are tinier than I thought!”

Effie pulled the microphone down and crouched on the floor, holding it to Jaxon’s mouth.

“You hold it. I’m getting my expensive new clothes dirty.” She whispered into Jaxon’s ear.

Jaxon took hold of the microphone with both his hands and he spoke a few words.

“Jaxon Burke. Twelve years old.”

Effie let out a squeal of delight.

“You, young boy! You must watch the annual Games broadcast in your city square twenty-four seven! You already knew what my questions were going to be!”

Jaxon stared at Effie.

“Okay then!”

Effie snatched the microphone from Jaxon’s grasp and held it up to her own face.

“I present to you, Panem, the two sibling tributes from District Two, Laura and Jaxon Burke!”

Effie pulled the siblings closer together, and for the first time in twelve years, Laura and Jaxon stepped forward and joined hands in union, for now the journey wasn’t one Laura had to share alone. Jaxon was with her. But should he really be? He gave her confidence, responsibility. Strength. But by saying that, Laura felt selfish. Jaxon wasn’t there for that. He shouldn’t have even been standing next to her. He was supposed to be down there with her mother, comforting her. But he wasn’t. The damn Capitol had pulled his name out of that bowl. His name was in there once! Once! One out of what, about 60? A one in sixty chance of being pulled out of that bowl and his name was pulled out.

He shouldn’t be here! Laura thought, annoyed.

But the journey wasn’t a journey that Jaxon had to suffer on his own either.

He had the confidence from his big sister.

She had the feeling that she needed to protect Jaxon. He was to be the one to return home.

Nobody was going to touch her little brother.

Chapter Three – The Last 7 Reapings

By the time Effie had completed all eleven reapings throughout Panem, there were only two months left until the Games were to officially begin. Now was time to prepare for the parade, and the interviews. Then it would be onto training, then skills, then the skill judging. Then it would be the real thing- entering the arena.


“Quickly! Quickly!” Effie hurried the tributes onto the train.

“Hurry up! We haven’t got all day for you to be slouching around in awe!”

“But it’s so amazing!”

“It’s so expensive-looking!”


Compliments came from every tribute as they made their way inside the train.

Smells of delicious food, clean furnishings, Windex, and the sights of shining bench tops, flat screen TV’s, and leather couches made the tributes speechless.

“For the last time, hurry up!” Effie called from the corridor.

“For god’s sake,” the girl from three sighed, “Not our fault they bet us in the war and starve us of everything, not just food.”

Most of the tributes nodded their heads in agreement and hurried thought the corridor, trying to keep up with Effie’s fast pace.

“All these doors here are where you will be staying! The doors opposite from each other are the rooms the two from each district will stay in! For example-“

Effie opened the door of one of the rooms. The tributes closest to Effie peeped their heads through the door to catch a glimpse of where their home would be for the next few months.

“Okay, everyone out here! Out here! I’ll show you all to your rooms and you can have a bit of a settle before dinner is served!”

Effie walked back down to the start of the corridor and stood in front of the first pair of doors.

“District One, Shaynae McNally and Hayat Harrouk! Pick a room- they’re both identical so don’t fret!”

The two tributes from one walked into their rooms and sighs of comfort were immediately heard just before Effie closed their doors.

“Two, Laura Burke and Jaxon Burke!”

Laura and Jaxon groaned and slumbered into their rooms, immediately closing the doors behind them.

“Ah,” sighed Effie. “Kids these days... full of attitude...”

The remaining tributes forced themselves to remain quiet.

“District three, Bree Baddawi and Lucas Chrysanthou!”

“Catch ya later sis’!” Lucas called from his room and the tributes from three closed their doors.

“District four! Shaqkahn Taurima and Alex Mughal!”

Without a glance at each other, Shaqkahn and Alex both made their way inside their rooms, and quick as a flash closed their doors.

“District number five! Manav Shrivastav and Jai James!”

“Talk later Manav!” Jai raised his hand for a high-five and Manav laughed, slapping Jai’s hand and walking down the corridor to their rooms.

“Six! Wesley Poto and Phoebe Nguyen!”

“See you soon Wesley!” Phoebe called sadly from the back of the clan, and Wesley made his way over to Phoebe, gave her a bear hug, then walked into his room, Phoebe following close behind him as she turned into her room.

“This is dragging out forever!” Effie sighed, discontent.

“District seven! Christopher Brettargh and Emma Fuller!”

The two tributes didn’t mutter as much as a goodbye, and they walked into their rooms, closing the doors behind them.

Effie stared with an odd look on her face.

“Lastly, eight! Megan James and Dean Smith!”

“Later.” Dean muttered and walked into his room.

“Yeah, bye.” Megan turned into her room.


That night, and for the next few days, the tributes would have time to rest. Then, the real challenges would begin. The interviews were only in a week, and the tributes knew that this precious time they had to themselves could be to their advantage. They could discuss strategy, alliances. They would meet with their District victor mentors, and have time to learn strategies from not only them, but from each other.

They had to eat well too, with training coming up and the skills test, they would need to carefully plan what they eat. But the food wasn’t the only problem.

The Capitol was everywhere. The whole of Panem was watching the tributes every step of the way. When they slept, eat, drank, talked, Panem would always be there watching.

However, was this really that big of a problem? If the tributes were to get into trouble with their social status, would that affect them in the Games?

Chapter Four – Making an Impression

It had come, the night of the parade. Each of the tributes was uniquely dressed in costumes relating to their district. Bree and Lucas, burning coals in fire, made their way over to the underground preparation area.

“This is it guys!” Cinna came beaming up to Bree and Lucas, holding a tube of blue flame.

“This is synthetic fire,” Cinna explained.

“When I hold this to your suits, you will go up in flames, giving the illusion that you are coals burning.”

“That sounds awesome!” Lucas exclaimed with delight.

Bree smiled, “Yeah! Let’s do this!”

Cinna held the blue tube of flame in front of Bree and Lucas and removed the cap.

Blue flames flickered at the top, wanting to clutch onto the suits and burn with all their might.

“This is gonna look spectacular.”

Then poof, in an instant Cinna had touched the tip of the tube onto Bree’s suit, and she was covered in flames. The fire licked at her face, not hot, but not cold.

Then when Bree looked over at Lucas, she was amazed.

He looked awesome! The flames covered both of them and made the black sequins on their suits shine, making it look like they were actually burning!

“You ready guys?” Cinna asked as the District two chariot pulled up beside them.

“Well don’t you two look...” Haymitch looked at Bree and Lucas from head to toe. “Smoking hot.”

Haymitch gave a chuckle as he stood next to Bree, poking at the synthetic flame burning on her right shoulder.

“Good luck sweetheart.”

Bree nodded and turned, following Lucas as Cinna led them both down the end of the hall, where their chariot was waiting for them.

Cinna helped Bree up onto the chariot, and Bree was in shock.

From the chariot she could see right to the other end of the road, where the District One and Two chariots were already making their way along. They needed to be quicker.

Chapter Five – Silence and Secrecy

Before they knew it, the days of resting had passed, and it was time for the tributes to discuss their final strategies.


“Just keep the most important things to yourself.” A drunken Haymitch murmured into the tributes from twelve, Bree and Lucas’ ears.

“So basically just don’t answer their questions at all?” Bree whispered.

“Everything’s important sweetheart. Every glance, every answer. You need to make the best impression you can, which will win you sponsors, and that,” Haymitch waved his glass of whisky around.

“That’s what you need. If you don’t find any food in the Games, then you’ll rely on Sponsors to send you care packages.”

“Okay, we understand Haymitch.” Lucas finally spoke up.

“Get back to your rooms then, before The Capitol bust us for being up here.”

“I thought it was safe you idiot Haymitch!” Bree hissed as she began to walk towards the door that would lead her down from the rooftop.

“It is. There are so many wind chimes up here that you can’t hear a thing. The sound is almost deafening. They can’t hear you, but they can see you just fine.”

Haymitch winked and turned his back to the tributes who scowled as they went back inside.


And yes, I know that the synthetic fire, and Cinna were for 12, and other stuff. I have changed it all a bit, and also,there are only 8 districts in this story because there will be 24 in the arena.... but youll find that out later ;)

Edited by Emotional Outlet

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I'm curious what changes you made, since there seems to be some inconsistency which district Bree and Lucas are from. Effie says they're from District 3, which, in canon, has technology as its main industry. But in the narration in Chapter Five, it's stated they're from 12, which would then jive with the whole fire costuming. I'm also curious about District 1. In canon, it's one of the Districts that have careers and is among the wealthiest. Were they renumbered recently? And is this an AU where Mockingjay turns out differently? I see it's supposed to be game 76, which, I think, didn't officially occur in canon. (Wiki says it was a mission name and a revenge plot.)

Anyway, hope to see more! Let us know how well this assignment turns out, haha.

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Gah, sorry about that lol! I keep getting mixed up with the districts. I haven't edited it yet.

There are many things I want to change about the story itself anyway, since there are less districts.

Yes, it is number 76, because a fanfic.

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