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Yakuza 5, more stuff to do

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for those who played the Yakuza series, their mini games are pretty fun, I think i spent more time on their mini games more than the actual game most of the time. The fifth installment seems to add more features and mini games :)

Kazuma Kiryu left the gangster life behind and when Yakuza 5 begins he’s working as a taxi cab driver in Fukuoka. Of course, Sega took this opportunity to make a taxi driving mini-game, but Crazy Yakuza Taxi this isn’t.


When players pickup passengers like drunken salarymen sometimes they’ll talk to Kazuma about their problems. You can choose how Kazuma replies to help resolve their issues.


Yakuza 5 also has race battles where you zip through a highway and try to beat a rival. Players can drift around corners and do roaring heat actions (kind of like regular heat actions, but in a vehicle) to win the race. Sega made a car customization feature too where you can choose paint jobs, add decals, and tune a taxi by changing tires.





the graphic looks better than the last one and more mini game distractions :)

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Yes they are, DA.

Quite fun.

Each game takes place in the same city, the later ones expand the locations a bit. It's a replica of one particular town in Japan.

The story centralizes around one particular character Kazuma Kiryu and focuses on his life as he escalates his status to a patriarch to his Yakzua clan. In the later series, this changes and they include more characters to play with.

I can't explain how story driven this game is.

Gameplay wise, it's a brawler beat-em-up. You fight with combos, throws and you get weapons to use which break after continuous use. You can build up HEAT guages that allow you to execute brutal attacks on people depending on your location in the fight (near a wall, near a guard rail), what type of weapon you use (or none in particular) and what type of position the enemy is in when you approach them (standing, on the ground, dizzy or scared of you).

You can find Masters in the game that help you learn new HEAT moves that make your character even more fierce.

One complaint, the fighting system's awkward. Not as fluid as it should be and that never changes. You get used to it though and it does add to the difficulty in the game. It's not frustrating, mind you. It's just awkward.

Once you can get over that awkwardness, I'm not gonna lie....they have some the most EPIC buildups to the fights with some of the key characters and the way they execute them are all really cinematic and leaves with a holy-shit smirk on your face.

There's also a whole strew of things to do in the game, like play games in the Arcade, go bowling, go to the batting cages or go spend time dating japanese hostesses.

Some of the NA releases cut out, or dimmed down some of the mini games for whatever reasons but some of the earlier games had you actually owning a Hostess club an recruiting girls and training them.....sort of like a mini-dating sim.

...Phew, well hope you get the picture.

If you can though, check out a few Youtube vids on it. You'll get a better picture of the humongous amount of shit you can do in the game.

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