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Even though it has the male symbol for someone reason.. perhaps because of your signatures, I kept thinking you were female haha.

umm this was a few months back when I cut my super long hair off (use to be down to my lower back only posting cause its better quality than the one with my phone, and i wasn't mad or anything (like some people thought haha)I just simply took it real quick to show fam and friends on myspace & facebook)


And this is couple weeks back I had dyed my hair with red layers so when its curled it mixed with the black looked cool but straightened out not so good haha died it a darker colour now you can still see random reddish highlights


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Great thread I never noticed it ...... and whats up with people telling we dont take pictures ??? you must be kiddin me I have more than thousand pictures of myself ......and why dont ask someone to snap for you instead of holding the camera yourself and not getting the most out of it......

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