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Blood Fury

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Here's my Entry into KamWri #3 I won't get it finished in two weeks, but it will entertain me in the mean time. I'm not usually one for gory, zombie apocalypse stuff, but that's the idea I got from my guidelines XD

Part 1: The Beginning

Life was hard, since the breakout. Those who survived lived in constant fear. Fear of one of the most horrific deaths imaginable. All of us had seen it. The Blood Fever. A virus created by the world society of medical science. The man responsible was the first victim.

Victim Number One: Doctor Jacob Jamison. The investigation found that he had been working on a weapon. He was paranoid that the Japanese were going to attack, and he created the Blood Fury. His death was the same as all the others. First, it affects your brain, you become violent and attack anyone around you, thats how I spreads. Second, your blood pressure begins to rise, and it doesn’t stop, even after you’re heart gives in. The pressure becomes so high, that the veins and arteries burst.

We’ve all witnessed it, the survivors. All of us have seen a person burst. It’s a horrific sight, especially for a child, But thats the world we live in. 5 years after the initial outbreak. The human race is but a shadow of what it was. 7 billion people, cut down to less than 1 billion, in 6 months.

My name is Joanne Williams, and I’m a survivor.

Part 2: The World

The World today is a sad place. Family can be torn apart in mere minutes. We live in completely sterile buildings, like it’s a radiation fallout outside. Everyone is kept bald, so no one has a chance of carrying the bloody fury in their hair.

I was up for my scheduled hair cut. I had short brown stubble on the top of my head, and that was enough to scare people. It’s times like these I wish I was blonde. At least then I’d be able to keep he head at least a little warm. I wondered over from my compound into the hair station. Sergeant Yullum and his platoon were standing at attention, waiting for the batch of people to enter. I was firs so I got my pick of soldiers. I chose a cute looking young guy, and sat in the seat in front of him.

Part 3: The Hair Incident

5 years ago, a platoon of soldiers giving hair cuts would have seemed really strange, but today, it was normal. It happened almost everyday.

I remember when the haircuts first began. 3 years ago, a woman called Clair Johnson, with beautiful blond hair down to her waist came in from gathering plant seeds, she came through the sterilising room, clean and fresh like everyone else. She told her husband; Clinton, that her hair was so hard to contain in the hazmat suits, and while she was gathering, it spilled over her head and caused her hat to come off. That should have been a hint to him, but he couldn’t bring himself to report her.

He was the first one to die from this incident. He came out of his quarters and lunged at a young girl named Sarah Clemens. He bit her before he burst. I remember her screaming in terror, I was there, not far away, but far enough to escape the quarantine. Sarah screamed her little lungs out in pain and fear, then she began to growl. She attacked the soldiers trying to contain the Blood Fury. 3 of them were bitten before she burst. The soldiers that had been bitten, screamed for their comrade to leave the quarantine zone. To let them attack and kill each other instead of kill other innocents. The 5 other’s escaped, just in time to see their fellow soldiers rip each other to pieces, before bursting.

There was blood everywhere, I can remember the smell. The awful, awful smell, those who witnessed, were taken to the decontamination center. Where our hair was shaved, and we were washed down until the water turned cold.

Part 4: Elevator Incident

I like elevators, always have. When I was younger I’d ride them just for the sake of it. I was kicked out of an office building after 3 hours of riding elevators to every floor. I hopped in and hit all the buttons. And as soon as one wasn’t lit anymore, I’d push it again.

I don’t like to ride them anymore. There was another incident when I was riding the elevator to the underground plantary. 2 years ago a man name Steven O’Grady was with me at the time. I noticed a cut on his shoulder, I thought nothing of it, until I saw him lunge at someone outside the elevator when it opened. One of the Plantary workers named Sandra White. He ended up mauling her almost to pieces. Thankfully she was the only person in the Plantary at the time. I hit the close button, just in time to see O’Grady look me in the eye. As soon as the door closed, I heard him burst. The blood splattering on the door made me sick.

I was in quarantine for a week afterwards. I was terrified I’d caught the blood fury, as was everyone else. Doctors is hazmat suits came in to test my blood and hair samples twice a day. Suffice to say, my elevator riding days were over.

Part 5: On The Outside

The world is very different on the outside. There are those who have the Blood Fury, that haven’t burst. The “Furies” as we call them are very angry people. They attack on sight, each other, or us. I’ve seen them only once before. When I was out there. Last year.

Hillary Blue and Carl Whitehead were out with me at the time. We were out searching for some leftover plants for the Plantary. I’d left Hillary and Carl to see if I could dig up any root vegetables. I heard Hillary scream first, I ducked around the corner from where I was and saw four furies tear her apart.

From where I was I could see Carl hiding. Thankfully the furies didn’t. At least, not until he sneezed. Carl tried to run, but it was no use, the furies were faster. They caught him and dismembered him right before my eyes. I stayed exactly where I was, frozen in fear, until I no longer heard them. I carefully came back to my compound, and reported to the Colonel.

Part 6: Now

I’ve seen a lot. But then so has everyone here. A lot of people have died in front of my eyes, brutally and horribly. I tend to keep to myself now. I stay in my own quarters, only coming out for food and haircuts. Sometimes I talk to myself. It keeps me company when I get lost in my memories. It never occurred to me that there might be someone I could spend my days with until he came along.

I still don’t know his name. But he came in, told this horrific story. He said he’d come from a compound far north from here. To be honest I can’t even remember what country we’re in anymore, I can’t tell you where.

He told us that between the old cities, the lands are green. There are no furies out there. He told us that they only live in the city, where all the people are. When he talks it sounds so wonderful. Its not the things he says, though he does make the country side sounds like paradise compared to the compounds.

He told me he was looking for people to come with him. To live in the countryside, and away from the cities. I want to go with him, to see the old world. I don’t like it in the compound, I just have nowhere else to go.

Part 7: Benjamin Wallace

I met him properly today. We talked and he told me his name. His name is Benjamin Wallace, he says he is 25 years old, only a few years younger than me. He has agreed that I will come with him when he leaves. He says he wanted more than one person to join him, but one will be enough for now.

I wonder, if the furies stay where the people are, if we all move, will they follow? I have so many questions for him, but I’m afraid to ask. Maybe once we’re out of the compound and the city. I will ask him everything.

Part 8:The City

It was hard getting out of the city, we left at night so the Furies had less of a chance to catch us. A few times they spotted us and gave chase. Benjamin knew exactly what to do. We took the alleyways with all their twists and turns and it wasn’t long before we lost them. After a few hours we reached the outer suburbs, they were a lot quieter than the inner city where the compound was.

Benjamin opened one of the houses and set up the lounge rooms for us to sleep in. He took off his hazmat suit and crawled under a blanket. I asked him if I should take mine off too. He said I should, this far out from the inner city, the bloody fury wasn’t a threat. I believed him, and took my suit off. I crawled under the blanket with him and huddled for warmth.

It was a long night, but Benjamin assured me that we were safe. It was the first time I’d been out at night since the outbreak, it was strange to be out in the open

Part 9: Outside the Cities

Benjamin and I were out of the city. It was serene. There was no sign on the furies, or even the virus anywhere. The grass and trees just waved peacefully in the wind. Benjamin decided that we needed to be out of sight of the city before we would be completely safe.

I asked him about the furies, and if they would follow us if there were more people living outside the city. He told me that the blood fury can only survive in area’s with high concentrations of smog. Meaning that the furies would not survive outside the cities.

I don’t understand why he didn’t tell the others that. He wouldn’t speak much after that. He’s the one who knows what’s going on though, and I trust him.

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Eee, sounds good so far! It is different than what you normally write, but I think it's fantastic, haha.

Can't wait to see how it progresses from the initial six months to five years later. Seeing the aftermath and recollections of survivors was one of the things I really liked from World War Z--it seemed much more personal and terrifying than if it was just about the zombie outbreak as it was happening.

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You made quick work of the plot relevant haircut, haha. I was telling a friend about this challenge and he was like, "I don't know how you can make a haircut important!" And when I explained it to him (it was the same concept you came up with here--I also mentioned that drug tests that take hair samples rather than urine samples tend to be easier and more accurate), he was all, "Ohhhhh."

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I like what you've done with the elevator scene! I'd be peeing my pants if that happened, but I'm easily startled.

I wonder, though, if the Furies only stay around people, that if the survivors moved, they would be followed? Or if there's something that's keeping the Furies from straying from the cities...

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