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The Girl In My Head

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I have to say brilliant, just brilliant!, its really a good stroy...... :smile:

This is me only going to read the first Part of the story then i will go do some study, bits me ended up reading till Part 14. Now am late hahaha.......

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Part 15 Friday Night

“So, who wants a drink?” Dylan asked, he held up a bottle of what looked like rum.

“Where did you get that?” Sam asked.

“I have my ways,” Dylan smirked. “So, who wants some?” he asked again. Both Sam and Cody agreed to have a few drinks.

After a few drinks, Cody was feeling a buzz. He was enjoying himself for the first time in a while.

“So!” Dylan yelled. “Who wants to play a drinking game?” He asked. Both Cody and Sam nodded excitedly. “We’re going to play a movie game, I have a copy of “The Banana” and every time they say Banana, take a drink,” Sam and Cody nodded excitedly again.

Not far into the movie, Cody could hardly see, he’d drank that much.

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I really like this story Shazi! I started reading Part 1 a few days ago, and since then I have just needed to keep visiting this thread!

Great work here!

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Part 16: Saturday Morning

sorry if the end part of this is a bit confusing to read

Wake Up Cody.

Cody groaned and rolled over. He was in his own bed again. As he rolled his hand touched someone else. He shot up and saw Sam sleeping peacefully next to him. She stirred a little with his movement and wrapped her arms around him in her sleep. Cody breathed slowly, he wasn’t sure what had happened last night, he didn’t remember most of the movie they’d been watching.

“Sam, wake up,” he nudged her lightly. She slowly opened her eyes and looked up at Cody. She smiled and held him tighter. Cody wasn’t sure what to do, but he liked having Sam so close to him. More so than he thought he ever would.

After cuddling together for a while they got up and found Dylan in the Kitchen cooking eggs and bacon again.

“Morning you two,” He grinned and served the meal.

“Morning” Cody and Sam said in unison. Cody blushed and stared at the floor. He had no idea what had happened, but whatever it was, Sam was his now.

“So, did you two have fun last night?” Dylan asked slyly. Cody felt his face grow hotter.

“That’s none of your business Dylan” Sam snapped. She went over to the fridge and got out the milk. She made herself cereal and sat at the table.

Can I talk to you later Cody?

Cody inwardly cursed Alex for talking to him while there were others around.

I’m sorry… I forgot you prefer to talk to me out loud.

“You can hear my thoughts?” Cody was surprised. Alex giggled.

Really Cody? I’ve done it plenty of times before.

“I guess…” Cody thought back to the times when Alex responded to his thoughts rather than what he said

Anyway. If you’re going to live with Dylan, could you please tell him something for me?

“How exactly do you want me to do that?” Cody thought to her. Alex paused for while.

I didn’t quite think that far ahead.

“Dandy.” Cody sighed

Please Cody!


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Part 17: Saturday Afternoon

Sam decided to head back to her home again. She would probably make up a story to satisfy her parents.

“So Dylan,” Cody started. He was planning on talking to Dylan about Alex, but wasn’t suite sure how to start.

“Yeah man?” Dylan asked.

“This might sound, really crazy, but just hear me out okay.” Cody started, Dylan gave him a skeptical look but simply nodded. Cody took a deep breath before continuing.

“Okay, for the last 6 days, I’ve been hearing this voice in my head. She told me her name was Alex, and well, I started talking with her a bit and she told me that she was your sister.” He glanced at Dylan to see his reaction. Dylan was stoic, and stone faced.

“My sister is talking to you?” he asked, Cody nodded. “Did she have anything to say to me?” he asked and Cody nodded again.

Tell him that it was my fault.

“She says that it was her fault,” Cody relayed. Dylan scoffed.

I was the one not wearing a seatbelt!

“She said she was the one not wearing a seatbelt.” Cody relayed again. Dylan glared at him.

“She also loves you,” Cody added instinctively from the feeling he was getting from Alex.

“Is that it?” Dylan asked, he didn’t look impressed. Cody nodded sadly. “Well, thanks for telling me what I wanted to hear, but next time, go about it in a less, messed up way will you,” Dylan sighed and headed to his room. Cody sat on the couch alone and wondered what he did wrong.

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MY APOLOGIES FOR THE CRAPPY ASS ENDING! I suck at making things end =(

Part 18: Saturday Night

Dylan hadn’t spoken to Cody since their talk about Alex earlier that day. Cody was worried that he’d made Dylan mad. He would talk to Alex about it, but she was silent, and Cody didn’t understand why.

“Alex, please say something!?” Cody called out for her in his head. Since Monday, he’d come to rely on her. She was like a constant company, when Cody was so alone. Now she was seemingly gone. He couldn’t feel her presence at all. Had she gone onward, left the world?

“Alex?” Cody called out loud. Dylan poked his head around the corner and looked at Cody with confusion.

“You okay man?” he asked and came over to sit next to Cody.

“She’s gone… I-I can’t feel her there anymore,” Tears welled up in Cody’s eyes. Dylan looked at Cody with disbelief.

“She really was there, wasn’t she?” He asked softly. Cody nodded. He wanted Alex to come back.

“Well, I guess she said what she needed to say, and now she’s gone.” Dylan shrugged. “Such is life I guess,” Cody only nodded. Everyone close to him, they were all disappearing one by one, and there was nothing Cody could do to stop it.


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Aww, poor Cody. I figured she would have moved on after she completed her business. I don't think it's a crappy ending--she didn't seem to have much reason to stick around. It seemed she thought her brother was in good hands and didn't think Cody needed her around to give him advice or take care of them.

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Things did seems a bit rushed at the end, but I actually think this is a fine place to have an ending, just the last sentence bothers me a bit just because have Cody and Sam got together and even though Alex is gone Cody also did gain a friend/room mate in the end. I don't know... could just be me. Overall I really did like the story. Good job with it.

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      Here she found herself, sitting on a bed that had seen more people than she would like to admit, a mostly full bowl of cereal waiting for her on the nightstand, staring at an old picture…


      And all she could think about was what she was going to wear tomorrow. A welcome distraction to be sure; it would be nice to be able to get away from the house. Felicia cast a sidelong glance at the mirror. Among other things.


      She couldn’t shake what had happened. The mirror moved—she was convinced of that much. She dropped the phone on the bed and stood up, taking the bowl.


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