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IRC Client tutorial for the Mac

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XChat Azure - FREE

iTunes Mac App store link - http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/xchat-azure/id447521961


Setup & Network Connection Tips:


- Fill in the Nickname and Username (Failure to fill in a user name will result in difficulty connecting tot he irc network)

- Press the + button to add another network to the list, and give it a name


- You can select the heart to make the network a favorite, and select the arrows to make that network auto connect when you load Xchat

- Press Show Details to open the side dialog box


- Enter in irc.kametsu.com and port 6667 for the server information for the new network you created


- Select the On Join button on the side dialog box to edit channel information

- Add #Kametsu to favorite channels

- Press the Connect button on the main dialog box to jump on into the channel

Limechat - FREE

Website - http://limechat.net/mac/

iTunes Mac App store link - http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/limechat/id414030210


Setup & Network Connection Tips:

If not already up, open the Server Properties dialog box (in the Server menu drop down, or Command-U hotkey)


- Fill in a name in the network name box

- The checkbox below is will automatically connect to the network if you select it

- Fill in irc.kametsu.com in the server box

- Fill in 6667 in the port box

- Fill in a nickname

- Fill in a login name (failure to select a login name may cause connection errors)

- If you have registered with NickServ, then also fill in a password


- Click on the On Login button

- Press the + button to add a channel to the list

- Fill in #Kametsu

- Select the Join checkbox to auto join when connected to the network

Now open the Limechat preferences dialog box (Limechat menu drop down, or Command-,)


- Change "when received a file transer" to Accept automatically, so that when you request a file download it will start automatically instead of it asking you everytime.

- Change "How to detec your IP address" to Specify

- Below it, fill in your IP address (you can find yours by visiting www.whatismyip.com)

- Refer to your router settings to make sure the File transfer port range is forwarded to your computer

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It'd probably be a good idea to show how to register their nick, set a vhost, etc.

Anyways nice tutorial!


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- Updated to new server settings

- Streamlined posts to put connection settings behind spoiler tag to avoid "wall-o-text"

- Added screenshots, download links, and website links

- Added xchat-azure tutorial

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