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Dragonball Return of the Saiyan

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Even if there is hardly any comments, I'mma still post it. :) Becuase that's who I am.

This is a very long series but it's action packed so don't let it intimidate you. Enjoy, comment [if ya like] and just have fun with the series... I have written it up to 170 (writing 171 now), So like I said it's long. But it's action packed and from what I got on the other forum: it keep you on the edge of your seat wanting more. (and that's true from what they've said)

Season 1: Intruder Saga

Episode 1: Only One Survived

One year ago a Saiyan rebelled against Lord Frieza, he was close to killing Lord Freiza but Freiza used a Death Ball and killed the heroic Saiyan and his army. Now there are only a few Saiyans that live to day thier names Raditz, Turles, Kakorot (Goku), Vegeta, Nappa and Dyuu (Die-You). But this story focus' on Dyuu the very first Su...I said to much already let the tale begin. On planet Rasfer a Saiyan team of one tries to destroyes the race.

"RAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Shouted Great Ape Dyuu. BOOM! Buildings crumble and houses fall.

"Sir, A-9 or Z-21, which code?" Asked Evacution Expert.

"C-58, SURRENDER CODE." Repliyed General Mocle with his eyes closed.

"G'bye Captin." Mockle got stepped on.

"Genrahhhhhhhh!" Captin was as well stepped on.

"Send the nuc. straight for the damn ape!" Demanded Scientist 1.

"Right sir." Said Scientist 2.

The missle was laughed, and Dyuu caught it in her big Ape pawms then she through it down the missle laugh and she escaped when the sun rosed well it wasn't a pretty site to see, so the planet in other words went BOOM!

"Ha ha ha ha that was a party." Said Dyuu in her space pod. Now let's see what the bums are doing."

No repsonce from planet Vegeta.

"What I'll be damned to see if the planet has been destroyed." Said Dyuu pressing the botton on her scouter.

Still no responce

"Mmm...maybe the planet was destroyed? Well what ever." Said Dyuu.

when she got to planet Vegeta's location there was no planet no sign of life.

"No...the...planet...was...destroyed...shoot...Lord...Frieza..you'll pay for thi...!"CRASH! Dyuu crashed into a metor.

"Am I the last of the Saiyans?" Asked Dyuu looking at the debris from the destroyed planet vegeta.

A silence accurced was Dyuu the only Saiyan left or was there others.

Hope ya Enjoy the series.

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Well keep in mind the first season takes place in the year 0 Year of the Big Freeze of 0YF. Goku existed but he's dead now.


Chapter 2: Finding a NEW Planet to Settle On

As silence accured Dyuu realized that maybe just maybe someone survived.

"No one could surrvive a super-nova explosion like that." Said Dyuu standing on a crator left behind by the Saiyan planet Vegeta.

"Dyuu stand tall soilder." Demanded a mysterious viose.

"W...who's...th...there?" Asked Dyuu looking around and not finding anyone.

"Look behind you." Said The mysterious viose.

Dyuu turned around and saw her father but in a ghost form.

"Dyuu, I was part of the rebellion. I crept towards Frieza, Zarbon and Dodria jumped me. I was in a heap of troulbe if Frieza found me, but Zarbon had other plans for me, he chraged his Elegant Blaster and fired, he was killed along with the other Saiyans that rebelled. Planet Vegeta was destroyed also you and five others survived, go to planet Nameck and finish what Bardock started. Make Frieza pay for his crimes---" Explained Satur (Sat-Your) disappering in to the cosmos.

"Right father but first I must find a planet to steak out, then I'll train and prefect my Oozaru form and create an artifical moon." Said Dyuu taking off in her space pod. As she apporches the Knight Plant she notices and anstroid field with electic currents. Crash! she crashes into the planet it self.

"Rough landing...rhhhhhh"...Dyuu got of her space pod...BOOM! THE POD EXPLODED.

"Damn life-forms're still here!" Let's play follow the Saiyan shall." Said Dyuu flying towards the outskirts. The firing mini-robots followed Dyuu to the outskirts, and Dyuu looked up at the full moon...and she transformed into a Great Ape...She destroyed everything and everyone even the king and by day-time she transformed back to normal. She now owns the planet

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Chapter 3: Training to the Fittest

After the overthrow of planet Satur Dyuu was able to secretly learnt of the Frieza Rebellion and how it failed so tragdicly. But now with a whole planet to herselself, she can now create an artifical moon, and prefect her Oozaru form.

Dyuu traines regirlessly for the day to defeat Freiza the Ruler of the universe.

"Huff...Huff...Huff...Huff...man I'm beat I battle against so many Dark Astroids." Said Dyuu falling like a tree. "Okay tomorrow I try to make an artifical moon...ZZZZZZ." Said Dyuu fallin' asleep.

That night a loud BOOM awoke Dyuu (Time: 12:00 a.m).

"Mmmnn...What was that?" Asked Dyuu awaking from a good dream of transforming into a Super Saiyan.

A Starship with the symbol of the Saiyans on the side of it. Just then crew steps out: the crew was none other then Turles, Cooler and Lord Slug, then they went on the assust.

"Uhh...rhh...nhhh...kihhh this is prefect training and everything but if I don't do something quick then these villians're going to kill me!" Thought Dyuu getting hit back and fouth as if she was a volley ball between Lord Slug and Final Cooler.

"Hehehe...you can't stop us!" Said Lord Slug pouncing on Dyuu's back like a volley-ball.

"Uhh...kihh...rhh..." When Dyuu caught her balacne she put on her offenic. "Super Kamhamahamahamha !" The first to go was Turles.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Turles was killed. Next to go was Lord Slug.

"Super Kamahamahamahamahaamnha!" Slug was oblitirated.

"Now you Cooler!" Said Dyuu looking at Cooler with intimatdation.

"Now, now let's not be hasty----" Said Cooler with fear.

Dyuu jumped into the knight sky and fired a kamahamaha blast.

"No...noooooo-------!" Cooler was also obiltrated.

"Now the only thing to do now is to go to bed.....THUD!" After a hard but yet shrot battle Dyuu finnly gets to sleep (2:32 a.m)

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Thank you Sensui


Chapter 4: Escaping The Dark Planet

Dyuu got up from a rough night.

"Mmm...That battle was intence for me but it was good excersize." Said Dyuu strechen. "Let's see oh yeah an artifical moon."

As Dyuu stuggled to create an artifical moon, her Saiyan insticks kick in. A foe is near.

"Who's there?" Asked Dyuu looking around but no one is there. "I guess...no one's there?"

As Dyuu continued to try to create an artifical moon.

Just then...FLASH...An artifical moon appered on the palm of Dyuu's hand, she threw it to the sky and she looked at it and transformed into a Great Ape.

"NNNRAHHHHH!" Dyuu cried crushing mountians and destroying cities. "NNNRAAAHHHHHHHHHH!"

Great Ape Dyuu destroyed not only cities or mountians she also destroyed dark astroids with such destructive power that anyone was ever saw. (95,000,000,000) a deadly power level. Without thinking Great Ape Dyuu destroyed the artifical moon which transformed her back to normal.

"Ihhh...What happened?" Dyuu didn't remember anything.

Just then the planet's orbit and gravity started to fail.

"Wha...What's happending." Asked Dyuu. "The planet's going to destroy it's self!"

Dyuu broaded the fesal that Lord Slug, Turles and Cooler came on, she started and flew off the planet but the dark eletricy caught her and Dyuu tried to fly away but it was no good.

"Urhhh...I'll die if I don't get out of the galaxy-------"

Then with the final try she broke free like a fish escaping a shrak.

"Yesssssssssssssssssss!" Dyuu yelled now sje's heading to Planet Freiza to confront Frieza but with what cost?

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Chapter 5: The Intruder Part 1

It's been months out in space and Dyuu is now entering enemy traitory, Pioson Planet.

"WOW, the universe is dreadful and depressin'." Said Dyuu looking out of the window.

"Hahahaahaahahahahah!" Laughed a Space Thug. "Board this ship and take the goods men!" demaned the space thug.

"AHHHHHHH!" The hench men screamed as they boarded Dyuu's Starship

The space bandits boarded the starship and Dyuu is not going to hold back.

"Who are you?!" Asked Dyuu looking at one of the bandits.

"My name Goin-Xok (Coin-Shock in English I created this character this is not from any Anime)." Replied Coin-Shock bowing down to Dyuu.

"Well prepare to die! HAAAAAAAAA!" Dyuu charged at Goin-Xok

Goin-Xok stopped her in Dyuu's tracks.

"So...you can't move...can you...Dyuu?" Asked Chapter 5: The Intruder Part 1

It's been months out in space and Dyuu is now entering enemy traitory, Pioson Planet.

"WOW, the universe is dreadful and depressin'." Said Dyuu looking out of the window.

"Hahahaahaahahahahah!" Laughed a Space Thug. "Board this ship and take the goods men!" demaned the space thug.

"AHHHHHHH!" The hench men screamed as they boarded Dyuu's Starship

The space bandits boarded the starship and Dyuu is not going to hold back.

"Who are you?!" Asked Dyuu looking at one of the bandits.

"My name Goin-Xok (Coin-Shock in English I created this character this is not from any Anime)." Replied Coin-Shock bowing down to Dyuu.

"Well prepare to die! HAAAAAAAAA!" Dyuu charged at Goin-Xok

Goin-Xok stopped her in Dyuu's tracks

"So...you can't...move...can....you Dyuu...?" Asked Coin-Shock gripping Dyuu's fist tightly.

"I...can...move...pref...ect...ly." Repliyed Dyuu. Then Dyuu kneeded Coin-shock in the stomach.

"AHHHHHH!" Yelled Coin-shock.

Dyuu took a few jumps and started to power up her Galick Gun.

Coin-Shock got back on his feet.

"Grrrr...You'll pay for thaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!"

"Gaaaaallllllicccckkkkk Ggguunnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!" Shouted Dyuu firing at Coin-Shock.

Coin-Shock was obliterated in one blast.

"Okay whose next?" Asked Dyuu looking at the space gang (thugs).

"I'll be next." Replied Shocker (not from Spiderman) stepping up to the plate.

"Becareful Shocker if she can kill Coin-Shock, who knows what she'll do to you?" Said One of the Thugs who's scared for his life and his teammates life.

"I know." Muttered Shocker.

To be Continued

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Chapter 6: Intruder part 2

"So Shocker do ya wanna play with me after what happened to Coin----" Said Dyuu with a perky smirk on her enlighten face.

"Shut up...and I'll take what ever chance I got to kill one of the las' Saiyan in this universe." Explained but not elbaterating Shocker.

They both charged for each other then a cosmic source of energy powerful enough to light every home in Earth. But anyway it took of the roof of the Capitan’s Control Centre.

"We destroyed the...." Said Dyuu looking up at the roof of the starship.

"Yes, we did, we destroyed the roof of the Starship however the battle has just began." Said Shocker.

And again they both charged to each other but this time they ended up fighting in space above of the Starship.

Dyuu used a Maseko, and Shocker countered using one of his shocking blasts.

"You’re good." Dyuu said gripping her heart tightly.

"What's wrong having heart pain?" Asked Shocker with his arms crossed and his eyes closed.

"N...n...no...Just a....little---" Replied Dyuu still gripping her heart tightly.

But in realty she had heart pains ever since the Dark planet was destroyed she just never thought out of it telling anyone.

"I knew it you have heart troubles, not surprise from a stupid Saiyan." Said Shocker still with his arms crossed and his eyes closed.

"I said it's just a little..." Dyuu tried to blast Shocker but he dodged the ki blast.

"Is that the best you ca---" Shocker has punched in his face.

"I said it was nothing!" Shouted Dyuu with her fist in Shocker's face.

Then Dyuu finished her attack by using full force and sending Shocker to the Starships control system in another tower on the opposite side of the Starship.

"Ka-ma-ha-ma-ha-ma-ha-ma-ha-ma-haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!" Shouted Dyuu shoting a blast from the palms of her tired hands.

"Waittt I wanna live! Please! AHHHHHH!" Shouted Shocker pleading for his life.

BOOM! Shocker was also oblitrated.

"Okay whose next?" Asked Dyuu desencing to the floor of the Cockpit.

"Damn you, Dyuu, I'll face you!" Shouted Lord Cevrus. "I'm the leader of this sindicade." Said Lord Cevrus flying to the batered battle-field of a starship.

Is Dyuu up for the challenge of will she transforme into a Super Saiyan find in the next three chs.

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Episode 7: You Have to be Kidding Me?

Last Time on Dragonball ROS:

After defeating both Shocker and Goin-Xok, the leader of the menicing intruders stepped up to the plate and challenge Dyuu.


"So is this where you want your grave to be?" Asked Lord Ceverus with his large boar like arms crossed. And his some-what large eyes closed.

"No...This is where your grave is going to be!" Replied Dyuu cracking her battle-scared knuckles and wiping the blood from her battle-scared face.

"Then DIEEEEE!!!!!!!!" Yelled Lord Cevrus chraging towards Dyuu.

CLASH! They fought rigorisly. But there was no winner or giving up.

"Are you finished yet, Lord Cyrus?" Asked Dyuu dodgin' all of Cevrus' ki blasts that come her way.

"Grrrrr....it's Lord Cevrus you Saiyan Scum! I'm the ultima----" Said Lord Cevrus with his middle figure up and he's showin' it to Dyuu.

"Yap...Yap...You're b---" Dyuu was picking her ear and yawnin'.

"Are you insicting that I'm boring you half to death?" Reacted Cevrus.

"Mmmm....yup." Replied Dyuu.

Cevrus got fed up with the endless questions and dialog, so he chraged for Dyuu but as before Dyuu dodged it and she fired a ki blast. It hit Cevrus, now Cevrus is pissed.

"Ha ha, can you dodge you boar." Said Dyuu descending from the sky of the universe.

"You amaze me, Dyuu." Said Lord Cevrus appoching Dyuu with a smirk of evil on his face.

"Yeah I know." Intinrupted Dyuu descending on the battle-scared Starship.

"Well I have a form to show you. Do you want to see?" Asked Cevrus also descending to the battled-scared Starship.

"What!" Gasped Dyuu in fear.

"Yeah, My final form is as big as the Dark Galaxy's Sun. Now prepare yourself Dyuu, because this is your final moments living." Explained Cevrus wrapping to the middle of the galaxy and started to transform.

He transformed as big as 6 of our suns put next to and on top of each other then he appoched the Starship.

"What the hell? You have to be kidding me?" Gasped Dyuu looking at Super Lord Cevrus apporch her.

Is this the end of Dyuu or will she transform into a Super Saiyan for the first time and defeat Super Cevrus. Find out in the next

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Even if I don't get comments, I'm going to post the story.

Epiosde 8: A Saiyan Emerges

Last time on Dragonball ROS:

After dodging most of Cervus's ki blasts and in doing that got the brut angry, and he transformed into his SUPER FORM now Dyuu will have to face this newly reformed enemy before Super Cevrus destroys the Dark Galaxy will Dyuu be able to stop this foe or will she have to transform into a Super Saiyan to stop him. Find out in the this and the next Episode.

"Har-Har-Har...What are you going to do 'bout this huh?" Asked Super Cevrus looking at the ant sized Saiyan.

"I...I...I don't know?" Replied Dyuu falling to her knees.

"Well then die!" Shouted Cevrus rasing his gaint green right hand and he smached the Starship to pieces. "Well come back and tell me how the afterlife is."

Dyuu reappered behind Super Cevrus's gaint head.

"Huff-huff-huff, I thought that you me there for a second but I disappered." Sadi Dyuu. "Now I reappered to take you...down."

"Ha! Understatement, all understatements! I can read you like a book you're goin' to transfrom into a Super Saiyan." Explained Cevrus. "Now sow the power that you try to unlock for centires."

"Find you want to see then Seeeeeeeeee!" Shouted Dyuu transforming into a Super Saiyan.

With the final breath she transformed into a Super Saiyan.

"Now what was that last comment?" Asked SSJ Dyuu with intimadation.

"A...a....a....a....-----" Studered Cevrus. "I'a I'a I'a"

"I a hear you want to die, and I Dyuu will make it happend."

Dyuu chraged up a kamahamahamaha and fired. Hitting the target.

"Noo..please God noo..!' Said Cevrus with a enormus whole is, where his heart was.

Super Lord Cevrus dirffeted into the Dark Galaxy's dark univesre. And exploded under preeserue of the galaxies might.

"So that's the end of the slave-drivien Lord huh?" Asked SSj Dyuu looking into space, and notices a Saiyan-Space-pod not destroyed from Cevrus's alssult.

Dyuu jumped in and set the cordinates to a little blue shpere called -----

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Even if I don't get comments, I'm going to post the story.


I'm sorry, I've been reading it when I get the chance.. I just never commented yet. Not really sure what to say really, but please do keep them coming. :exciting:

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I'm sorry, I've been reading it when I get the chance.. I just never commented yet. Not really sure what to say really, but please do keep them coming. :exciting:

Thank you for commenting and yeah that's fine, when u get a chance comment.

It's not you're fault Koby lol.

It's no one's fault. lol People get busy sometimes and can't comment. It happens, but as long as u get a chance to that's okay.


Episode 9: Journey to Earth

"Huff-huff-huff that battle against...Cevrus was short but hard." Thought Dyuu fallen asleep.

Somewhere deep in space a greater evil is rasinging.

"Lord Cevrus wake up." Said a familiar voice.

Lord Cevrus wakes up and sees....

"F...F...F....F...F....Freiza!" Gasped Cevrus getting on his feet.

"Yes are you shocked?" Asked Frieza bowin' to Cevrus.

"Hell yeah, Frieza but how...?" Gasped Cevrus looking at Frieza as he is a spec.

"Are you familier with the planet Earth in the Milky Way?" Asked Frieza.

"Yeah I trained to concer it eons ago but I was foiled and sent off to this Dark Universe." Replied Cevrus.

"OKay listen up." Said Freiza.

In the Milky Way past Pluto.

"Mm...well decered rest." Said Dyuu sleeping in her capsle.


"What...the...Hell...?" Asked Dyuu waking from her slummber.

BOOM! "Destroy her space-pod and let's see ashes." Demaned Frieza.

"Right Lord Freiza." Obeyed Cevrus pressing the blasters botton.

BOOMMMMMMMM!!!!! The pod was destroyed was Dyuu killed or was she.

"Mmm the pod is destroyed but there no ashes." Said Turles looking out the window of Freiza's new Starship.

ZZZIIIPPP! Dyuu transported in front of the Mega-Blaster but in her Super Saiyan Form.

"Oh my a Super Saiyan are you going to be like Goku and destroy a planet or destroy us?" Asked Frieza with his arms crossed and hoovering over the control panel.

"I'm going to." ZZIIPP! She appears in the Cockpit (Control room). "destroy you Freiza, you selfish punk." Said SSJ Dyuu with her clenched fists.

"Nooo! All Saiyans are monkeys." Shouted Freiza.

"I was going to come for you but you just made my job easyier." Dyuu said.

"You a Saiyan, a Saiyan female's goin' to stop menot even Bardock could stop me what makes you think you can stop me?" Asked Frieza with fear deep down in his stomach.

"There's one thing Bardock couldn't do and that's---" Repliyed Dyuu with her fists clenched tightly and a victorius smile on her face.

"Y...You mean a Super Saiyan? But in history so far that no female Saiyan ever transformed into a Super Saiyan." Explained Freiza in shock.

"That's right I can do this...AHHHHHHH!" She transformed and Freiza was in shock see the horrofying stie.

"No..no...this can't beeee!" Shrieked Freiza in fear.

"Ka-ma-ha-ma-ha-ma-ha-ma-haaaaaaa!" Shouted SSJ Dyuu firing the blast towards Freiza and killing him. "Frieza my first task is finished now the your crew is goin to get what's comin to them."

"Oh Turles." Said SSJ Dyuu appoching Turles.

"No..no..don't come any closer!' Wailed Turles walking backwards towards the door.

"Haaaaa!" Shouted Dyuu killing Turles.

"Hey Slug." Said Dyuu now appoching him and blasting him to tiny bittes.


"huff-huff-huff all of the crew is dead." She transformes back to normal and stears the ship to thje blue shere called-----

To be continued

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Chapter 10: Chasing Cooler

Last Time on Dragonball ROS:

After defeating the crew Dyuu set out to the blue shere called-----


"Did you forget one of the crew mates?" Asked a mysteroius voice.

"What!" Gasped Dyuu turning to the voice.

"Hello Dyuu, do you remember me?" Asked the mysteroius voice.

"I know you your Cooler!" Gasped Dyuu. She Transformed into a Super Saiyan and Cooler was intimaidated.

"A female Super Saiyan?" Thought Cooler already in his final form.

Final Cooler fled in a secret passage and the entrance blow open knowing this Dyuu chased after him now it's a game to find and kill Cooler.

"Cooooooolllllerrrrrrrrr!!!!!" Yelled Dyuu chasing him through the hidding passage way.

"Havin' fun chasing me well it's 'bout to get faster!" Cooler shouted from a mile farther then SSJ Dyuu who's still kinda at the middle.

"Cooolllleerrr! Stoppp! Ka-ma-ha-ma-hiaa!" Screched SSJ Dyuu being blasted in her chest and leaving a blast mark.

"How'da like that...you Saiyan Scum!" Shouted Cooler flewing to the escape pods.

Super Saiyan Dyuu landed on the floor and then started to chrage up her yellow aura and it reached the walls of the passage way. Then she chraged moving faster then light she tried to keep up but her power was draining like blood out of your body, and fast.

"Cooler were the heck are you goin'?" Chraged Dyuu with power draining.

"Running out of power Saiyan Scum!" Shouted Cooler leaving Dyuu in the dust.

SSJ Dyuu stops ahaed of Cooler and blasts another entrance. BOOM!

"What?!" Thought Cooler racing towards the blasted entrance.

Dyuu flew into it. It was dark.

Now that Dyuu powered down and awaits for the arrival of Cooler to have one last face-off of the Intruder Saga.

Only one more episode left to the last episode in the Intruder Saga.

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Chapter 11: Face-Off

Last Time on Dragonball ROS:

After beating Cooler to another room Dyuu powers down and she awaits the arrival of Cooler to have one more Face-off in her life-time because she knows that when the battle is finished she'll be destroyed when the Battle-Ship explodes.


Cooler arrives at the site where darkness fills the room like Coke filling a cup.

"Yo. Saiyan are you here?" Asked Cooler entering the pitch black room.

"Yes I am." Replied Dyuu. "and I'm goin' to kill you!"

"What an understate. Is that so, well let's just say"....Cooler couldn't finish his statement.

Cooler chraged for Dyuu. Dyuu dodged him and then transformed back into a Super Saiyan. Cooler dodged SSJ Dyuu. SSJ Dyuu dodged Cooler at this piont in the battle there is no victor.

"Galick Gun!" Shouted SSJ Dyuu hitting her target: Cooler.

Cooler mouth brace sharrted like a glass cup being thrown on the floor with brute foruse and sharrting in amillion pieses.

"Hmm...it looks...like you broke...my mouth....uhh...brace...nhh...well what ever." Coooler got off up the ground and he stood in a fighting position.

"Yeah let's right." Said SSJ Dyuu with a bleeding lip and eye also with battle-damaged armour.

"Take this!" Shouted Cooler chraging straight for SSJ Dyuu.

SSJ Dyuu uppercutted his stomach and Cooler spat blood out from his mouth and went on Dyuu's face. Dyuu whiped the blood away and fired a ki blast.

Cooler landed on the floor.

"Uhhh Saiyan there is a greater....evil....then...me called the Tuffle Rebirth Project. And if the Tuffle Scientist finished the Cosmos will end" Cooler Died.

"What the hell was that all about and what's the Tuffle Rebirth Project?" Asked Dyuu looking up at the stars.

Dyuu escaped to the Escape Pods Laugh Panel on the Starship and she escaped but before leaving she said "Let this be the last mark of my Saiyan Heritage, I will not destroy innocent lives for ruthless dictators anymore." Then she took her tail and took it off. She is no longer a Saiyan or able to transform at the hands of the full moon. She powered up and fired a Super kamahamhamaha at the engine room of the Starship and it blow up. She flew to Earth. Then she landed in the frozen artic waters of Antartica for 1,000 years.

The next saga is called the Earth Saga, and it will explain the hardship Dyuu will have with love, training and healing bad wounds.

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Season 2: Earth Saga:

Chapter 12: A Saiyan Secret Best Kept part 1

After a firce brawl against Cooler, Dyuu destroys the STARSHIP in one blast. Dyuu was crazy enough to rip her tail off and through her own tail in the blast of the STARSHIP, destroying it, she is no longer a Saiyan of Planet Vegeta, she is the Saiyan of planet Earth.

"What a life. I can't stand Earthling's but 'til I can fine a solution to my problem I'll live there." Thought Dyuu in her Saiyan space pod left over from the destruction of the STARSHIP.

It's March 26, 1200 a.d, she lands in the frozen waters of Antarica, for a 1,000 yrs.

November 31, 2200 she is deforsted in a hosptial. She has a nightmare.

"My fate, Vegeta's (Planet) fate and Yours too!" Shouted ??????? throughing a Full Power Enery ball.

The mysterious figure created a deathball and realsed it. ??????? was killed and so was his followers and the planet.

Dyuu awoke and by her bedside was a teenage boy aging around 16-19. (Wearing early 21st century clothing and technoilgies.)

"uhuhu!" Awaoke Dyuu from her terrible nightmare.

"Good monring ma'am, what's your name?" Asked the teenage boy sitting at her bedside.

"Hmmm...I'm Dyuu and I'm a..." Dyuu watched as the teen walked to the window and smiled.

He Said "I know what planet your from and I know how you got here."

"H...how do you know that?" Asked Dyuu looking at the teen.

"Well I look at your DNA." Repliyed the teen.

"OKay I know who I am, dammit, but what I want to know is who are you?" Asked Dyuu getting of bed and putting on a recreation of Goku's shoes.

"Me..I'm Ryo Nuji (New-Jee)." Introduced Ryo walking out of the Dyuu's hospital room door.

"Wait...!" Shouted Dyuu running for the door.

Ryo halted and looked at Dyuu running out of her room.

"Huff-Huff-Huff...do...you...have a....traning aren....arena? Asked Dyuu trying to muster up some breath.

"Yeah we do I'll take you to it." Replied Ryo looking at Dyu (Dyuu) like she's crazy.

Ryo took Dyu to the underground traning arnea.

"Well here it is, I'm in the control room up there (Pionting at the celling), and your power is leveled here so go all out." Said Ryo leaving the room to go to the control room.

Dyu powered up to a power level of 16,000.

"Whoa! Her power level is 22,000 just by transforming into a Super Siayan." Shouted Ryo looking at the power meter leveling up each minute.

"AHHHHHH!" Dyuu powered up, her musles grew 10 fold (The size of a Super Saiyan 2). Now her power is 72,000 the power level of a SSJ 4. But She's only in SSJ 2 form.

"Whoa what the...Heck....she's transformed.....into a Super Siayan 2." Said Ryo in shock.

"Huff huff huff I did it, I'm a Super Saiyan 2. I'm the first one in 1,000 yrs." Explained Dyuu with her fist balled up like a ball.

"Man, she is...ihhh...never mind." Thought Ryo looking at Dyuu's newly found form.

"So what are you going to do with that power?"

BEEP!BEEP!BEEP The alarms went off.

"What the...the alarms there's an intruder!" Gasped Ryo running for the elevetor and with SSJ 2 Dyu following him.

In the main lobby, Cell, Freiza, Turles and finally Super Bojack was streing up trouble.

"What Cell and Frieza, but how?" Gasped SSJ 2 Dyu looking at them.

To be Continued

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:happy: Okay! I will!


Chapter 13: A Saiyan Secret Best Kept Part 2

Last Time On Dragonball ROS: After waking up to a sexy (anime) teenage boy buy her bedside. She realizes that she's not in-cased in ice. Then a few minutes of training she surpassed her past form Super Saiyan 2, Futhermore the alarms cut on. Cell and Freiza has broken an entry to find a serimum to make them live again. Will Dyuu stop both of them or will the Hellets (Cell and Freiza) destroy the planet (Earth).


"Freiza and Cell they were killed thousands of years ago! How is that possible?" Gasped SSJ2 Dyuu looking at Freiza and Cell.

"Well it started about 50 years ago me and the other Hell dwellers (Freiza, Me, LSSJ Broly, Super 17) were ploting to attack the living really Earth, so we watied 950 years for a prefect chance, and we got it, now give us the Resurrcection Serium." Explained Cell holding his left hand out to have the serium neatly placed in his deathly left hand.

"No." Said SSJ 2 Dyuu looking at Cell's deathly left hand.

"What was that you stupid Saiyan?!" Bursted Frieza holding up his fist and an anime vain was showing.

"I said No." Retured SSJ 2 Dyuu.

"Why you little....chuuuiii!" Freiza was punched in his face.

Then Cell was uppercutted and he fell backwards. And used his black hard scalabe wings to jolt back to his feet and he used a kamahamhamaha.

"Ka-ma-ha-ma-ha-ma-haaaaaaaa!" Shouted Cell aimming for Ryo.

"No!" Yelled SSJ 2 Dyuu getting in the way of the blast.

"AHHHHHHH! Ryo before I take care of Cell and Freiza, I just wanted to say I love you and if I die bring me back to life." Confessed Dyuu still being hit by the blast.

Cell stopped his assult.

"Hiyya! You're goin' to pay for what you did to my gi and to my pride!" Shouted Dyuu chraging for Freiza.

Dyuu put her hand in Freiza's stoamach and used a ki blast and destroyed Freiza. So now the whole building is the battlefield between Cell vs. SSJ 2 Dyuu catch this amazing battle on the next Dragonball ROS

Chapter 14: SSJ 2 Dyuu vs. Cell

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Chapter 14: SSJ2 Dyuu versus Cell Prefect

Last Time on Dragonball ROS:

After hearing that Cell and Freiza broke an entry to the hospital/labortary Dyuu was recovering in, she noticed that they both have been dead for over 1,000 years. In addition Cell laughes a kamahamaha at Ryo but realizing that Dyuu steps in the path of the blast and almost died but when the blast stop, Dyuu chraged for Frieza and killed him know it's Cell's turn. Find at who will win, Dyuu or Cell But Cell is aready dead or is he just a GHOST.


"I'll let you take the first hit." Insticed Cell looking at Dyuu with a smirk on his face.

"Why?" Asked Dyuu passing looks with Cell.

"Because is the old Earth saying Ladies First?" Replied Cell.

"Yeah that's right. And your piont?" Asked Dyuu.

"No piont, but I'm getting borad talking, I need action." Said Cell falling asleep.

"Hiyaaaaa!" Shouted Dyuu charging for Cell.

Cell jumped up in the air and dodged the attack.

"Ka-ma-ha-ma-ha-ma-ha-ma!" Shouted Cell shooting a kamahamahamaha from his pawm and aimming towards Dyuu.

Dyuu countered by using a Galick Gun. CRASH! The two beams clashed like two bulls clashing at a rodio.

"Dammit our levels are equal." Thought Cell controling the kamahamahamha blast.

The clastion stopped and now comes Cell Dyuu beating each other in a Dragonball Z Form.

Then Cell grabbed Dyuu an threw her in the elevator sheft. But Dyuu found her feet and flew up with a white aura around her. She flew to Level 26 and started to power up first she accended to a Super Saiyan then a Super Siayan 2. Then Cell appered sencing her power level, he started to attack.

"Hahahahaha!" Laughed Cell punching Super Saiyan 2 Dyuu in the stomach.

"Rhhh...uhhh...ahhh! S..s...stop, Cell please." Begged Dyuu getting punched, kick and blasted at in the face and stomach.

(OutSide the Lab/Hospital)

"Ryo you're okay!" Said his father looking at the battle taking place in the lab/hospital.

Cell appered.

"Hmmmm....is this the sign of your hero?" Asked Cell holding Dyuu's (Not in Super Saiyan form) faint body, then Cell THREW her through the battle-scared building.

"Now that was not a sign of a heroine, it was more like a disappointment...Hahaha!" Said Cell chraging a kamahamahama and he's aimming for Dyuu's fainted body.

"Dyuu wake up!" Shouted Ryo trying to wake Dyuu up before Cell kills her.

"I will not give....up." Thought Dyuu getting up off the ground.

"-Ha-ma-ha-ma-ha-ma-haaaaaaaaaaaaaa-----DIeee!" Shouted Cell shooting the blast from his pawm.

Dyuu thought fast and used a Masenko and the Masenko got and upperhand.

"Masenko!" Shouted SSJ 1 Dyuu.

"ARRHHHHHH! I was so close and now I'm being blasted back to Hell! NOOOO! BOOM!" Cell exploded from the Masenko and the Kamahamaha fusing to one.

"I did it." Said Dyuu fanitly. Then she fanited.

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Chapter 15: Bojacks Returns

Last time On Dragonball ROS:

Cell was poorly out powered by SSJ (1) Dyuu’s Masenko attack and countering with a Kamahamaha, Cell lost his grip and was killed. Now it's been a time of peace (Three years to be precise). And a greater evil then the two worst villains will appear


Dyuu is training on Mt. Palse (The Mountain that an unknown enemy will be revived), a very strong stable mountain.

"Ha Ihh uhh huu!" Dyuu trained breaken fallen rocks using a ki blast.

"Breaking earth rocks are boring'. I need some excitement." Said Dyuu looking up at the sky. "I can't stop to think what my father said I ended Freiza's life for good, it's been three years of Pease, why am I still thinking about Planet Vegeta, my father, and most importantly Freiza, damn it all!"

"Hmm...I see that you’re tense." Said a mysterious voice.

Dyuu creates an energy ball in her palm.

"Dyuu please, am I the last person you want to see?" Asked The Mysterious Voice approaching Dyuu.

"Come any closer and I…I’ll shoot!" Warned Dyuu with the ki blast in her hand.

"No stop it's me Ryo!" Shouted Ryo approaching Dyuu. "Dyuu I just came to see how you were up here?"

"I'm fine." Replied Dyuu.

"Are you---?"

"I said I'm fine.” BOOM! Fired Dyuu missing Ryo’s head by an inch.

“Fine I just thought you needed some food or something, but I was wrong.” Said Ryo walking to his motorcycle.

“Ya’ know I am pretty hungry.” Said Dyuu rumbing her right arm with her left hand.

“Why should I feed a killer?” Asked Ryo looking into the mountain and not facing Dyuu’s shame at almost killing a human.

“Because you love me deep down in your heart.” Replied Dyuu with tears coming down her face and falling on the mountain floor.

“No I don’t love you, well not anymore.” Said Ryo starting up his motorcycle and driving off back to his countryside home.

“What did I do?” Thought Dyuu walking towards her training spot.

“You’re up set, that you almost killed the only friend you have on this planet.” Said a mysterious voice in Dyuu’s head.

“Yeah I am, wait a sec who said that?” Dyuu looked around but saw no one in the area.

“I said that girl.” Said a small alien like creature approaching Dyuu.

“Who the hell are you?” Asked Dyuu with intimidation on her face.

“Me oh…I’m the grandson of Hoi, name’s Shiyo (Shy-Oh).” Introduced Shiyo holding his hand at for a hand shake.

Dyuu shakes Shiyo’s grimy somewhat slime hand.

“Fine what do you want me to do?” Dyuu asked.

“I want you resurrect Master Bojack.” Said Shiyo. “Because my master was killed 1,000 yrs by a meter on his home planet but that was destroyed buy a bigger meter.” Explained Shiyo.

Shiyo and Dyuu walked to the top of the mountain which was really a volcano.

“Now give me the Hair of Bojack.” Said Shiyo. “Now give me Bandana of the Dead.” Dyuu handed both of the items that he asked for. And he threw both of them in the volcano.

“Now I need Revival Serium.”

“But you don’ have anymore.” Said Dyuu looking through his magical; items. “But I know Techno Medication Inc. has a stock.”

“Then get some.” Said Shiyo.

“Okay!” Shouted Dyuu flying off to Techno Medication Inc.

At Techno Medication Inc. Dyuu broke an entry for the hatred towards Ryo the President of the Inc. and she acquired the serium.

She brought it back to the volcano and Shiyo pour it like milk from a milk carton.

“Arise master Bojack arise!” Shiyo chanted the summoning spell.

Then the volcano erupted in anger as Lord Bojack appeared in his Final Form (Green Skin, Orange hair, big biceps.).

“It’s been so long since I could snap a life-forms neck!” Shouted Bojack as he rose from the molten lava of the volcanic summoning spell.

Dyuu’s face is in shock.

Bojack has been revived, can Dyuu stop him before he turns the peace into a living nightmare or will a new Nameck friend appear. Find out next time on Dragonball ROS: Chapter 16: The New Nameck Friend

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    • By Shazi
      Aishod is a story I have been working on for years (and is still on it's second draft) I started it for NaNoWriMo in 2011 and finished the first draft for NaNoWriMo in 2013. Since then it has been and on/off sort of project (since I started writing a novel for my mumsy) but I have edited and rewritten the first 9 or 10 chapters to a standard I am much more happy with. I'm still not totally happy with the story, there is a lot of explaining that needs to be done and a lot of things that need to be expanded but for a second draft of a really rushed story I am pretty happy with it.


      The story of Aishod...

      Aishod follows the young and somewhat imulsive princess Pippa who has come home from magical boarding school. She had been receiving vague letters from home for years and suspected her uncle Tibbott of foul play. As soon as she returned she was put under house arrest, but little did her uncle realise that her magical ability of the mind far exeeded his own. She easily slipped out of the palace unseen and hired the mercenary Ivy to help her work out what is going on. The two are set on a journey niether of them expected as the Guardans of Magic warn that Tibbott is planning something far worse than just removing the Queen from power and taking the throne.


      Chapter 1

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    • By Emotional Outlet
      Michael stared at the woman in the mirror. He supposed averaging four hours of sleep over the past two weeks wasn't ideal, but hallucinations seemed excessive.


      She seemed to blink when he did, mimicking his other movements perfectly. Even the number of teeth seemed to match as he ran his tongue over each one.


      When he reached for the long dark hair that flowed over her shoulders in the reflection and grabbed an unexpected handful of hair, he took in a slow, controlled breath. The reflection smiled, the corners of her eyes crinkling and drawing attention to the faint bags that formed beneath.


      He felt his lips part. “That’s enough for now.” The voice was feminine, static faint beneath the lilting sounds. “Rest your eyes, won’t you?”


      Michael went to sleep.




      Something stank.


      Corben tried to roll over and go back to sleep, but was met with utmost resistance from his body. He groaned and took a mental step back, focusing his energy into opening his eyes.


      It was painful, like soap rubbed under his eyelids. His arms wouldn’t cooperate long enough to let him rub the pain out, so he squeezed his eyes shut, forcing out the pooled tears. They tumbled over his cheeks hotly and still his eyes burned.


      After a few orchestrated blinks, he managed to stabilise his vision long enough to examine his surroundings—or, at least, realise he was staring at the open predawn sky sandwiched between towering grey brick.


      The smell hadn’t left either.


      He tried to move again. It felt like he was lying on garbage bags, but he couldn’t get past how much his eyes hurt. Whether the bags were filled with pizza boxes or rotten fruit didn’t make much difference—he needed to get up. Corben grit his teeth and tried to launch his upper body forward.


      When his back seized with pain instead of lifting, he swore he could crack a tooth. He clumsily groped the bags beneath him, trying to force some feeling into his limbs long enough to figure out what he was lying on. What little he could feel through the plastic was immediately recognisable.


      Bottles. Broken bottles.


      Corben laughed.

    • By DuLake

      By Jeremy Lloyd Beck


      Chapter One -- Welcome to Write Club



      The first rule of Write Club is you never tell anyone they should stop writing.


      Lucius Alugan joined Write Club so that he could brag about how his vampire movie was a genius re-imagining of Greek mythology. “Real next level shit,” he said. Lucius works as an overnight stockboy at the neighborhood Snak N' Grab and came to Write Club to feel like a writer; he came to Write Club so that he wouldn't have to sit on his ass and make pages to feel like a tortured writer. Lucius Alugan pretended to be an alcoholic and a Satanist for his writing. His government name was Joseph, but pretended the name's Judeo-Christian roots offended him.


      The second rule of Write Club is you never say when a story is a rip off.


      Mononymous Henna told everyone she was a proofreader for Rolling Stone, but we all knew she worked the sandwich cart. Henna came to Write Club to get feedback on her song lyrics. Like every other singer-songwriter hopeful, she wanted to fuck a rock star and believed that meant she had vocal talent. She wore black and boots and died her hair jet because that's what she thought was cool. She was going to bring the hard rock back to pop music. Her music was shit but she had a cute face and eye-liner, so maybe she could achieve her dream if she learn how to stuff her bra.

      Sir Lancel Aincroft tried to ask her out for lattes after Write Club once, but she didn't want to risk staining her perfect white teeth. The same week, Lucius got her number because she thought his frilly white shirt was exotic and original and totally rock n' roll. That weekend, Lucius took her to his crypt to get her drunk and blacked out on her shoulder. Sir Lancel spent the night abusing his emergency inhaler and masturbating.


      Jennifer Logan wanted to become a blogger. She came to Write Club because she couldn't figure out anything interesting enough or true enough to blog about. Nobody asked her out for lattes or sex because she wore a pixie haircut instead of make-up. Everyone at Write Club knew Jennifer cleaned the toilets and children of some interchangeable Hollywood executive. Lucius tried to convince her to give her boss his screenplay, but she wasn't stupid. When Jennifer wanted a raise, she bought gel inserts for her empty bra.


      The third rule of Write Club is that you give any writing exercise a chance, no matter how bat-shit it sounds.


      When Sir Lancel Aincroft suggested everybody go through Craigslist personals and write up a character sketch, Lucius said he was a hack and that his Conan the Barbarian rip-off stole it's plot from Lord of the Rings.


      The fourth rule of Write Club is that you don't use words like “hack.”


      When I created Write Club, I was looking for a place to practice my craft. I always believed that words were magic, that they had the power to build new worlds and realities. Sir Lancel believed that, which is why he wrote Conan rip-offs and colored them with rings of power, it's why he wrote escapist fantasies where good also won. He knew that words could create the worlds that didn't exist but should, the ones we need to survive. Sir Lancel understood that we would all burn in hell if we never thought to write ourselves a heaven. When I started Write Club, I was looking for a creative space to build my own heaven.


      The fifth rule of Write Club is that you always find something nice to say about a piece before you critique it.


      “It's shit,” Lucius said. “Another Lord of the Rings rip. The world doesn't need another one of those.

      Sir Lancel cringed.

      “The sixth rule is honesty;” Lucius shrugged.

      “At least include what you liked about it,” I said.

      “I liked that it ended,” he replied. “Took it bloody long enough.”


      One more thing about Lucius: He wasn't British, he just thought it was cool to steal vocabulary from the BBC.


      “I liked the world you created,” Jennifer offered. “It was. . . big. Epic and all that. I liked the map you drew of it all.”

      “Yeah,” Henna followed, “real big, really complex. Like a movie. I liked that. And the bit with the snakes was creepy.”

      “He'd never make it in Hollywood,” Lucius muttered. I frowned.

      “Neither have you,” Sir Lancel whispered dryly, eyes lowered, lips static.

      “Up yours, Harry,” Lucius spit, tipped back in his chair; Henna touched his shoulder; Sir Lancel took a hit from his inhaler.


      His real name was Harry, but he went by Sir Lancel Aincroft, his D&D name. He was fat and tall and smelled like his job at Burger King. When he worked the fryer, he had to wear a hairnet around his wild neck beard. He studied computer repair at the local technical college and sent anti-Creationist letters to the school board as a herald of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, a sort of sauce-strewn Cthulu. He swore off alcohol and drugs, but always kept the emergency inhaler he didn't need nearby for a few inebriating puffs.


      When it was my turn I told everyone about the snake that whispered to my protagonist in his sleep. I told them about how crazy it was driving him and that I was beginning to suspect I had an ending – between you and me, the hero goes nuts and axes the shit out of his bride to be.

      “Does somebody die?” Henna asked. “Somebody always dies in your stories.”

      I smiled.

      “It's horror, not pop music.” Lucius said. “Of course somebody dies. Somebody has to die.”

      “Why though?” She asked. “Wouldn't it be more of a surprise if they didn't?”

      “What can I say –” I laughed – “every spell requires sacrifice. I guess mine take it in blood.”

      “Be careful with that dark stuff, man,” Lucius warned.

      “Said the Satanist?” Jennifer raised her eyebrow.

      “It's not for everyone,” he retorted; I smiled; Sir Lancel turned his head away from the entire scene.

      “My song today is about finding true love on Craigslist and finding out it's your spouse,” Henna said, beaming in her ingenuity.


      The second rule of Write Club is you never point out when a story is a rip off.


      On the bus, I was struck with a vision of my story, I saw what it could be and what it should be. I felt it run through my blood like a virus, an amoeba swimming as fast as possible to my death. I pulled out my cell phone and, chubby fingers fumbling over the touchscreen, I wrote the last act of my story. The words were there; the spell was written. All that was left for me to do was to put it all together and cast it on the world.

      When I got home, I was happy to be done for the night. My daily word count achieve, I was content to give myself over to slumber. I quickly stripped to my boxers, climbed in to bed, and let a snake-fueled ax-murder drift gently out of my mind – or perhaps it just sunk deeper in.

      After I went to bed I woke up in my protagonists room. A three-legged crow tapping it's nine talons impatiently against my dresser. It was crimson red and flecked with gold. The bird opened it's mouth to caw, but nothing came out. All I could hear was the hissing.

      “Sssacrificce,” I heard, turning instinctively to the golden snake in the aquarium by the bed.

      I straightened in the bed and tried to stand up, but, as I turned to stand up, I realized my legs were both flayed and bleeding; I realized I was not the hero.

      The hero was standing over the bed with an ax.

      I heard the crow's cawing like an echo as he lifted his weapon. I grabbed the nightstand and pulled myself to the ground as the ax dropped deep into the mattress. My hand slipped into the nightstand drawer and pulled out the gun I'd left for my ill-fated heroine. It was unloaded and unhelpful, but that was the story and my body couldn't help but follow through. I squeezed the trigger and listened in terror as the gun clicked impotently as the hero – wearing my face, as all my heroes do – climbed over the bed, ax raised, ready to end the story.

      Then the bird flew between us, the hero slipped fell backward off the bed and his hatchet fell helplessly behind him.

      Then the hissing returned.

      I turned to the sound and saw the snake, scales aglow, growing fatter and longer in it's coil in the small glass box. The snake grew until it could no longer be held back; the sides of the aquarium popped and sand and water spilled from the perch. The snake continued to grow as it crawled toward me hissing:

      “Ssssacrifice. . .”

      The snake turned and snapped at the bird. I watched it dance in the air and then fly out the open window. I was alone.

      The snake raised it's expanding mass and hissed provocatively, its tail rattled like the muffler on my first car.. Make a move, try your luck, it seemed to say – though it could clearly say so if it wanted to.

      That's how I wrote it.

      That's when my protagonist grabbed me by the shoulder and, hand choked up on the ax, released the mortal blow. I winced as the blade sunk easily through my collarbone; I felt the very tip touch my heart.

      “Thank you,” the snake hissed, coiling itself back up.

      My protagonist dropped me back to the ground and began hacking cleaving blows into my chest, the blood sprayed like a water fountain in hell, all the way up to the ceiling fan.


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